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Enhancing Kitchens With Tiles

April 4th, 2011

As the mother is the central hub in the family, so the kitchen is the hub of the home. A kitchen is not always just a kitchen where we cook our meals. Often it is also used for eating our meals too. As well as that, children love to come home from school, have a glass of milk and a snack, then settle down to do their homework at the kitchen table. This way they can be close to Mum if they need help with subjects they are working on. Mum and the kids can catch up with what the day held for each other while dinner is being prepared.

Kitchens can be homey and informal, jazzed up and trendy, arty or classy. How we choose to style them often depends on what sort of budget we have to work with. We can also choose styles that suit our own personality. Whatever way we choose it is important that everything in the kitchen compliments each other. Selecting cabinet and bench top colors should be done with the wall color in mind so that the resulting look is pleasing. Neutral wall colors are great as they give more freedom in the choice of contrasting shades.

When planning a kitchen design, don’t forget to consider the type of tiles you will use. Whether used for bench tops, walls or floor, choices can make or break the end result. Tiles used between bench and wall cupboards, or as a splashback can certainly enhance the look of a kitchen. There are many different sizes, shapes, and colors to choose from giving you plentiful options. Ceramic floor tiles are popular for their good looks and the larger tiles cover big areas quicker when laying them. They are also easy to keep clean. Vinyl tiles are another easy to clean choice and are softer underfoot for those with leg problems. Both are durable and long lasting.

Wall tile colors can be chosen to blend in or to contrast. Many have feature tiles that are laid at intervals amongst the main tiles. Some have shaped tiles as features and fit in the same way. As in floor tiles, larger tiles cover wall area much quicker than small ones do, and therefore need less grout. Small tiles do look nice though and if there is no hurry to finish the job and you like them, by all means make them your choice. Make sure the color chosen ties in nicely with the surrounding hues. When selecting kitchen tiles, if you take into consideration budget, area to be covered, surrounding colors and the look you want to create, you can’t go wrong.

Tiling kitchens Brisbane can be a big job. It is made easier if we consult a kitchen design Brisbane firm, such as Craftbuilt Kitchens http://www.craftbuilt.com.au/, with ample experience in this area.

Choosing The Best Splashback For Your Kitchen

March 20th, 2011

Splashbacks add to the final look of your kitchen and are also very important for the maintenance of your kitchen. They provide protection against oil spatters, food debris and water which can damage your kitchen in no time. You need proper protection for areas where food is prepared and water can be splashed. It can be hard to decide which is best for you, especially with so many options available. Ideally, the one you choose will be easy to clean will last a long time and will add to the whole theme of your kitchen.

Consider your budget. –

It’s nice to want the very best materials for your kitchen splashbacks, but you still need to take your budget into consideration when choosing your splashback. The great thing about splashbacks is that some are offered at very reasonable prices. Part of your budget will need to include the maintenance that is required for your splashback. While some materials are easily cleaned with the use of a wet cloth and a bit of detergent, there are others that call for particular cleaning products to protect the splashback from damage and streaks. When considering your cleaning budget, remember that splashbacks that need more care will also take more time to clean. Let’s take a quick overview at some of your options for kitchens splashbacks.

Material options. –

The most common materials used are tiles. There are many fantastic, shape and style options available in tiling however keep in mind grout can become very dirty and will require some work to ensure a hygienic and clean surface. Glass splashbacks can be an expensive option, but the upside is they are very hygienic and easy to clean. For a more modern look in your kitchen, stainless steel is quite popular. Stainless steel is quite often used in professional kitchens and is known for being very hygienic. Be aware though, marks and smudges can show up easily on stainless steel and will require appropriate cleaning. If you decide to go with the more budget friendly option of paint, be sure it is water resistant, as with timber splashbacks. Timber looks beautiful in a kitchen but care needs to be taken to make sure it is sealed properly. Mosaic tiles can make a very attractive feature in your kitchen but once again, with tiles comes grout to keep clean. Be prepared when using tiles to put in a bit of elbow grease if grime builds up.

Choosing splashbacks for kitchen design can be a very exciting part of the process. By investigating your options and deciding what is best for you, you will have a beautiful kitchen with wonderful splashbacks that serve their purpose.

Craftbuilt Kitchens http://www.craftbuilt.com.au/ Brisbane
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best kitchens Brisbane splashback for your needs.

Kitchen Renovations – Four Tips On How To Live Through Your Kitchen Renovation

February 4th, 2011

You planned it all out—how your kitchen will look like afterwards, the budget that you would probably need, the permits that need to be prepared and the paperwork that have to be submitted. You have already consulted a contractor and hired a builder. You have looked up on the materials, the kitchen appliances equipments… You believe that you already have it all covered, and you think that you are ready to start with your major kitchen renovations.

So you get started. Now while the kitchen is under renovations, only then did you realize that you can’t prepare meals at home for a while since your kitchen is having a major make-over that could probably take more than a few days, two to three weeks, or even a month if you want to change starting with your kitchen floors to your cupboards. Indeed, this is one of the troubles of having a major kitchen renovation. You usually don’t have two kitchens in a home, and while your kitchen is undergoing some serious transformation, the daily food preparation for you and your family is going to be a real problem.

