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How You Know When You’re Ready To Talk To Interior Designers

February 21st, 2012

What are some of the things that you should be focusing on during 2012 as you strive to inject some “life” into your home? You might feel as if you have run out of inspiration. You may often feel like this as these days there is so much pressure at work or in school situations. Sometimes we believe that it’s easier just to accept the status quo and leave things the way that they are, rather than trying to spruce things up a little bit. When it comes to interior design there are a number of areas we can focus on to kick-start the inspiration and to push forward to greater things.

For example, the chances are that as you walk around your home you will find a number of things that may be broken or need attention and in their own little way will irritate you every time you see them. Don’t let this happen as it will automatically deflate some of the positive energy that you might otherwise be able to focus on. Rather than ignoring what needs to be done here, make a list of everything that needs to be repaired. If you do it yourself, set a date – maybe this Saturday – to do it all. If you’re unable to do it all yourself, be sure that you hire somebody to come in and do so. The house will look better and you’ll feel better too.

Are you making practical use of each and every room in your house, or certain areas of particular rooms? If not, see how you can re-purpose this space, as you can’t afford to be wasting any of those precious resources that you have invested in. A particular nook for example might be a great place to set up a little desk area for that new scrap booking project that you want to take on board.

If you want to repaint a particular room but are not sure where to start, or might be unsure about a particular colour palette, designers today suggest that you should trust in nature to help you decide your approach. It’s great to bring the outside world inside, so why not take a stroll around and get some inspiration from Mother Nature.

Go into the garage and spend some time looking through the boxes that you have stored in there. This can have a dual purpose. First of all, if you really find that there’s nothing inspirational in any of the boxes, then do you really need to keep all of that junk, in any case? If it doesn’t have any value as such and it certainly can’t have much sentimental appeal if it’s stuffed into some old box somewhere, then get rid of it. If you do find something inspiring take it out of the box and try and incorporate it into the decor of one of your rooms. Be imaginative and you’ll be surprised what you can come up with.

Now that you have got those inspirational juices flowing it’s time to start talking with interior designers having many professional organisations ready to take your new home design to the next level.

Tips for Landscaping Basics – How to Landscape Your New Home

February 20th, 2012

By Cheryl Jones

These tips for landscaping your new home will provide you with the landscaping basics that you need to get started. Whether you are a first time homeowner, own a new home or a new to you home, landscaping is often one of the most daunting tasks for a homeowner. Follow these steps to make your landscape project a success.

If your home is a new construction, then you may have a blank canvas to work with on landscaping. Should your new home be an existing one, keep in mind that foundation plants in landscapes generally need to be replaced every 12 to 15 years to keep them fresh looking and keep from getting overgrown. Smaller perennials and ornamental grasses will vary in their lifespan anywhere from 3 years to permanent fixtures. It really depends on the plant variety as it can vary.

For new home construction landscaping, start with foundation plants and lawn area. To keep year around color and texture, plant at least 50% of the foundation plants in evergreen shrubs. Then, blend in smaller sized flowering shrubs, ornamental grasses and perennials. Use plants that bloom at different times of the year to create interest in all seasons.

The main rule for planting trees in the landscape is to plant them at least as far away from the foundation as they will grow in height. For example, a red bud tree generally matures around 20 feet tall, so it should be planted no closer to the house than 20 feet. One can fudge a little, but over the long term, the root system from trees can seriously damage the foundation of the home.

As a new homeowner, it is exciting to begin your plan for landscaping your property. However, whether the house is new or new to you, it is highly recommended to live in the house at least one full year before beginning any major projects. A complete year will show you how the house and property react during the seasons, such as drainage, lighting, privacy and other potential problems as well as showing you how specific areas are being used by you and your family.

Keeping a journal to record the seasonal changes of the property along with pictures and articles of plants or landscapes will be invaluable to you as you begin your landscape project.

Factors to look at in planning your landscape:


How property/areas are used

Style of house

Existing hardscaping

Outdoor lighting

Foundation plants

Extensive plantings (beyond foundation)

These factors are also what a landscape architect will ask you to consider.

Once you learn the basics of landscape design, you will be able to design your own backyard, place foundation plantings, and plan for gardens and activities.

