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Matching Roman Blinds To Your Home Interior

February 15th, 2012

Adding Roman blinds to your home can make your room feel welcoming and complete. Roman blinds are an elegant window treatment that provides colour over your windows. The cascading look of Roman blinds can add a bit of sophistication to any room in your home. Roman blinds are also eco-friendly, allowing you to block light when necessary and let in the light at other times. Roman blinds also help insulate the room. When deciding which Roman blinds to order, coordinating with existing features in your room is key.

Matching Your Patterned Roman Blinds with Your Wall Colour

One way yo match your Roman blinds with the rest of your room is to match the blinds to the wall colour. If you do not plan to paint the room a different colour, matching your Roman blinds with the wall colour allows you to pick a style for your Roman blinds that will continue to be well coordinated to the surroundings. If the blinds are the exact colour as the wall, the Roman blinds will blend in and not be noticeable. However, if you pick a colour for your blinds that is two or three tones lighter or darker than the wall colour, you will have a nice monochromatic look between the wall colour and the colour of the Roman blinds.

Matching Your Roman Blinds with Your Existing Furnishings

If you plan on keeping the existing furnishings in the room for several years, you can use the furnishings to help you pick out the perfect pattern for your Roman blinds. Even if you plan on updating your furniture at some point in the future, you can keep the colours of the Roman blinds in mind when shopping for new furnishings. Matching your Roman blinds with your furnishings can help provide a cohesive design for your room. When various colours and textures are used throughout the room, the eye moves to each location that repeats that colour for a satisfying take on the design. If you have a grey couch, you can add grey Roman blinds to the windows. Unlike matching with the wall colour, the furnishings and the windows are more spread out so the colours will not fade away. Another option is to use patterned Roman blinds. For example, if you have a grey couch and a red rug, you can use red and grey patterned Roman blinds for a pleasing look.

Matching Your Roman Blinds with Your Flooring

Another way to match your Roman blinds to your room’s interior is to match the blinds with the flooring in the room. Since the floors are adjacent to the windows, the colours of the floors and window treatments are noticeable against each other. You can use a matching colour for your blinds if you prefer. For example, if you have cherry wood floors, you may want to opt for a plum, red or purple colour. You can also use Roman blinds that contrast, such as dark blinds if you have oak flooring.

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Venetian Blinds Benefits-What They Can Do For You

July 13th, 2011

With the seasons getting harsher and the climate showing us who is boss, we really need to look at better ways to protect our homes from things such as fading in carpets and furniture. But how do we protect our homes from the heat and the cold? What do venetian blinds benefits offer us in this regard? Timber is a natural insulator and will help to keep your home protected against the heat and cold. You can find a great range of timber blinds online, they come in a plethora of styles and colors.

Venetian blinds are not only for home design enhancement purposes but also serve both as an insulator which can keep cooling and heating costs low and as a means of protecting the furniture from the harmful rays of the sun.

There are three styles of venetian blinds to choose from: –

Western Red Cedar Blinds in colors of Light-Medium Cedar, Medium-Dark, Cedar, Jarrah (stained), Walnut (stained), White (painted). They are handmade to your sizes, have color coordinated blades, same side controls and 90mm decorative color matched pelmet.

These gorgeous blinds come with child-safe breakaway tassels, color co-ordinated head and bottom rail as well as reliable tilt control mechanism, direct slats for sunlight, privacy, installation brackets and simple instructions.

Woodwind Blinds are available in colors of Oboe-7000, Cornetta-7005, Ocarina-7020, and Cedar-4035. Woodwinds Slat is made from a WCMA award winning thermal polymer and hardwood extrusion, using recycled wood for resource conservation (not pvc). The slats are polymer coated to resist damage from warping, cracking and fading under normal conditions. There is a 2 Year warranty on slats to retain their color and texture as long as you own them and they have same side controls (up/down, open/close). The 75mm Crown decorative pelmet is great looking and easy-to-install. The blinds are child-safe with breakaway tassels and have color coordinated head rail and bottom rail. They are equipped with a very reliable tilt control mechanism to control the slats and they come with very simple installation instructions for your convenience.

New York Blinds are available in colors of Winter White, Alabaster, White , and Smooth. They have polystyrene slats & pelmet, same side controls and 90mm decorative color matched pelmet. They are easy-to-install, have child-safe with breakaway tassels and are color co-ordinated head rail and bottom rail. They have a reliable tilt control mechanism for directing slats for sunlight and privacy and installation brackets and simple instructions are included.