Well, it would be alright if you are all alone and you are on a diet, but that is not usually the case for most homeowners. It will not be good to let your family go hungry for a month until your kitchen is done, so here are four things you can do that will get you through your kitchen renovations.

Set up a temporary kitchen in some other convenient area in your house. You’re sure to find a place in your house where you can prepare meals for the time being, while your kitchen is still under renovations. It would be okay to just order some pizza, but it wouldn’t be a good and nutritious meal for the kids, plus there would come a time that they would get bored of always eating pizza and would prefer some homemade cooking. You can also have some barbecue outside once in a while, as long as it’s on your budget. Your children would love this.

Remember to include a food allowance to your financial preparations, and make sure that you allowed for a two months worth of food. That’s to make sure that even if the renovation goes for more than a month, at least you won’t have to starve yourself and your kids. When you say food allowance, that doesn’t just mean the ingredients for the meals to be prepared at home, it also includes the cash you would need if you want to dine at some restaurant or call for some pizza.

You might also want to tell your mom and dad that you are having your kitchen renovations. They probably invite you to dinner at their home. Don’t you just miss your mom and her home-cooking? This way you get to have dinner with them again. Moreover, it saves you too, and in more ways than one. ?

Don’t forget to consult your contractor or builder and talk to him about the project before starting anything. You can ask him to make a timeline about when the project might be completed which would help you prepare for your kitchen renovations survival plan. Aside from that, you can also ask if there could be problems that might come up so that you can make some precautions and backup solutions for delays or problems that might crop up. Great contractors for kitchen renovations would do their best to speed up the work and accommodate to your preferences and concerns.

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Modern And Stylish Laminate Benchtops

December 13th, 2010

Laminate may inspire thoughts of gaudy yellows and bright greens from the 70’s style kitchens your grandparents may have had but fear not, today laminate is available in a great range of styles and colors to suit any taste. With the kitchen being the focal point in most homes your benchtop is bound to be one of the first things people notice. A benchtop can either give a kitchen beauty and lift to compliment the style or bring it down so it’s vital you get the right advice. Laminate looks good and compared to materials such as granite and stainless steel offers real affordability.

What is laminate and what are the benefits?

As mentioned, laminate is cost effective so won’t burn through your budget like granite and other stone materials can, if you are looking to install as much of your kitchen yourself as you can in order to save money then the bonus of laminate is it’s easy to install as it weighs considerably less than other materials used for bench tops. If you were hoping to have a granite or timber bench top don’t be disheartened, due to the vast range of colors and styles available you can have the look of a stone or timber bench if you wish to have this look for your kitchens.

It is important that you know what material your bench top is made of so that you are also aware of what you are getting. Computer technology is used to create a fine laminate material that is adhered to MDF or particleboard with the help of waterproof and heat resistant glue; they are then bonded together by way of high pressure. High-pressure laminate will be stain- and scratch-resistant, giving you not only easy to clean surfaces but also a long-lasting investment.

On the topic of cleaning and preserving your bench top, the option of no joins will create an easier job of cleaning as it will be seamless and will not collect food debris, likewise if you choose post formed laminate this will eliminate joins between the sides and top of your bench top reducing the risk of peeling laminate. Some laminate care tips include not putting of hot pans onto the bench top no matter which material it is made of and using a cutting board when cutting food.

When you have made the choice to use laminate then choosing the right consultant for kitchen design will guide you to making your kitchen and ultimately your home look spectacular and you will be impressed at just how modern and attractive a laminate bench top can be.

The right advice on kitchen design Brisbane will help you select the right style and color of laminate benchtop. Craftbuilt Kitchens Brisbane http://www.craftbuilt.com.au/ can offer the best assistance in designing the right kind of kitchen just for you.

Wall Beds and Their Benefits

November 23rd, 2010

The apartment sizes in the city continue to shrink as the population continues to grow. This is creating major space issues in homes. The studio apartment, for example, has to be a kitchen, bedroom, living room and work place at the same time. Beds take up a huge space in any room. This is why most furniture companies are now offering a practical solution to deal with the space problem in the form of wall beds. They can be easily folded up when not in use to give you more room for other activities.

Wall beds are very useful in small apartments particularly studio apartments. The small area can be converted into a living area or work space during daytime and later the bed can be folded out for a good night’s sleep. If you have a small apartment or house, wall beds can be installed in the living room or study area so that a quick conversion can take place if you have guests over.

Practicality and ease of use is not the only reason why wall beds are in high demand. They are also very comfortable and good for people with back problems. They are now being designed so beautifully that they actually add style to your home. They are available in all sizes such as single, double, queen or king. Wall beds have a variety of designs that serve dual purpose of converting into a shelf, work table or any other useful thing. When folded in to a beautiful cabinet, one can hardly tell it is actually a wall bed. When stored, the wall bed only takes one-third of its size. They can be rolled out sideways or length wise.