Cheryl Jones writes articles on plants, plant care, gardening tips and Basics of Landscape Design. Her website, GreenwoodNursery.com, offers a great selection of plants including flowering shrubs, evergreen ground covers, strawberry plants, small fruiting plants, lavender plants, creeping phlox, and Thjua Green Giants.

Choosing Solid Wood Dining Furniture

February 18th, 2012

When choosing solid wood dining furniture, you must consider the style of your room when selecting the type of wood to use. Many people eat in their kitchen most of the time and use a formal dining room only for guests and dinner parties. Others have a combined living/dining room, while yet others have no dining room at all, but only dine in their kitchen.

A large traditional rustic kitchen looks great with an oak or pine dining table and a set of solid wood rustic chairs, with or without cushions. The solid wood dining room furniture you choose for your kitchen will be dependent on the way it is decorated. For example, a kitchen paneled with pine will naturally look best with a solid pine rectangular table and a set of pine chairs – perhaps with tie-on cushions attached.

However, if you have a modern kitchen, with a black ceramic hob, chrome fittings and modern décor, then a modern style of kitchen dining table might be preferred, with a solid wood frame, but perhaps a black glass top or, if it must be wood, then oak with rosewood or American black cherry edging. There is a lot that can be done with wood in a modern setting, and it needn’t all be bright and shiny.

Traditional Woods Have Their Place

There is a place for traditional woods in any dining setting, although it is in the formal dining room that the more exotic woods and veneers look their best. A solid polished oak table might seem the epitome of American craftsmanship to some, but it often looks out of place in the modern dining room. That type of dining table looks good in a more traditional setting, where there are similar types of oak dressers and cabinets to offer an overall rustic or traditional look.

For a formal dining room, whether it used regularly or only on those special occasions when the neighbors drop by for a meal or during the festive seasons, including Independence Day and Thanksgiving Day, genuine solid hardwood or veneered dining tables cannot be beaten.

Nothing looks more beautiful to most people than a beautiful dining table with strong carved legs and a dark oak, cherry or walnut veneer on the top that has been polished to a high shine by master French polishers. These guys with their varnishes and rubbers can convert any ordinary-looking surface into a mirror-finished work of art, irrespective of the wood used.

The Beauty of Veneered Wood Dining Furniture

However, it is the woods with the unusual grains, the swirls and whorls of multi-branched trunks that show up so beautifully when used as credit-card thin sheets glued over a base wood, that provide the best table tops – and the best flat surfaces for most formal furniture.

Walnut, sapele mahogany and dark or silky oak are good dark veneers to look for, while if you prefer your wood to be lighter, then ash, American maple and silver beech offer beautiful graining when varnished. Waxing, varnishing or French polishing of veneers tends to enhance the grain and the color of the most beautiful of wood veneers.

When choosing solid wood furniture it is very important that you know the shade of wood you want (light or dark) and also the degree of finish: waxed, varnished or French polished. The latter is more for formal tables that would generally be covered with a cloth when dining. This is because highly varnished gloss surfaces are easily scratched, and require suitable protection when in use.

Stability and Seasoned Woods

Another factor in your choice of wood will be the stability of the piece. Dining tables are generally fairly stable but this can be improved by using a solid wooden framework that is constructed using genuine carpentry joints rather than fixings. There is nothing stronger than dovetails for joining wider slats of wood such as the sides of dressers and drawers, while mortise and tenon joints, pinned or unpinned, are best for the actual frame. Nails and screws can weaken rapidly with age.

The main reason that only well-seasoned wood should be used for furniture is that it will not absorb and lose moisture, and so become unstable through warping and cracking. Nobody wants to have to use beer mats or folded cardboard to stabilize the legs of their wooden chairs only a few months after buying them. It does happen (often just at the end of the warranty period), so don’t let it happen to you!

When choosing solid wood dining furniture you must make sure that you match the wood and its finish with your requirements. A beautifully polished mahogany dining table will look out of place in a rustic kitchen, just as a solid pine or untreated oak dining table would not suit a formal dining setting.

You must be aware of your options and your needs when choosing solid wood dining furniture for your home. If you are seeking furniture stores in Atlanta, Patterson and Norcross Furniture Stores Atlanta can offer exactly the right dining furniture to meet your needs

Finding New Furniture At A Bargain

February 18th, 2012

Finding furniture is an adventure. It starts with the need for a new dresser, desk, chair, or table. Heading to your local furniture stores to check out the deals seems easy, but sometimes it can cost you.

