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Ideas to Design a Dream Kitchen

March 31st, 2012

By Lawrence Reaves

A dream kitchen is one of the most desired items in a house, as it is one of the key focal areas of any home. You need to remember that remodeling a kitchen is actually a pretty straightforward thing. You do not have to worry about too many pipes as with a bathroom. And you will find that cabinets and your appliances are usually pretty square and will fit as they are supposed to. Also know that there is huge mark up in labor and materials for putting in a new kitchen. So you may want to think twice about spending 20,000 dollars for a new kitchen when you can do it yourself.

Of course, people who are not experienced builders shudder at the thought of putting in a kitchen themselves. You really can do it. What you need to do is get some graph paper and a couple pencils. Measure the whole kitchen and lay out the floor plan. You can make a scale map pretty easily if you measure it all accurately.

Now you are going to want to select the appliances you want. The good thing about most of these products is the sizes are fairly standard. You know a stove is going to measure 30 inches across, and you know that a dishwasher is going to be 24 inches. Fridges of course can come in several sizes.
Next, you have to decide about where your water is going to be coming from. It is a good idea to try to keep the water sources about where they are or you are going to be into some serious work. If you are ok where the sink is, you will not have to move any pipes. This is also the case with the dishwasher. If you do want to move the location of one of these, this is what they invented the extension pipe for, so don’t worry. Remember that if you start messing with the water lines, know where the water shut off is both in your house and in the street.

Kitchen cabinets can vary a lot in price so be ready for that. The most pricy part of most cabinets is going to be the front door. You actually can put together cabinets yourself and save a ton of money. You will need to draw in where the cabinets are going to do on your paper. Remember that the hardware is a place where you can save a lot of money. Buy a lot of that stuff online and watch how much you can save.

You should try to not buy granite countertops as you are not going to get your money back, but you can make due with laminate just fine.
If you will follow some of these tips to create your new kitchen, we think that you will really like how it looks. And you should be able to get more for your house when it comes time to make the sale in a few years.

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Decorating With Rugs

March 28th, 2012

Copyright © 2012 Joe Maldonado

What are the possible decorative uses for rugs? Rugs are common, ordinary, household objects that are often overlooked. However, if you pay close attention to it, and keep a mind that is open to possibilities, you will discover that there’s more to rugs than the practical and obvious functions you use them for.

Rugs can serve both practical and decorative functions. The former, you can be quite familiar, as this is what you usually use rugs for. The decorative functions of rugs, however, are often left unexplored.

You may be amazed at what rugs can do when you consider the various possibilities of using it as a tool in home decorating. When properly and carefully chosen, rugs can make a difference in the appearance of a room. It can contribute a subtle grace in the overall look of an area.

You can use rugs as a means of artistic expression. Use it as a means of achieving the mood and feel you want to bring out from a certain room or space in the house or in the office. Personalizing a room using rugs can actually prove to be a fun and worthwhile effort.

True, rugs are practical and functional art in the floor. However, you can extend the creative benefits that you can get from them by using them as wall decors. As wall accessory, rugs are unique, and both practical and decorative. A well-chosen rug, mounted on the wall, can add life to barren sides, while hiding dents, blemishes, and stains that you would not want anybody to see.

To effectively decorate a room using rugs, there are a few things that you should always consider. First, is the relationship between the role of the rug to its size.

Rugs have different purposes in different areas of the house. When used as a focal point, like in the foyer or living room, the rug should be proportional to the size of the room. The main point here is to choose a design that catches the eye and exudes the look or feel you want to convey. You can use rugs with colorful and striking hues to create a happy looking floor, or you can use intricately patterned rugs to give off an elegant feel.

As an accessory, rugs are just an accent to help make the room more attractive. These rugs should be small and subtle, so as not to draw unwanted attention to itself.

When using more than one area rug in a single room, it is important not to use rugs of the same size. Two differently-sized rugs in a common room appear balanced, while uniformly-sized ones will only make the room look divided.

Here are some other ways on how you can improve the look of a space with the use of rugs: You can also place rugs over carpets to create interesting color combinations in the flooring of the room. Hang rugs on wall to accentuate it with something new and attractive. Use either matching or contrasting rugs to show off your personality. You can either go for mild or wild, depending on which is more YOU.

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Decorating To Compliment Your Architecture

March 26th, 2012

Your Staircase

At times, the architecture of your house will help you determine where and how to hang your artwork. For example, hang a long up and down grouping of picture frames up on the wall going from the one floor to the next at a small, winding staircase. Six framed botanicals hung in pairs would be appropriate for such a space, as would three vertical black and white photos framed in stunning black picture frames and installed one above the other.

