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Matching Roman Blinds To Your Home Interior

February 15th, 2012

Adding Roman blinds to your home can make your room feel welcoming and complete. Roman blinds are an elegant window treatment that provides colour over your windows. The cascading look of Roman blinds can add a bit of sophistication to any room in your home. Roman blinds are also eco-friendly, allowing you to block light when necessary and let in the light at other times. Roman blinds also help insulate the room. When deciding which Roman blinds to order, coordinating with existing features in your room is key.

Matching Your Patterned Roman Blinds with Your Wall Colour

One way yo match your Roman blinds with the rest of your room is to match the blinds to the wall colour. If you do not plan to paint the room a different colour, matching your Roman blinds with the wall colour allows you to pick a style for your Roman blinds that will continue to be well coordinated to the surroundings. If the blinds are the exact colour as the wall, the Roman blinds will blend in and not be noticeable. However, if you pick a colour for your blinds that is two or three tones lighter or darker than the wall colour, you will have a nice monochromatic look between the wall colour and the colour of the Roman blinds.

Matching Your Roman Blinds with Your Existing Furnishings

If you plan on keeping the existing furnishings in the room for several years, you can use the furnishings to help you pick out the perfect pattern for your Roman blinds. Even if you plan on updating your furniture at some point in the future, you can keep the colours of the Roman blinds in mind when shopping for new furnishings. Matching your Roman blinds with your furnishings can help provide a cohesive design for your room. When various colours and textures are used throughout the room, the eye moves to each location that repeats that colour for a satisfying take on the design. If you have a grey couch, you can add grey Roman blinds to the windows. Unlike matching with the wall colour, the furnishings and the windows are more spread out so the colours will not fade away. Another option is to use patterned Roman blinds. For example, if you have a grey couch and a red rug, you can use red and grey patterned Roman blinds for a pleasing look.

Matching Your Roman Blinds with Your Flooring

Another way to match your Roman blinds to your room’s interior is to match the blinds with the flooring in the room. Since the floors are adjacent to the windows, the colours of the floors and window treatments are noticeable against each other. You can use a matching colour for your blinds if you prefer. For example, if you have cherry wood floors, you may want to opt for a plum, red or purple colour. You can also use Roman blinds that contrast, such as dark blinds if you have oak flooring.

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