First, find a furniture store that consistently has great deals and make them your “home base” so to speak. Local furniture stores will reward customer loyalty and usually are very affordable. Check out when their sales are and what will be offered.

If you’re worried you might not be getting the best deal, don’t be afraid to check out competitor’s sale flyers and papers. You can take these sales into your favorite furniture store and see if they have a price match policy. Most of the time, the store will be able to match the price of a competitor on items that you want especially if you are a repeat customer.

Secondly, check out the “scratch and dent” or “as is” section of the store. Most times this is in the back of the store and contains furniture that has some type of defect. Check out the great deals in these sections. If a dresser is missing a drawer pull and is marked down significantly, it might be worth it to purchase that dresser and then also buy yourself a new set of drawer pulls.

When checking these “as is” items, do a thorough inspection. Make sure it’s sturdy and doesn’t tilt. This is especially important with tables. If the item is scratched, is it in a place that it can be patched, painted or made to be invisible? If the top of a table is scratched, maybe consider putting tile on the top or tablecloths. These quick fixes make buying a scratched piece of furniture worth it. Check to see that the drawers roll smoothly and any moving parts of a desk or chair are functional. You can always purchase slip covers for sofas that are comfortable but stained or ripped.

If you see a great deal on something that you want, it is a good idea to act quickly. Sales and offers do not last forever.

You can definitely find ways to furnish your home from local affordable furniture stores that won’t break your bank or budget. Again, buying locally is the best way to give back to your community and customer loyalty is often rewarded in great ways. Buy your next piece of furniture at the furniture store down the street!

NYfurnituredirect.com is a long island furniture store focusing in great products and great quality. Every local furniture store should be like this one with great people and great service.

What Is The Most Durable Window Treatment?

February 18th, 2012

Of the various types of window treatments, many consumers want to know which one lasts longest and retains its functionality and handsomeness. Of course, personal preference is a factor in selecting the style and material, but there are specific features to consider. Following is a description of the most used window treatments including the benefits and disadvantages of each one.

The most common window treatment is a set of curtains or drapes. Home-sewn or commercially made, curtains serve to provide privacy and block out unwanted sunlight. In addition, they can add to the decor in the room, be it whimsical or elegant. They can be constructed of heavy opaque fabric or sheer fabric or even a combination of the two. Curtains can be pulled back with a tie or hook, gathered up in vertical lines, or tied in a knot to the side. A down side to using curtains is that they gather dust and are not easily cleaned and re-hung. The pulley system on some types of draperies can get jammed, making it difficult to close and open them. Curtains hung with simple rings are more easily maintained.

Another window treatment is roller blinds. Roller blinds consist of a length of heavy fabric or vinyl fastened at the top of the window to a dowel with a spring mechanism inside it so it will roll back up when pulled, but stops at intervals to cover the window as needed. These types of window treatments are good for privacy and blocking light, but are more susceptible to wear and tear because they are handled rather repetitively.

Vertical blinds are similar to curtains in the way they are hung and can be made of various materials from vinyl to faux wood to fabric. Horizontal blinds are similar to roller blinds because they are pulled up and down, but while they are down, they are adjustable, which is a desirable feature for many people. Blinds of both kinds can be used together with curtains if desired. They come in a variety of colours and styles to fit the decor. They can be difficult to clean because of the many areas where dust can collect.

The final type of window treatment we will discuss is interior wooden shutters; a smart option because of their durability and functionality. Traditional shutters have narrow horizontal slats that can be rotated to allow more light in or to block light. They are hinged at the window so that they may be opened completely, allowing access to the entire window. There are several other styles as well.

Comparatively, interior wooden shutters seem to be the most durable type of window treatment. Because they are constructed of wood, they function well for years and can be easily repaired if need be. They are easy to clean and are an attractive and long-lasting solution. They can be used in tandem with curtains or a simple valance to accent them, although by themselves they offer warmth and style to any room.

Find out more about interior wooden shutters.

Five Quick Techniques to Redecorating Your Own Living Room

February 17th, 2012

Steps to redecorating your own living room begin with cleaning the location, followed by eliminating items which do not belong inside the room, next is clearing the area, then bringing items into the room, and lastly by bringing in new home furniture.

