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Finding New Furniture At A Bargain

February 18th, 2012

Finding furniture is an adventure. It starts with the need for a new dresser, desk, chair, or table. Heading to your local furniture stores to check out the deals seems easy, but sometimes it can cost you.

First, find a furniture store that consistently has great deals and make them your “home base” so to speak. Local furniture stores will reward customer loyalty and usually are very affordable. Check out when their sales are and what will be offered.

If you’re worried you might not be getting the best deal, don’t be afraid to check out competitor’s sale flyers and papers. You can take these sales into your favorite furniture store and see if they have a price match policy. Most of the time, the store will be able to match the price of a competitor on items that you want especially if you are a repeat customer.

Secondly, check out the “scratch and dent” or “as is” section of the store. Most times this is in the back of the store and contains furniture that has some type of defect. Check out the great deals in these sections. If a dresser is missing a drawer pull and is marked down significantly, it might be worth it to purchase that dresser and then also buy yourself a new set of drawer pulls.

When checking these “as is” items, do a thorough inspection. Make sure it’s sturdy and doesn’t tilt. This is especially important with tables. If the item is scratched, is it in a place that it can be patched, painted or made to be invisible? If the top of a table is scratched, maybe consider putting tile on the top or tablecloths. These quick fixes make buying a scratched piece of furniture worth it. Check to see that the drawers roll smoothly and any moving parts of a desk or chair are functional. You can always purchase slip covers for sofas that are comfortable but stained or ripped.

If you see a great deal on something that you want, it is a good idea to act quickly. Sales and offers do not last forever.

You can definitely find ways to furnish your home from local affordable furniture stores that won’t break your bank or budget. Again, buying locally is the best way to give back to your community and customer loyalty is often rewarded in great ways. Buy your next piece of furniture at the furniture store down the street!

NYfurnituredirect.com is a long island furniture store focusing in great products and great quality. Every local furniture store should be like this one with great people and great service.

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