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The Right Furniture for a Children’s Room: Twin, Bunk, or Modern Loft Beds?

July 30th, 2011

Children’s rooms come in all sizes, from the spacious in suburban homes to a tiny third bedroom behind the kitchen. Kids have to make themselves at home in what ever room they have, usually beyond their choice. No matter the size of the room though, every child needs a bed, storage space and a desk.

When designing a custom kid’s room,the first thing you need to consider is the placement of beds. Most beds are put on the far side of the room to avoid any obstacles when first walking into the bedroom door. Also to consider is to not block the window to keep the room bright and clear.

If you have more than one child, you may want to look into bunk beds for children. Why waste space on the floor when you can go upwards towards the ceiling and have them sleep one above the other? It’s a really novel way to save space in a tiny room.

Modern loft beds are another option, especially if you have one child but he or she needs his own desk space. It’s easy to install a desk, computer, or any other items they may need underneath modern loft beds. They can even have built in drawers and storage along the sides, to really keep everything together in one space.

Instead of pushing all the furniture outwards to the wall, save some wall space if you can. Put toy chests and smaller pieces at the foot of the bed. If you can store other things like board games, bins of stuffed animals, and other toys under the bed, that will also save floor and closet space. Of course, always remember to constantly pull them out to clean since they collect dust easily underneath furniture.

Chairs can be stored in open corners of the room, keeping them from taking up floor space in the middle when not being used. Foldable tables are easy to store as well, when not being used for homework, arts and crafts and other play time activities. Make sure you create a space for everything. If you don’t have storage for it, it’s going to end up in the middle of the room, so always have cubbies, drawers, bins and hooks for every item.

Once you get a better grasp of arranging your modern childrens furniture, your kids will love the extra space they have. It’ll be a lot easier for everyone to get in and out and will give them all the space to use their imagination to play.

www.casakids.com can give you the beautiful custom kids rooms that you’ve always desired your little ones to have. Modern childrens furniture like loft beds for kids and other creat custom products can be made for you.

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