The living room is definitely the single place in the home where the whole family can spend time and have some fun together. Nevertheless, if it has turned into a site where none of the family members would enjoy to stay anymore, perhaps it is time to give it a fresh look. Redecorate the area and make it a welcoming location where everyone can have a lot of fun.

Thoroughly clean the place

The first and also most vital thing that you have to do is to clean the area and all things in it. Wipe off the dust from the house windows as well as the home furniture. Start from the top spots going down, so that you will not be going back and forth as dirt forms on the lower items that you have already cleaned. Be sure to eliminate cobwebs which may be present on your lamps and other items in the area.

Take away things that do not belong within the room

Take the things which belong in another place of the house out of that room. These items are not only taking up space, but they will also produce a greater tendency for clutter inside the living room. Hence, you have to ensure that only the items which belong within the living room are left behind.

Clear the room

If you’d like to, you can also clear the entire room of all its things. In this way, you can obtain a clean slate to utilize, and you’ll have a better concept of how you want to change the appearance of the place. This will also help you clean the area even more, particularly in areas which are coated by the big home furniture. Moreover, if you feel the walls can use of a new splash of paint, this is the time when you could repaint your walls with your selection of color. You can even just color a single wall using a dark paint color to transform it into a highlight wall; while the rest of the walls are in a much lighter colour.

Carry objects back into the room

Once you obtain an idea of how you would like the brand new room, even if it is not an entirely concrete plan yet, start bringing in the larger items one after another back in the room. In case you have a large rug which you want to utilize again, carry this first, followed by the sofas, dining tables, and cabinets. Never be frightened to move these items around, even if it initially appears absurd; until you learn where they could best be put. After the big furniture pieces have found their place in the room, bring in the rest of the room decorations and smaller objects, like the lampshades, pillows, books, along with other items.

Add brand new furniture pieces

You might also desire to obtain affordable home furniture or splurge on one or two items that you really like to act as decorative things. Custom fireplace screens could be obtained according to your own personal desires and also price range. You could also acquire beautiful paintings and also other types of wall art from aspiring artists for a great price. Searching for yard sales for cheap but fascinating objects is also a wise decision to make your living room look and feel like new.

You can also get live plants inside the room to make it more inviting. Living rooms help families bond together.

Written by Patricia Strasser. If you wish to learn more about custom fireplace screens, check out http://www.custom-fireplacescreens.com/

How To Organize Your Bedroom and Bathroom

February 16th, 2012

If you are battling to find what you need in your bedroom and bathroom, then it is high time that you looked at organizing these two rooms a bit better. Doing this properly will save you lots of time and your will be able to find everything you need with ease. Here is some advice that will help you to stay organized.

Luckily the shops nowadays are filled with wonderful containers and contraptions that you can use to store everything in, from clothing, to jewellery, to toiletries. Most of them can be customized to suit your décor, and they come in many wonderful designs and colors.

If you like to see where everything is, try buying see through plastic storage boxes and containers, and in this way you will be able to see at a glance just what you need.

If you are looking for ways to store your jewelry, why not purchase miniture stackable drawers. These could be the same type that one would buy for a garage to store nails and screws. In this way you can label the drawers and store all your jewelry neatly away. There are also wonderful necklace hangers available today that you can hang your favorite pieces on and make a feature of it on your dressing table.

Try to color co-ordinate your tops in a neat pile in your cupboard. Hang dresses with dresses, skirts with skirts. In this way you will see easily what you want to wear and save time in the morning when you need to find a co-ordinate something fast.

Shoes are normally a problem, as they lie in the bottom of your wardrobe and get all muddled up. When it comes to trying to find a matching pair, it could get frustrating, especially when you are in a rush. Try organizing your shoes into shoe boxes or see through containers that you can stack. Keep smart shoes that you don’t use too often at the bottom and the ones you wear more often at the top.

If you are short of space, try using the back of doors as storage space. You can buy storage for shoes, bags or scarves that can be attached to the back of a door, whether it be a cupboard door or your bedroom door. Hooks screwed into the door can also help by keeping coats or gowns out of the way. If you are not into making holes in your doors, you can purchase over the door storage, which are hanging devices that fit over the top of your doors.

To store your toiletries it is a good idea to use clear plastic boxes. This will keep all your toiletries neatly together. If you are clever you can have all your facial skin care in one container, your bath products in another and your nail care kit in another. This will save you masses of time looking for containers, especially when you are rushing in the mornings.

