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What Is The Most Durable Window Treatment?

February 18th, 2012

Of the various types of window treatments, many consumers want to know which one lasts longest and retains its functionality and handsomeness. Of course, personal preference is a factor in selecting the style and material, but there are specific features to consider. Following is a description of the most used window treatments including the benefits and disadvantages of each one.

The most common window treatment is a set of curtains or drapes. Home-sewn or commercially made, curtains serve to provide privacy and block out unwanted sunlight. In addition, they can add to the decor in the room, be it whimsical or elegant. They can be constructed of heavy opaque fabric or sheer fabric or even a combination of the two. Curtains can be pulled back with a tie or hook, gathered up in vertical lines, or tied in a knot to the side. A down side to using curtains is that they gather dust and are not easily cleaned and re-hung. The pulley system on some types of draperies can get jammed, making it difficult to close and open them. Curtains hung with simple rings are more easily maintained.

Another window treatment is roller blinds. Roller blinds consist of a length of heavy fabric or vinyl fastened at the top of the window to a dowel with a spring mechanism inside it so it will roll back up when pulled, but stops at intervals to cover the window as needed. These types of window treatments are good for privacy and blocking light, but are more susceptible to wear and tear because they are handled rather repetitively.

Vertical blinds are similar to curtains in the way they are hung and can be made of various materials from vinyl to faux wood to fabric. Horizontal blinds are similar to roller blinds because they are pulled up and down, but while they are down, they are adjustable, which is a desirable feature for many people. Blinds of both kinds can be used together with curtains if desired. They come in a variety of colours and styles to fit the decor. They can be difficult to clean because of the many areas where dust can collect.

The final type of window treatment we will discuss is interior wooden shutters; a smart option because of their durability and functionality. Traditional shutters have narrow horizontal slats that can be rotated to allow more light in or to block light. They are hinged at the window so that they may be opened completely, allowing access to the entire window. There are several other styles as well.

Comparatively, interior wooden shutters seem to be the most durable type of window treatment. Because they are constructed of wood, they function well for years and can be easily repaired if need be. They are easy to clean and are an attractive and long-lasting solution. They can be used in tandem with curtains or a simple valance to accent them, although by themselves they offer warmth and style to any room.

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