Wall beds are very useful in every child’s room as they require lots of playtime space when they are not sleeping. Teenagers, who usually prefer to stay confined in their bedrooms rather than to sit with the whole family in the living room, will also find wall beds very practical for their private activities.

Patented in the 1900s by William L. Murphy wall beds have been popularly known as Murphy wall beds. These types of furniture have been in high demand over the years for their known practicality, utility, functionality, convenience and style. They are fun, interesting and carry style that can be suited to any type of home.

More Space Place http://www.morespaceplace.com.au is a leading name in providing a range of wall beds and Murphy wall beds in a number of designs and sizes.

Protect Your Kitchen Investment Using Caesarstone

November 22nd, 2010

Whether you’re renovating your kitchen completely or just looking to give your kitchen bench tops a makeover, the perfect material for you no doubt needs to be functional, durable, look good and be within your budget. Having a beautiful kitchen is one of the most important factors to just about every homeowner, often termed as ‘the heart of the home’. Naturally, all meals are made in the kitchen, from on the go breakfasts to delectable dinner creations to tempt those with willing appetites from their spaces around the home. A fantastic alternative to granite and marble is Caesarstone; if you haven’t considered it yet, take a look at what it has to offer.

Durable and good looking – what more could you want?

Ceasarstone is a polished and processed man-made stone made out of 93% natural quartz aggregate and 7% pigments and polymer resins, which makes it glossy, shiny and many times harder than natural stone. In the past marble and granite have been the most popular choices for kitchens however Caesarstone is more consistent than either of these natural stones and is safe and more durable as well as opposed to granite, Caesarstone is approximately 17 times less porous allowing it to be virtually stain resistant and is easier to clean using any cleaning product suitable for kitchen bench tops. Kitchen sinks often attract mildew and mold due to being a damp area, as a result Caesarstone is an ideal solution for splashbacks, as it is resistant to both and resistant to heat and scratches.

Getting Caesarstone into your kitchen –

Caesarstone is versatile and it is available in quite a few different colors as well as designs, this means whatever look you are after, whether it is modern or traditional, you should find it easy to incorporate Caesarstone into your kitchen with the desired outcome. In order to have your own Caesarstone benchtop in your kitchen, the very first thing you have to do is to talk to professional consultants about your needs and choose from the available colors and designs. Following this, a qualified designer who is adept at listening to what you wish to achieve, will work together with you to create a look that is ideal for you by bringing together practicality, functionality and your vision.

When you are thinking next of using a professional kitchen design team to give your bench tops and splashbacks the lift they need, talk to them about a tough, durable and clean bench top and splashback solutions.

Good advice on Caesarstone and kitchen design Brisbane is available at Craftbuilt Kitchens http://www.craftbuilt.com.au/. Offering expert advice on all kitchens Brisbane needs.

Build Your New Kitchen The Right Way

November 19th, 2010

Rushing through the kitchen building process is never a good idea. It’s especially unwise to speed through the design process, since it lays the groundwork for the entire project. You’ve got one major shot to get things right, so it pays to take you time. Learn more about building a new kitchen below.

Make Usability Your Priority –

Some kitchen designs, no matter how appealing the features look, may not at all be effective in terms of how comfortable you and your family are in using your kitchen. Sit down and get the feedback of everyone who uses the kitchen on a regular basis. Find out which features of the current kitchen are the most annoying to them, then make sure to avoid them in your new design.

Don’t Cram in Too Many Elements –

The number of varying features that you can add in to your kitchen will be limited, in a way, to the amount of space you have available. While it’s tempting to include as many different nifty elements as possible, the reality of trying to navigate your way around a cramped kitchen isn’t very pleasant. Remember to be practical about space when designing your new kitchen; you shouldn’t feel claustrophobic when preparing a meal in it. Roominess is an essential feature that needs ample consideration and which can be achieved in kitchens of different sizes.

Include Plenty of Counter Space –

Think ahead when planning out your dream kitchen. For instance, will you have an over-the-counter microwave, or will you be using one that you place on a counter? Tally up how many different small appliances and other items you’d like to keep on the counters in your kitchen, then figure out how feasible it is. Even when everything is properly arranged on your kitchen counters, there should still be plenty of extra space for preparing food and drinks. If there isn’t, your design scheme will have to be tweaked – after all, you can’t prepare food on the floor!

Make Logical Choices –

In terms of layout, your kitchen’s design scheme should be as sensible as possible. For instance, it makes all kinds of sense to place the dishwasher near the sink – you don’t want to cart dripping dishes across your kitchen in order to load the dishwasher. Similarly, your refrigerator should be reasonably close to your oven. It’s small, logical touches like these that can make or break the design and usability of your new kitchen. Take your time with each and every decision – as small or large as it may be – and you’re a lot more likely to end up with the kitchen of your dreams.

You’re definitely going to want to enlist the help of a professional kitchen design Brisbane firm when remodeling your kitchen. Such professionals as Craftbuilt Kitchens http://www.craftbuilt.com.au/ know all of the ins and outs about redesigning kitchens Brisbane. Still, the basic concepts should come from you, so be sure to give them plenty of thought and consideration.


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