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Things To Consider For A Great Kitchen

July 11th, 2011

Wood Countertops

The first reason wood is an excellent option for kitchen countertops is because it’s attractive. All of the same features that make wood such a desirable material for cabinets and floors also apply to countertops. You can choose from a wide range of colors and shades to find the perfect fit for the new look you want to give your kitchen.

Another reason wood is great for countertops is because it’s a very functional choice. There are some countertops that may be very prone to scratches. This isn’t something you’ll have to deal with if you choose wood countertops. You can work directly on this surface without any worries. What’s great about wood is it can show marks from chopping or cutting. But instead of looking like flaws, these marks will make your wood surface even more interesting.

If you prefer to have countertops that are free from any additional marks, it’s very easy to sand wood countertops.

Some homeowners like the functionality offered by wood countertops, but aren’t completely sure they want to use it for their entire kitchen. If you’re also interested in a countertop material like granite or tile, there’s a way to get the best of both worlds.

The option that can mix wood with any countertop material is still using wood on a dedicated section in the counter. This is most commonly done with butcher block. The reason is not only does it provide a functional cutting space, but the contrast between butcher block and another countertop material creates an interesting visual addition.

Stainless Steel Underneath Sink

You’ll find wood countertops are very easy to clean. What can make these countertops even easier to clean is opting for an underneath mounted sink.

Most homeowners usually have drop in sinks. This type of sink is put in a counter by setting it into place. While there’s nothing wrong with this type of sink mounting, there is a reason it’s not the best option available. The reason is putting in the counter usually mean that the edges that is around the sink are raised. Although this doesn’t necessarily look bad, it does make it more difficult to clean this area. If you’re sweeping something into the sink, it will most likely get caught around the edges.

While a sink that is mounted underneath doesn’t show this kind of problem. You can sweep anything off the counter into the sink without leaving any residue behind. The reason this is possible is because this type of mounting does not create any raised edges. The sink is supposed to be placed below the surface of the counter. An added benefit of this mounting is it gives counters a very sleek and clean appearance.

White Cabinets

You simply can’t go wrong with white cabinets. This kind of cabinet works in any kitchen style. The basis why white cabinets looks good with any kitchen styles because it’s very subtle without it being boring.

The details of white cabinets will vary based on the look you’re trying to achieve. White cabinets with more ornate accents are a good fit for kitchens with a traditional style. Simply flat white cabinets that has silver knobs or pulls are nice choice if you want to have a modern kitchen style.

Before you decide what cabinets to order for your home, you want to talk with a cabinet expert. To talk to someone who’s going to listen to what you want and then provide you with the best recommendations, get in touch with Zach Hunt from Huntwood Industries. To find out more about working with Huntwood, head over to Kitchen Cabinets Spokane or Cabinets.

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