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Decorating To Compliment Your Architecture

March 26th, 2012

Your Staircase

At times, the architecture of your house will help you determine where and how to hang your artwork. For example, hang a long up and down grouping of picture frames up on the wall going from the one floor to the next at a small, winding staircase. Six framed botanicals hung in pairs would be appropriate for such a space, as would three vertical black and white photos framed in stunning black picture frames and installed one above the other.

A Sophisticated Cluster

One of the most striking and lovely methods to display fine works of art is to cluster them together in six corresponding frames. You don’t have to invest a lot of money to obtain nice pictures; even the most simple flower prints or pictures taken out of garden publications can be really elegant when you frame them correctly. Dehydrated leaves and pressed flowers can also look wonderful in frames. You can find some wonderful black or maybe natural wood picture frames that will look great when you hang them up in three rows of two frames for a vertical group, or a couple of rows of three to get a horizontal cluster.

Experimentation with Shapes and Sizes

Perhaps you have a huge wall space that you would like to fill with a big and tall photo, but all you have got is horizontal frames. If you have got three pieces which are approximately the same dimensions and are all horizontal, simply line them up top to bottom on the wall, one over another, and leave approximately a three inch gap between each frame. This will work best when the frames are at least the same finish, although they do not have to be precisely the same.

Living Art

You may not know this, but to a designer, windows are considered “living art.” This includes not only windows, but in addition sliding glass doors as well as French doors. Sometimes the French doors in a room, a sliding glass door, a row of large windows, or one big picture window can be the main focus of a certain room. Because of this, it is important to make sure that one large wall is left art-free to keep the eye from being overwhelmed with too many places to focus on. When you accomplish this the room will tend to feel more peaceful. If you have a room that has lots of windows and doorways, it would be a good idea to hang only one large piece of art or a grouping of frames on just one wall and keep the rest of the walls bare.

Windows Used as Art

As stated above, you should avoid hanging artwork directly next to a window, but most importantly this is a rule if you have got a stained glass window. You do not want artwork and a stained glass window to compete for attention.


If you are hanging artwork (or even a mirror) above a table or dresser that sits next to a bigger piece of furniture such as an armoire, choose a piece of art which is almost the same height as the table or dresser. Doing this will help to give balance to the furniture arrangement and help avoid the little pieces of furniture from becoming dwarfed by the larger furniture piece.

So experiment with some of these tips and you may be amazed by the lovely difference you discover right away.

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