A Sophisticated Cluster

One of the most striking and lovely methods to display fine works of art is to cluster them together in six corresponding frames. You don’t have to invest a lot of money to obtain nice pictures; even the most simple flower prints or pictures taken out of garden publications can be really elegant when you frame them correctly. Dehydrated leaves and pressed flowers can also look wonderful in frames. You can find some wonderful black or maybe natural wood picture frames that will look great when you hang them up in three rows of two frames for a vertical group, or a couple of rows of three to get a horizontal cluster.

Experimentation with Shapes and Sizes

Perhaps you have a huge wall space that you would like to fill with a big and tall photo, but all you have got is horizontal frames. If you have got three pieces which are approximately the same dimensions and are all horizontal, simply line them up top to bottom on the wall, one over another, and leave approximately a three inch gap between each frame. This will work best when the frames are at least the same finish, although they do not have to be precisely the same.

Living Art

You may not know this, but to a designer, windows are considered “living art.” This includes not only windows, but in addition sliding glass doors as well as French doors. Sometimes the French doors in a room, a sliding glass door, a row of large windows, or one big picture window can be the main focus of a certain room. Because of this, it is important to make sure that one large wall is left art-free to keep the eye from being overwhelmed with too many places to focus on. When you accomplish this the room will tend to feel more peaceful. If you have a room that has lots of windows and doorways, it would be a good idea to hang only one large piece of art or a grouping of frames on just one wall and keep the rest of the walls bare.

Windows Used as Art

As stated above, you should avoid hanging artwork directly next to a window, but most importantly this is a rule if you have got a stained glass window. You do not want artwork and a stained glass window to compete for attention.


If you are hanging artwork (or even a mirror) above a table or dresser that sits next to a bigger piece of furniture such as an armoire, choose a piece of art which is almost the same height as the table or dresser. Doing this will help to give balance to the furniture arrangement and help avoid the little pieces of furniture from becoming dwarfed by the larger furniture piece.

So experiment with some of these tips and you may be amazed by the lovely difference you discover right away.

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How to Position Your Kitchen Cabinets

March 23rd, 2012

By Lawrence Reaves

If you are redesigning your kitchen, you know that there is a large variety of cabinet designs from which you can choose. Picking the design and colors is one thing, but how to position and arrange your cabinets to maximize their usefulness? This is something that requires some thought, so you get the most out of your investment.

We recommend that when you are thinking about how to position your cabinets, you should attempt to balance your operable workspace, and keep design in mind. Also, remember that you also can add attractive and useful items including wine racks, pantry cabinets that fold out, and drawers that slide out. It is quite easy to blend attractive looks with a high level of functionality.

Some ideas to keep in mind:

Think of a Triangle

While you are thinking about where to put your cabinets, also consider how people in your kitchen will be moving. Think about how far it is between the various appliances and other elements that are used when you are cooking. What you really want when you do your remodeling of your kitchen is to boost function, not just the appearance.

We recommend that you think about a ‘triangle’ that connects your sink, range and fridge. To prevent too much walking and moving about, you want this triangle to be as small as you can, and still be practical. You should make sure that the positioning of your new kitchen cabinets will make this triangle work more effectively.

For instance, you might want to put a lower cabinet besides the open-door side of your fridge. This will make it easier for you to remove food from it and to set them on your counter. If you separate the three aspects of your triangle with lower cabinets, it will let the cook take out hot things from the oven and put them on the counter. It also will give more counter access by the sink for your soiled dishes. We also recommend putting an upper cabinet above your dishwasher, which makes it much more convenient to put away your dishes.

Think About the Size of Standard Cabinets

How large standard cabinets are is a factor when you are thinking about how to place your kitchen cabinets. The typical height of a base cabinet is in the area of 35 inches (usually 34.5). You need to allow for about .5 inches for the countertop thickness. So, your counter height will be around 35 inches. Your lower base cabinets are about 24 inches in depth. When you are placing these cabinets, you should think about the walking space that is front of every cabinet. We think that you need to leave about four feet of space in the front of the doors of your cabinet, as well as the drawers and stove, so you will be able to move around easier. Upper cabinets are about a foot deep, and they can be anywhere from 30 inches in height to as little as 12 inches. You also can get a large corner cabinet unit that may have a rotating shelf system (Lazy Susan) so you do not need to reach into the farthest corners of your cabinets.

