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Jazzing Your Bathroom Up Without Having To Spend Too Much

July 13th, 2011

Having a nice looking bathroom is hard to achieve when you don’t have enough money coming in. The reality is, a lot of homeowners can’t afford to make their houses beautiful, especially when they have bills and mortgages to pay. It also goes the same for people who are trying to sell it in the future, it’s just really hard to raise the extra fund just to redecorate the bathroom. However, there are few ways that you can still make your bathroom nicer without spending too much. Giving your bathroom a whole new look is a great way to make your house look like more of a home and even help get its value increased. So in this article, we shall look at some options to jazz up your bathroom without making you bankrupt.

When doing up your bathroom, you don’t have to be pulling out your sink and bath-tub and replacing them with fancy new ones. If you take a look around your bathroom, you will notice that you are probably lacking in the accessories department. Getting nice looking accessories for your bathroom is also a great way to make it look fresh and modern without spending a fortune. A lot of companies are now producing great looking soaps, dispenser, toothbrush holders, bins and even towel racks. Adding a few of these with matching themes to your bathroom will make it look a whole lot better in no time, and without having to spend too much money either. Try not to buy too much of the same thing, or mix around with color schemes too much as this will make your bathroom look a bit unattractive.

An affordable way to make your bathroom look a hundred times more classy, is to add glass where possible. By this, we mean that you might be able to replace your shower door with something with a glass like texture. Glass instantly creates a wealthy look and will almost definitely increase the value of your home. You may want to look at having some inexpensive glass cabinets installed into your bathroom too. The quality won’t be great, but it will still look better than those tacky wooden ones you have up at the moment. Always try and be as cost efficient as you can when doing up your bathroom, and always prioritise. If you are thinking about making some big changes and don’t have the money, just pick on one of two things you can afford and do what you can with the rest. This may include changing the sink you currently have, or replacing it for a nicer one. Whatever you do, just make sure you have a very strict budget that you can stick to and plan everything before you make any changes.

Repainting your bathroom walls is another cheap way to make it look nicer. You don’t always have to buy expensive tiling and wallpaper in order to make your bathroom look beautiful. sometimes all you need need is a fresh layer of paint and its done. You will probably want to buy some paint that matches your color theme or you might find yourself with an over contrasting bathroom, which is never pleasant. Applying white paint always make bathrooms clean and fresh, just add a few layers to give it a glossy look afterwards.

These are the basics to jazzing your bathroom up without spending much money. Use these tips wisely and you will soon create the bathroom of your dreams without breaking the bank.

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