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Ideas For Decorating En-Suite Bathrooms

January 19th, 2012

En-suite bathrooms can add value to the home in terms of buying and selling, but they can also add value to your home’s functionality. Personal en-suite bathrooms are a great personal hygiene facility that doesn’t have to be shared with the rest of the family. This means you don’t ever have to wait for the bathroom, and you can relax in your bath, knowing no one’s bladder’s reaching bursting point due to you occupying the bathroom.

When decorating an en-suite bathroom, you’ll want it to be the perfect place for relaxation with personal touches, so it really feels like your own space. However, space is often limited in en-suites, so you’ll need to ensure your décor creates space and co-ordinates with the adjoining bedroom.

Accent colour When picking an accent colour for your en-suite, you can use your bedroom décor to influence your choice. Take a look at the different colours and shades in your bed linen and choose one of these as an accent colour for your bathroom accessories. The colour scheme in your en-suite is entirely up to you, but remember that lighter, neutral colours create the illusion of more space, and darker colours counteract this.

Flooring Choosing flooring for your en-suite requires some serious consideration. It can be tempting to use the same flooring as the bedroom to create the feeling of continuity and flow within your home, but this, however, may not be practical as the flooring may not be durable enough for bathroom use. Carpets can be plush and comforting, and although they feel great to step on after bathing, they can be incredibly hard to maintain. The constant saturation of the carpet can cause it harbour smells of damp, and it is much harder to clean than tiles or vinyl flooring. If you really want that flow between the two rooms, pick out specific bathroom flooring in the same shade or colour as your bedroom flooring.

Using Light to Create Space Creating the illusion of space within en-suite bathrooms can be the difference between a cramped-feel and a luxurious feel (you’ll obviously want the latter). Mirrors and natural light are the key to creating space, and work rather well in conjunction with each other. White bathroom suites and chrome taps are the key to creating more space in your bathroom. Large bathroom mirrors really help to reflect the light in your bathroom too, as well as being used for vanity purposes.

Halogen down-lighters are the best way to get strong artificial light, and you should only need a few if your en-suite is rather small. Some halogen down-lighters can be fitted with an extractor fan too which is convenient for ventilation purposes as moisture can ruin the appearance of the bathroom.

When decorating your en-suite bathroom, consider how the room can add value to both your home and lifestyle. Co-ordinate it with the bedroom, but ensure that it has individuality and works as a stand-alone room.

Written by Daniel Travis – Brown on behalf of Bathshop321 bathroom suites and Untrained Housewife who are the original source of Ideas for Decorating En-Suite Bathrooms

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