Think About Design

Function is very important in your kitchen, but of course you want it to look stylish too. Try to use the appeal of symmetry. You should place your upper cabinets that are the same size on the opposite sides of your sink and cooking range. Try to put your tall, pantry sort of cabinet near the fridge to mask the side that is the closest to the family room. Think about putting in a base cabinet or even an island one that has an eating bar attached on the rear side. This would give you a very pleasant-looking eating area and does not take up much room.

Lawrence Reaves is a writer for Hamilton Beach. Go here to see the full line of Hamilton Beach Ovens, Roaster Ovens and kitchen appliances.

Exterior Door Buying Guide: Shopping Tips

March 13th, 2012

By Keith Pollow

A first impression takes very little time to be made, yet it creates the biggest impact on the owner of a house as well as visitors alike. It is for this reason that shopping for the perfect exterior door is important for a homeowner.

There are certain criteria that should be researched and thought about thoroughly for those wishing to shop for these types of doors. Factors such as door types, materials and accessories, and security should be taken into consideration when looking to invest into an exterior door. Weighing the options needs and necessities that come into play when selecting an exterior door, ensures that the best option will be made when purchasing a new door.

There are several types of door that are available in the market of exterior doors. The purpose that a door will serve, including beautification or an architectural element, should be evaluated. Flush paneled doors can be comparable to the benefits of having a paneled door. There are endless different types of door finishing available that can be chosen for the perfectly selected door. Some options include different types on painted finishes or even stained finishes.

Convenience in the door market is found in the various ways a door can be hung, such as a slab door or a prehung door. Some doors may be chosen to swing inward into a house, as opposed to swinging away from a house. This of course goes back to any chosen preferences and depending on the space of a typical foyer in which the exterior door will eventually lead into. In this day and age of customization, even exterior doors can be installed based on whether an owner is left-handed or right-handed.

Not all exterior doors are created equally. This is especially true for the wear and tear that a particular exterior door may go through, when being continuously exposed to the elements day after day. Both rain and sunshine can take a negative toll on the wrong type of exterior door. This is why the appropriate type of door construction material should be selected when buying the perfect door. Things such as warping may occur when the incorrect material is used for an exterior door in the wrong type of climate.

Doors can also be energy efficient and very effective at keeping the heat of a house indoors, where it should be. Options such as double-layered glass can be chosen and installed in order to reduce the amount of potential heat loss that may occur through the exterior door. Of course this would assume that the option of even having glass in any part of the exterior door would be explored. Insulation can also be added to increase the energy efficiency ratio of a house, in all of the year’s seasons.

A door is not just simply a door panel. This is why options such as hardware and hinges choices as well as the finishes for all of these accessories need to be selected. What may meet one shopper’s need will not always meet another, as the needs of consumers in the market for new or replacement exterior doors vary greatly from one buyer to the other.

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Best Way To Structure Your Kitchen Space

March 11th, 2012

By John Business

If you are planning to sell your home, you want to make sure that it looks great. This is a room that really showcases what you are as a person and it is a room that is always busy. As time keeps going, the kitchen will start to look aged and will need some renovating. Once you decide that you want a remodel, there are things you need to do first before you actually start renovating.

The first decision you need to make is what type of kitchen you want in terms of your own circumstances. If you are somebody who likes to cook and you enjoy spending time preparing food then this will have an impact on the kind of design features you want. Nevertheless, you might see the kitchen as more of a friendly area where the family spend time together and this may mean that you want more emphasis on creating space to take this into account. In other words you are going to want to ensure that your kitchen design matches the way you will be using the room.

You also need to think about what units and worktops you want to see in your kitchen. This includes the colors and kind of materials you’d probably prefer as well as deciding how much cupboard and work area space you will need. Now, you want to think about the type of home appliances you want and whether they should be stand alone or built in. One benefit that can be gained from updating your appliances is that numerous new models are energy efficient and so this can save you money in the future.

If you wish to install new flooring in your kitchen, you have options like stone or wood floors. This will get down to personal preference but ease of cleaning and how functional it is if you have very young children may play a part in your decision. If you have small children, you would like to child-proof your kitchen space so that they can be safe from harm. Other options for your kitchen also includes new lighting and new blinds or curtains for the windows.

For the actual process of redesigning, you have to come up with a budget and figure out who will do the work. It is a good option to get multiple quotes and different design ideas before committing yourself. Most contractors are licensed and will do a good job so you want to find the best quality for your budget.

