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Remodelling for 2012

January 6th, 2012

As the New Year is approaching, it occurs to thousands of people to throw out the old and bring in the new. Whether your new year’s resolution to hit the treadmill a little more, cut out bad habits or take a well-deserved holiday, redecorating and remodelling your home could be a welcome resolution to any homeowner. Starting a New Year in a home with a fresh and modern design is a sure fire way to start the year on a high. Let’s look at how you can apply some tasteful ideas and styles in your home to ensure you are at the height modern design.


Bedrooms are one of the few rooms in our homes in which we get to unwind, and relax and rest at the end of a hard day. Decorating your bedroom with soft, light and neutral colours is a good way to calm yourself upon entering your bedroom; bright, vibrant colours are far more likely to strain your eyes on a bright day and become very regrettable very quickly. If you are looking to purchase a new bed then choose a frame that matches your chosen theme and colour scheme; the bed can prove to work well as a great centrepiece for a well-coordinated bedroom. Accessorise with lamps, bedside tables and pictures, all of which come in matching colours, tones and designs.


Bathrooms can certainly be as impressive as they are practical; if filled with modern fixtures and well-chosen accessories. You have so many great products to choose from when creating a modern and luxurious bathroom, from massaging whirlpool baths to backlit or heated mirrors. As with all rooms, the colours you apply in the bathroom can be just as effective to friends and visitors. Consider adding dark granite floor and wall tiles, this is a modern style that looks fantastic and is easy to accessorise with. Chrome and polished steel work well with shades of dark granite so shower enclosures, taps, towel rails and any wall mounted features will look fantastic when combined with this.

Living Room

Many living rooms which incorporate modern styles contain fresh designs in wallpaper, new models of sofas and furniture and well contrasted accessories to continue the colour scheme throughout the room. Choose no more than 2 relaxing primary colours for your living room, then highlight areas with 1 more slightly more vibrant colour. Add a matching beanbag or rug to add a little character and express your personality with a few well-placed paintings or pictures.


The 21st century kitchen can include a range of modern appliances and features; this is the only room in the house where it is advisable to get confident when applying bright, vibrant colours. Choose one strong colour you are happy with, apply this to big pieces of the room but not the walls. New cupboards in red with a black or white work surface are effective and stylish if applied properly and contrasted well. Modern designs in kitchen taps can show knowledge of recent trends and add to the overall impressiveness of your kitchen. Kitchen appliances can be bought as sets; find a set that matches the style and colour of your kitchen and place them strategically around the room to bring the whole design together.

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