There is no way you could possibly not want these elegant timber blinds after knowing their amazing range of design and features. It is so easy to ad beauty, style and class to your home with these gorgeous timber blinds. Install timber venetian blinds to your home today and save money.

Image Blinds Direct http://www.imageblindsdirect.com.au/ make their venetian blinds from scratch from recycled timbers. Timber blinds are a great choice for insulating your home during summer and winter.

Custom Drapery For A Custom Look

May 26th, 2011

Custom drapery creates a frame for your view and completes your room. They will give you a tailored look as they create treatments for your windows with the fabric you selected and sewn to the exact dimensions of your window. Store bought window treatments are a standard measurement which does not always look the same on your windows.

What to Expect from Custom Drapery

A look which is made to order for you has adapted to your specifications from hem allowance to stitch length. Another sign of a customized look is the fullness. A customized look provides as much as three times the fullness, whereas store bought looks are skimpy looking and measure in at two times fullness range. The tailored look will also match patterns across seams to ensure a continuous flow of birds, bouquets, or any other pattern that is used. The length is also customized to provide necessary clearance of any furniture items, exact skimming of flooring material, or extra long to create the puddling look. Any pleating is deep and can be extra long as needed. Personalized lining will protect the fabric while adding body to any design.

Types of Window Treatments

Now that you have decided to have personalized treatments made it is good to be familiar with all the terms and selections that are available to you.

Cornices. Cornices are created from a piece of wood which is cut into any shape you desire and then material is applied to it. Padding can be added prior to the material to create a softer look. They can be created with a handkerchief, swag, or pleated finish.

Lambrequins. These are cornice boards with long extensions resembling a jabot going down the sides.

Valances. A piece of fabric is sewn with a fabric pocket on the back through which the curtain pole goes through. They are usually paired with curtains to provide coverage at the top.

Swags and Jabots. This window treatment term refers to fabric which is looped over a decorative pole and allowed to drape gracefully down the sides. The decorative material which hangs down is known as the jabot.

Drapes and Curtains. This is known as a piece of fabric which hangs from a pole and pulls to the side to let light in. These are available in a variety of lengths to allow any furniture or heating placements to remain uninterrupted.

Shades. Shades are an additional layer which can provide privacy if the window treatment is more decorative than functional.

As you are working with an experienced consultant to create your unique made to order look keep in mind other items they may be able to provide you with as well. They also can usually offer many other accessories for you as well such as bedspreads, comforters, duvets, dust ruffles, decorative pillows, decorative table covers, table runners, place mats, shower curtains, or any other fabric enhancement you may want in your home. The best thing about a specially made item is being able to select your materials in the colors you want to complement your home.

Trust in Toronto’s most reliable name in delivery quality custom draperies, shades, window coverings, blinds, coverings, window shades, and many more.

How To Enhance The Appeal Of Your Home With California Shutters

January 12th, 2011

California shutters, also known as Plantation shutters, are superb window treatments. When you enter a room, and you are surrounded by these shutters, you feel the warmth that is present in the room. No, they are not only for people who live in California.

It is believed that in ancient Greece shutters were made from marble with louvers that were fixed. Then once made popular in the Mediterranean wood ones started to appear. Later louvers were made to move to allow air and light into the area.

Your home will be more beautiful with these shutters. They will add great appeal and are simply charming. A nice clean window covering that regulates the airflow and light radiating in is what you will own. You are also able to determine the privacy you would like to have at different times of the day. They are also great at insulating the room.

You can have them made to fit any decorating ideas you create for your room. They can be stained or painted any color you would like. In addition whether you change the decor of the room once, twice, or three times you can simply take a can of paint and change the decor of the shutters to match. You can also call the company where you bought them and they will be pleased to provide this service for you.

The choice of using wood for your shutters is like having diamonds rather than cubic zirconium. They will look stunning but an added benefit is the easy care involved in having these on your windows. With wood you have an incredible amount of choices. You can have the shutters made to fit a bay window, or perhaps your windows are not perfectly square. That will not be a problem with the wooden ones as they are manufactured for your windows and not simply standard sizes with perfect window frames.

Some companies use high grade kiln dried wood and they guarantee the shutters you buy today will last a lifetime. The content of moisture is no more than 8%. This guarantees that the wood will not warp on your window frame and create very unattractive shutters that will not close properly.

Every house is different so the requirements for the shutters will be varied. You may need shutters for your patio door that has specific hinge requirements or an unusually shaped window. The shutters are made to order so there will not be a problem as there is always a solution working with wood.