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5 Easter Decor Ideas That Are Remarkably Simple

March 11th, 2012

By Bianca Bowman

Welcome spring into your home by decorating for Easter. Compared to other holidays, you will find that Easter decorations are not elaborate or complicated. You won’t spend hours constructing an Easter tree or attaching bunny-shaped lights to your roof. Instead, focus on the small touches to spruce up your home, like Easter table decorations, and make things festive. Try one or all of these Easter decor ideas to make your home look lovely.

1. Add Flowers – A very simple way to decorate for the holiday is to put a vase full of spring flowers on your dining table. Choose a vase with an Easter-themed print on it or in a pastel color. Flowers that bloom in spring, such as delicate daffodils or pretty tulips, are perfect.

2. Look For Easter Linens – An incredibly simple way to decorate for the holiday is to put out a dish cloth or tea towel with an egg or a bunny screen-printed or stitched onto it. Look for Easter themed cloth napkins or tablecloths. Choose Easter table linens with a delicate floral print or embroidery if you want something more subtle. Choose solid color linens in pastel hues if you don’t want linens with prints on them at all.

3. Fill a Basket or Bowl With Eggs – You can make Easter baskets and use them to decorate your house whether you have children or not. Plastic eggs are the least expensive option and possibly the easiest. You can also find more delicate porcelain eggs with pretty patterns painted on them or wooden eggs, which are much more sturdy. Another option is to dye intact egg shells and arrange them in a basket. For a moe modern decoration, use a prtty bowl or pick a wire mesh or iron basket, or you can choose the traditional wicker basket to place the eggs in. Line the basket with grass clippings or paper shreds to cushion and protect the eggs.

4. Hang a Wreath – Easter wreaths come in a range of styles, from straw wreaths wrapped in ribbon to evergreen wreaths decorated with sparkling Easter eggs. If you feel crafty, string several plastic eggs or hollowed out eggshells together end to end and shape into a circle for a home-made wreath.

5. Let Candles Light the Way – Turn plain pillar or taper candles into easy Easter decorations by scattering wrapped Easter egg candy at the base of the candles across a surface. Line a hurricane vase with Easter-themed pebbles, marbles or candies, and set a pillar candle on top.

These Easter decor ideas do not require much time or effort on your part, but are sure to make your house the envy of your neighbors. Start decorating today!

When it comes to spring, Bianca Bowman likes to focus on Easter table decorations as a central focus in her home. Lillian Vernon provides a great base for this project by offering Easter table linens that could be all you need for your Easter table decorations.

Adding a Deck

March 8th, 2012

Creating a Deck on your home might be an easy project performed at the time of the saturday and sunday that will add far more room for engaging and soothing outdoors. Utilizing the materials obtainable at the home remodeling middle can make the project even less difficult since most of the materials are readily on offer there.

There are many different shapes and sizes for decks. Some are in a round or octagon form adding the fashion of the again property when graced using a floral arrangement and shoots strategically brought nearly the Deck. Use timbers and wood to produce a habit pattern weaving the designs for a new look. Add a george foreman grill or barbeque pit to the place. Add hanging out of doors lgts at the time of the cooking place. Add a constructed in chair location as a deck to present additional space and luxury for the outdoors visitors.

Using the accessible goal for the deck is simple since there are many techniques to locate the ideal design for your back again garden. The web and the house remodeling keep possess a lot of deck styles you can choose. The choice of developing a custom-designed Deck appeals to many since these folks incorporate into the Deck Contractor their personalized tastes like methods or raised panels.

To prolong the life of the timber, guarantee to use a shield over surfaces. The sealant may be a clear coat or a discolored color tone to boost the shades of the normal wood. Most lumber is pretreated yet it is outstanding a really good strategy to seal the wood to retain the wood from warping and twisting from the exposure to the elements. Taking the time to seal the wood is adding lengthier life to the deck and saving cash in the end.

The venture of adding the Deck may involve having the pals help. Doing so is an oustanding opportunity to devote time with your pals and use their muscles for the serious lifting of the timber for deck. It is possible to generate it a fun time by getting a cookout through the center of the day for a considerably required glass break and time of leisure prior to finishing the project.

The standard deck might be performed in one to two days. The regular time is one day when every little thing goes depending on plans. The goal will have to involve all the items so you do not have to quit to generate a trip to the residence improvement store for more items.

Nonetheless, you decide to build the deck, take time to style the deck to connect much of your demands for the ended place. Doing so should generate it feasible for you get pleasure from the Deck without any getting to make alterations later. You has the ability to sit and get pleasure from the stunning inclusion to the home without the wants to generate any more fully changes.

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