Bathrooms always look good with wooden baskets. Laundry baskets have never looked better and one can purchase bathroom shelves to keep all those nick knacks in order. Towels can also be stored in drawers that can be bought to match your laundry basket.

If you are trying to declutter here are a few basic rules:

Throw it out if:

1. You don’t know what it is.
2. It’s broken – most of the time it is cheaper to buy a new one than repair.
3. You have too many of the same thing.

Keep it if:

1. It belongs to someone else, unless they give you permission to throw it out.
2. It makes you happy.
3. You can’t make up your mind. Keep it another year, and if you don’t use it, then get rid of it.

Most important, if you want an organized life, take one step at a time. Each small thing you clean out will ultimately lead to a more ordered life and decluttered life in the long term.

To get great tips on decluttering your home visit: http://clearofclutter.net/articles

Hardwood Floors And The Importance Of Acclimation

February 15th, 2012

By Ashley Hart

A common mistake made by property owners who opt to install their very own hardwood floors is to not allow the planks to adjust to their environment. The results are hardly ever seen rigtht after the set up. A few months later on, on the other hand, the flooring can develop serious troubles that wreck their look.

In this article, we’ll make clear the reasons acclimation is important for your hardwood flooring. You’ll find out about the troubles that can occur with badly-acclimatized boards, and some tips for avoiding them. If you hire a specialist installer to deal with the set up, you are not likely to see problems. But if you intend to install your floors by yourself, heed the subsequent advice.

What Is Acclimation?

At its simplest, acclimation is the procedure of letting your flooring adapt to the dampness amount in the atmosphere into which they are to be set up. From the moment you set up your flooring until the time you change it, the boards will absorb and dissipate wetness. This will happen constantly. If there is a higher amount of dampness in the air than in the planks, the wood will absorb it until equilibrium is reached. If the air is dry, and consists of a lesser amount of humidity than what is held in the boards, the timber is going to release its moisture.

Acclimation ought to be accomplished before the floors’ set up. Or else, the difference in moisture levels – even a small distinction – can cause the planks to demonstrate serious difficulties.

Frequent Difficulties Which Happen When You Don’t Acclimate The Wood

Imagine you install your wood flooring over the summer season, and reside in an area that receives a high level of humidity. There is substantial dampness in the air, which will cause the planks to expand. Further suppose that rather than allowing them to adjust to the average level of dampness in the environment, you install them once they expand to their fullest. Your flooring surfaces look fine following your installation.

Then, winter comes. There is very little dampness in the air, and thus the boards permit the dampness they’ve soaked up to dissipate; the planks shrink, creating big spaces to appear between them. This is known as “gapping,” and is a common difficulty with DIY installations which are done without acclimation.

Now, suppose you install your wood flooring throughout the winter season, when there is hardly any dampness in the air. Your planks have contracted to their smallest size. Again, they appear fine immediately following the installation.

Then, summer occurs with high humidity. The boards start to swell. Instead of gapping, they buckle beneath the pressure of the planks that are adjoining to them; buckling is an additional common difficulty, and will ruin the appearance of your hardwoods.

As a side note, these issues – gapping and buckling – are less common with manufactured wood flooring than they are with solid hardwoods. Manufactured planks are made with several intercrossed ply layers that limit theexpansion and contraction; the boards will continue to expand and contract, but is going to do so less than solid wood surfaces.

How To Acclimatize Your Wood Floors

Acclimation is simple. It merely demands providing your wood floors time to adapt. The issue is, lots of do-it-yourself home owners do not understand how air circulates through them. If you leave the planks stacked on top of each other – or worse, stacked in their boxes – air is going to be unable to reach them. Consequently, equilibrium in between the planks and the environment may not be achieved.

Unpack the boards, and lay them individually on the ground. They’ll slowly modify to the wetness level in the space. This step may take two to three weeks. During this time, utilize a dampness meter to keep an eye on the level of moisture in the room, subfloor, and boards. When they near a equilibrium, you can properly install the hardwoods.

It takes patience to wait while your wood flooring surfaces adjust to the humidity level in the installation site. But it is critical to do so. Otherwise, your hardwood flooring may display unattractive gaps and buckling, no matter the painstaking effort you invested while installing them.

