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Design Your Room By The Carpeting Flooring You Love

July 16th, 2011

Have you spent endless hours dreaming of the perfect room? Do you ever find yourself stealing color swatches and carpet samples from stores hoping one day you’ll find exactly the right match? This is a sign that you’re not pleased with the current staste of your home décor. It also means that you’re spending too much time day dreaming instead of taking action. Put your cleverly collected research together and make a move on it already! Take those carpet samples and use them as the baseline of inspiration for your new home project.

Home design is about the meshing of elements. You need to start with the base materials and work your way to the detailing. The absolute most basic part of the room is the flooring. Then come the walls and furniture. One major way to define the space of a room is through the flooring. Essentially, and ideally, if you have connecting rooms you will want to clarify where the rooms end. Living rooms that connect to the kitchen or dining space should be kept separate. You can do this by placing area rugs. Karastan area rugs come with all sorts of designs to fit a living room space nicely, whether neutral or patterned.

For divided rooms, wall-to-wall carpeting flooring is fine. It will protect the hard wood underneath from scuffs and scratches created by furniture. It’s also a great way to define what needs to go in the room. Color coordination is easier when you have something to start with. The walls can be painted to match the carpeting, the furniture can feature details or tints found in the fabrics of your karastan carpeting. Let your imagination lead the way. This is your home, not some commercial carpeting space. You don’t need to appease the masses. You have the control in this scenario and you should feel free to take advantage of that.

Once you’ve found the carpeting you intend to have placed in the room, you should take a piece of it with you when you go furniture and home accessory shopping. Hold it up to the furniture you like. Does the metal or wood match? If it’s not a complement piece it means you need to keep looking. Same goes for window treatments, throw pillows, pottery, and just about everything else. Ifyou can’t find a match but you’re too in love with the carpet look into getting your furniture reupholstered with better matching fabrics.

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