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Great Tips For Bathroom Makeovers, Energy Savings And Garage Storage

July 27th, 2011

The Easiest Way to Liven Up Your Bathroom

Adding new cabinetry to your bathroom can change its appearance and make it more useful. While this upgrade can be done at a reasonable price, it does still require some time and money.

If you’re not currently in the right position to add new cabinetry to your bathroom, you can still add to it’s character with an even simpler change. Adding art to your bathroom is very simple and affordable. It’s also a very flexible change.

You may want to add four smaller pieces in a square shape. Another option is to accent an entire wall with a single piece that’s larger.

It’s very important to protect anything you display with a frame and a glass covering. Using plastic backing sealed with acid-free tape will protect your art from moisture.

Always remember that the art in the bathroom isn’t just about the pieces that you hang on the wall. You can also give your bathroom more character by choosing a shower curtain with a printed design.

Cut Your Energy Costs by Sealing Your Home’s Air Leaks

Sealing multiple air leaks usually costs less than $20. This tiny investment will continue to pay off with energy savings.

All it takes to identify a leak is an incense stick. Caulk, foam or a combination of the two can then seal the majority of the leaks.

Cabinet Options for Organizing Your Garage

Your garage is always susceptible to becoming overrun with stuff. It’s just too easy to fill your garage with items you don’t want to part with but aren’t worth keeping in your home.

Adding cabinets is an excellent way to organize your garage. You can choose premade cabinets or even build your own.

A boot and shoe cabinet can unpile all of your outdoor footwear. This cabinet features open cubbies for easy storage and access to your pairs of footwear.

A sports gear cabinet is designed to accommodate items of different sizes. It combines those long dividers for keep sticks with ledged shelves to make sure that the balls stays in one place.

An open cabinet with hooks is a great option for storing work clothes. This can even be used to dry and air out wet clothes.

Another useful option is a cabinet that combines closed and open storage. This allows you to store everything from extra soda bottles to car cleaners in one place.

Need More Storage? Just Look Up

Your ceiling can be an excellent location for adding storage. Ceiling storage can free up floor space and keep your belongings organized.

There’s no reason for your ladder to take up a whole side of your garage. It’s also not necessary to leave it outside to eventually rust. It’ll be very easy to add brackets to the ceiling of your garage where you can easily slide in your ladder.

Many homeowners can’t park both cars in their garage because it’s filled with so many plastic bins. This problem can be solved by adding storage shelves over your garage door.

Adding track storage to your ceiling is another option to make more space on your floor. This type of storage allows you to slide in the bins instead of setting them on shelves. You can also add this option to a spare room you want to use for storage.

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