Want to find out more about hardwood floors? Then visit www.footprintsfloors.com.

Matching Roman Blinds To Your Home Interior

February 15th, 2012

Adding Roman blinds to your home can make your room feel welcoming and complete. Roman blinds are an elegant window treatment that provides colour over your windows. The cascading look of Roman blinds can add a bit of sophistication to any room in your home. Roman blinds are also eco-friendly, allowing you to block light when necessary and let in the light at other times. Roman blinds also help insulate the room. When deciding which Roman blinds to order, coordinating with existing features in your room is key.

Matching Your Patterned Roman Blinds with Your Wall Colour

One way yo match your Roman blinds with the rest of your room is to match the blinds to the wall colour. If you do not plan to paint the room a different colour, matching your Roman blinds with the wall colour allows you to pick a style for your Roman blinds that will continue to be well coordinated to the surroundings. If the blinds are the exact colour as the wall, the Roman blinds will blend in and not be noticeable. However, if you pick a colour for your blinds that is two or three tones lighter or darker than the wall colour, you will have a nice monochromatic look between the wall colour and the colour of the Roman blinds.

Matching Your Roman Blinds with Your Existing Furnishings

If you plan on keeping the existing furnishings in the room for several years, you can use the furnishings to help you pick out the perfect pattern for your Roman blinds. Even if you plan on updating your furniture at some point in the future, you can keep the colours of the Roman blinds in mind when shopping for new furnishings. Matching your Roman blinds with your furnishings can help provide a cohesive design for your room. When various colours and textures are used throughout the room, the eye moves to each location that repeats that colour for a satisfying take on the design. If you have a grey couch, you can add grey Roman blinds to the windows. Unlike matching with the wall colour, the furnishings and the windows are more spread out so the colours will not fade away. Another option is to use patterned Roman blinds. For example, if you have a grey couch and a red rug, you can use red and grey patterned Roman blinds for a pleasing look.

Matching Your Roman Blinds with Your Flooring

Another way to match your Roman blinds to your room’s interior is to match the blinds with the flooring in the room. Since the floors are adjacent to the windows, the colours of the floors and window treatments are noticeable against each other. You can use a matching colour for your blinds if you prefer. For example, if you have cherry wood floors, you may want to opt for a plum, red or purple colour. You can also use Roman blinds that contrast, such as dark blinds if you have oak flooring.

Click here for more information about patterned roman blinds

Use Hardwood Floor Cleaners And Some Good Tips To Keep Your Wood Flooring Looking Remarkable

February 14th, 2012

By Donetta D. Haskell

When you have beautiful wood floors to protect, you will have your work cut out for you, but as long as you have quality hardwood floor cleaners and other useful tools, you can keep your floors looking fantastic. In order to give the proper level of care to your flooring, you have to think of all the things that could possibly do it harm and then think of an effective preventive measure and solution to each one of those particular ailments.

One of the more common dilemmas that many people encounter with their wood flooring is that they are easy to scratch and ding as you move around on them over the years. The primary issue here is likely the fact that furniture and other hard and heavy objects scratch up the floors if you are not cautious and can actually wear an impression in the floor each time you sit down. To get around this issue, you have to make sure that you don’t drag anything across the floor and that your furniture has some type of padding under each foot.

If you have young children in your household, you can nearly guarantee that you’ll be dealing with stains at one point or another, and if you don’t spot one in time, you may be looking at it for a while. Once a stain is in the wood it is as difficult to remove as it is to keep a kid from making a mess, but a good hardwood floor cleaner may be able to do the trick. Additionally, with a thick protective clear coat on your wood floors, you can stop the stains from getting in and even stop some of the more minor scratches from doing any harm.

The worst nightmare of any wood floor owner is almost always the thought of the floor warping and buckling, which is caused by a couple different things. When your floor boards are laid too close to each other, all it takes is a hot day with plenty of moisture air to cause some significant damage. Your best bet in this case is to keep your flooring dry at all cost, whether it means that you are cleaning up any wet spills or you are actively changing the temperature and humidity levels inside your home.

There are a number of other things you could do to safeguard your floors, but these are by far some of the most important ones. As long as you watch out for these issues and keep good hardwood floor cleaner on standby, you could be enjoying those same gorgeous floors for the rest of your life.

Choose the right natural stone care products like hardwood floor cleaners and wood floor cleaners.


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