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Know The 3 Great Uses For Custom Cabinetry

July 31st, 2011

Concealing a Refrigerator

Cabinets aren’t only space to store everything from spices to cookware. Kitchen cabinetry can also be used for a wide range of other purposes. One amusing type of custom cabinetry is concealing a refrigerator.

Many refrigerators feature an attractive design. A stainless steel refrigerator can be really attractive visually. It’s another way to give a kitchen a more modernize look.

But not every homeowner wants their refrigerator to be visible. This can even be true for an attractive refrigerator with a modern appearance. One reason a homeowner might want their refrigerator concealed is if they have quite a bit of other stainless steel in their kitchen. While this material is great for a modern appearance, too much can make a space feel overly sterile.

You definitely don’t want to sacrifice your refrigerator and putting it out of sight for convenience. Having your refrigerator within a triangle of your sink and stove is one of the keys to making your kitchen a functional space. The solution to achieving this aesthetic goal without sacrificing convenience is using custom cabinetry.

Cabinetry can be built to fully conceal a refrigerator. This creates a unified appearance between the space the refrigerator occupies and the rest of the kitchen.

The customized nature of this cabinetry is what makes it work and unique. Needing to open a cabinet door before opening the refrigerator door does sound like a drag. The reason why this is a whole lot simpler is because the cabinetry is built matching the refrigerator. This means when you open one of the cabinet doors, you’re actually opening that portion of your refrigerator.

Right Out in the Open

Most people naturally associate cabinets with a closed space. But this isn’t the one and only option for putting additional cabinet space to your kitchen.

There are several reasons to consider adding some open cabinet space to your kitchen. One reason is it can create a visually appealing addition to your kitchen. Open cabinets can be customized to look very nice.

Another reason this option may be the right fit for part of your kitchen is it can be more convenient. You may want to keep most of the items on your kitchen behind the cabinet doors. But items that aren’t unsightly and you regularly use can be the ideal match for open cabinet space.

Window Shelving

There are two main reasons windows are great for any kitchen. The first is because they bring in natural light. Not only is natural light pleasant, but it also makes any space feel more open.

The other reason windows are great is they provide a pleasant view from the kitchen. Some kitchen tasks aren’t the most exciting to perform. But when you are able to enjoy a nice view, they become a more pleasant experience.

The only complaint some homeowners have about kitchen windows is they cut down on cabinet space. The great news is this problem can definitely have a solution without removing the windows. Custom shelving units can be added in front of windows. This allows you to gain more storage space while still benefiting from what kitchen windows have to offer.

If you want to update your kitchen but don’t want to have to completely destroy it in the process, you’ll be happy to know that adding new cabinets to your kitchen won’t require extensive demolition. Go to Edmonton Cabinets or Kitchen Cabinets Edmonton to find out more about working with Huntwood Industries during the process of adding new cabinets to your kitchen.

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