When the representative arrives he will take measurements for every window you would like covered. It is important for you to think about the type of shutter that you need. How many panels do you want and how should they open. Maybe the charming cafe style would be perfect for a certain window that you have. Do you know how many slats you may need or want? Are you going to go traditional or conventional? Is one large panel the right one or should you have a couple.

They will manufacture exactly the right sizes with the right angles and return to your home for the installation. There are some companies that allow you the right to install the shutters however this may affect the guarantee. The sun will shine in to brighten your rooms.

To avoid some of the biggest errors made when getting shutters click on california shutters Toronto.

Add Style To Your Home With Roman Blinds

December 23rd, 2010

Your home is your castle and its important to protect it from things like ultraviolet rays. These rays can cause fading in carpets and furniture. With a 50+UPF rating, roman blinds are perfect for making sure your home is protected from the elements. With the climate constantly changing, the more you need to choose wisely with protecting your home. They make an elegant addition to any home with their classic beauty, as well as coming in a large range of colors, styles and patterns. With the wide range available you will have no problem picking out colors to match your decor.

Roman blinds are made with translucent and block out finishes which offer a 50+ UPF Rating which is a massive reduction in the amount of ultraviolet rays entering your home. Ultraviolet rays can cause large amounts of fading in your furniture and carpets over time, so its best to protect them in the best way possible. Shutters protect your home from these ultraviolet rays while still lending light to your home. Roman blinds can also be produced in a wide range of other curtain fabrics which allows you a wider choice to match you home decor. They are easy to keep clean and free of dust. They are a charming, cost effective way to decorate your windows. They are also great for keeping out the dust on windy days. In our ever changing harsh climate, it’s best to get the best protection for our homes to keep out the heat and ultraviolet rays which can lead to fading of our furniture and carpets.

Roman blinds have a hard board top and work on a pull string mechanism; in some cases you may be able to have a motorized system for opening and closing your roman blinds. They fold into sections when lifted and fold up neatly. You can have the blinds made with block out, material which are good particularly for bedroom areas where the dark is required for sleep or you can have them translucent, which allows the sun to filter gentle light into the room. Roman blinds are a great way to decorate your home in pure elegance and style. They will add a brilliant dressing to any windows and give your home a definite boost in attitude. Roman blinds are a must have for any home.

Roman blinds Brisbane are a gorgeous way to decorate
your home. Adding shutters Brisbane of this type from Image
Blinds http://www.imageblinds.com.au/ will add a sense of style and
sophistication to your home.

Types And Benefits Of Window Shutters

December 23rd, 2010

Window coverings in homes, offices and other commercial buildings have gone through many transitions in terms of styles and materials used. Traditional curtains are now being replaced by the more modern and stylish window shutters and blinds Brisbane. There are many benefits these shutters provide. They protect you from excessive heat and harmful sunrays. Besides this, blinds also give you a lot of privacy. There are many variations in the colors, styles and materials and you can choose the one that is most appropriate for the overall look of your room.

Stylish blinds have replaced the traditional fabric curtains because modern window shutters offer more benefits than traditional curtains. Blinds are made to your precise measurements, these are more cultural and functional because they not only provide privacy and warmth but also enhance the decoration of your room. Unlike old fashioned curtains, window blinds are cost-effective and very affordable for a person who has tight budget but wants to give a new and stylish look to his room. They turn out to be more economical because they are more durable and have much less cleaning costs.

A good selection of window shutters can bring a great change in the decor of a home or any building. Careful selection of color, style and material of window shutters is extremely important. You can consider different types of blinds and choose the appropriate window shutter according to the overall look that you want to create. All of these have different advantages and costs.

Exterior Shutters –

There are two types of exterior shutters – fixed and operable. Fixed shutters are immoveable and permanently fixed to the outside of your home and are for the decoration purpose only while operable shutters protect you from storms and scorching sunrays.

Interior Shutters –

These are installed inside a house and window. Most popular types of interior shutters are Faux wood and Wooden plantation that are helpful in reducing heating and cooling costs due to their reflective and insulation properties.

Roller Blinds –

These blinds allow complete flexibility in terms of their functionality. You can raise the blinds for more light and can lower down or shut completely for more privacy and light blockage. These are also very easy to install.

Venetian Blinds –

Venetian blinds are effective for controlling the light and providing privacy. A beautiful blend of different colors and fabric materials gives a stunning look and provides a feeling of warmth and coziness.

To enhance the décor and style of any room, shutters are used by many homeowners and other commercial buildings. As there is a huge variety of shutters available, you can make a careful selection depending on your requirements and budget.

Newport Custom Shutters and Blinds http://www.newportcustomshutters.com.au/ offer a wide variety of blinds Brisbane and shutters Brisbane.

Going Crazy with Blinds

December 6th, 2010

With so many types of blinds and such little time how do you decide between the options. When decorating your windows the choices in blinds are incredible. So depending on the budget, room location, blind purpose and room decor you are going for there will be blinds for your needs.

Mini-blinds are the most inexpensive all types of blinds. The great part about mini-blinds is that you can use them for a year, they collect dust and you can afford to replace them the following year. The other nice thing about mini-blinds is that they measure to fit most windows and are easy to shorten in length. There are plastic and aluminum blinds to choose from. Mini-blinds can be used in any room in your home and are good to block light. The one disadvantage is that they aren’t always the most attractive option so if the look you are looking for is elegant or classic, mini-blinds will not be the best option.

Another inexpensive option is to use faux wood blinds. They are a bit more expensive then mini-blinds but are more economical than wood. The great part about faux wood blinds is that they are easy to clean and resistant to water. They are good for areas such as kitchens and baths. The problems found with faux blinds are that they are heavy. In order to balance the weight of the blinds more supports are used which creates more holes in the blinds. This allows more light to enter and since the main purpose of blinds is to keep light out this might detour some. Make sure to stick with faux wood blinds that are plastic. The foam blinds that have the faux wood look are often very weak and don’t tend to be durable at all.

Real wood is pricier than faux wood but gives you something much more than money can buy. It is nice to have a warm, cozy feel with your blinds. That other nice thing is that wood blinds can be made to match the moldings in your home or to each room specifically. They are also superior at blocking out light and are a lighter weight option over faux blinds.

You can also go with vertical blinds which come only in cloth or plastic. Vertical blinds are nice in that they are cut and measured to the exact size of your windows. They are a bit pricier than mini-blinds. Vertical blinds block out a lot of light. Fabric vertical blinds tend to darken rooms to a greater degree.

The choice is yours. Think about the look and feel of the room you will putting your blinds in and decide from there. You can not go wrong with windows with blinds. Blinds are always a good option in resale, appeal and durability.

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Wood Shutters – Benefits Of Installing Interior Shutters On Your House

December 6th, 2010

If you are looking to make some home improvements, the first place to start would be the windows. Windows are often the focal point of every room, therefore, window treatments can add character and style to any room in your home. Installing wood shutters – benefits your home a lot and they are worth the investment.

There are many benefits to installing wooden shutters on your home. Not only are they beautiful, they can be used alone. There is no need to purchase curtains to go with them because they are designed to provide the maximum amount of privacy protection. When you close the blinds, you can be sure you neighbors aren’t able to see into your home.

Protecting your furniture from sun damage is much easier when you have blinds. When the sunlight hits your couches and chairs, it fades them over time. This can be especially annoying if only one part of the furniture sits in the sun. You’ll end up with uneven coloring on your decorations which makes them appear older than they probably are. Blinds block out the sun and its harmful effects.

Because wood blinds block the sun, they also help keep you home cool on hot days. In the wintertime, they prevent the cold air outside from finding its way inside. The added insulation the blinds provide can help save you money on your energy bills which allows the blinds to pay for themselves over time.

Interior shutters can help increase the value of your home. The look of wood blinds appeal to many people especially if you get them in a nice neutral color that will blend in with any decor. This will help make your home more attractive to buyers and net you a higher price should you ever decide to sell.

If you have children then you will love having these types of blinds. They are easy to clean which means if your child gets a sticky handprint on one of the blinds, you won’t need to call a specialty cleaning service. You’ll be able to clean it up yourself and save money in the process. Additionally, most wood blinds don’t have the hanging cords which can be a choking hazard for small children.

Wooden shutters come in a variety of styles and colors. No matter what type of decor you prefer, minimalist, traditional, or modern, interior shutters made of wood will blend in nicely with the rest of the decorations. Depending on the company you get them from, you may even be able to get help picking out the right ones for your taste and style.

The benefits of wood shutters are varied and it is worth taking a look at the different kinds available to find the ones you like best. When it comes to picking out the right blinds for you, you’ll want to work with a knowledgeable expert. Tap them for information about the best type of blinds to use for your particular home and decor.

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