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Ideas to Design a Dream Kitchen

March 31st, 2012

By Lawrence Reaves

A dream kitchen is one of the most desired items in a house, as it is one of the key focal areas of any home. You need to remember that remodeling a kitchen is actually a pretty straightforward thing. You do not have to worry about too many pipes as with a bathroom. And you will find that cabinets and your appliances are usually pretty square and will fit as they are supposed to. Also know that there is huge mark up in labor and materials for putting in a new kitchen. So you may want to think twice about spending 20,000 dollars for a new kitchen when you can do it yourself.

Of course, people who are not experienced builders shudder at the thought of putting in a kitchen themselves. You really can do it. What you need to do is get some graph paper and a couple pencils. Measure the whole kitchen and lay out the floor plan. You can make a scale map pretty easily if you measure it all accurately.

Now you are going to want to select the appliances you want. The good thing about most of these products is the sizes are fairly standard. You know a stove is going to measure 30 inches across, and you know that a dishwasher is going to be 24 inches. Fridges of course can come in several sizes.
Next, you have to decide about where your water is going to be coming from. It is a good idea to try to keep the water sources about where they are or you are going to be into some serious work. If you are ok where the sink is, you will not have to move any pipes. This is also the case with the dishwasher. If you do want to move the location of one of these, this is what they invented the extension pipe for, so don’t worry. Remember that if you start messing with the water lines, know where the water shut off is both in your house and in the street.

Kitchen cabinets can vary a lot in price so be ready for that. The most pricy part of most cabinets is going to be the front door. You actually can put together cabinets yourself and save a ton of money. You will need to draw in where the cabinets are going to do on your paper. Remember that the hardware is a place where you can save a lot of money. Buy a lot of that stuff online and watch how much you can save.

You should try to not buy granite countertops as you are not going to get your money back, but you can make due with laminate just fine.
If you will follow some of these tips to create your new kitchen, we think that you will really like how it looks. And you should be able to get more for your house when it comes time to make the sale in a few years.

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Know The 3 Great Uses For Custom Cabinetry

July 31st, 2011

Concealing a Refrigerator

Cabinets aren’t only space to store everything from spices to cookware. Kitchen cabinetry can also be used for a wide range of other purposes. One amusing type of custom cabinetry is concealing a refrigerator.

Many refrigerators feature an attractive design. A stainless steel refrigerator can be really attractive visually. It’s another way to give a kitchen a more modernize look.

But not every homeowner wants their refrigerator to be visible. This can even be true for an attractive refrigerator with a modern appearance. One reason a homeowner might want their refrigerator concealed is if they have quite a bit of other stainless steel in their kitchen. While this material is great for a modern appearance, too much can make a space feel overly sterile.

You definitely don’t want to sacrifice your refrigerator and putting it out of sight for convenience. Having your refrigerator within a triangle of your sink and stove is one of the keys to making your kitchen a functional space. The solution to achieving this aesthetic goal without sacrificing convenience is using custom cabinetry.

Cabinetry can be built to fully conceal a refrigerator. This creates a unified appearance between the space the refrigerator occupies and the rest of the kitchen.

The customized nature of this cabinetry is what makes it work and unique. Needing to open a cabinet door before opening the refrigerator door does sound like a drag. The reason why this is a whole lot simpler is because the cabinetry is built matching the refrigerator. This means when you open one of the cabinet doors, you’re actually opening that portion of your refrigerator.

Right Out in the Open

Most people naturally associate cabinets with a closed space. But this isn’t the one and only option for putting additional cabinet space to your kitchen.

There are several reasons to consider adding some open cabinet space to your kitchen. One reason is it can create a visually appealing addition to your kitchen. Open cabinets can be customized to look very nice.

Another reason this option may be the right fit for part of your kitchen is it can be more convenient. You may want to keep most of the items on your kitchen behind the cabinet doors. But items that aren’t unsightly and you regularly use can be the ideal match for open cabinet space.

Window Shelving

There are two main reasons windows are great for any kitchen. The first is because they bring in natural light. Not only is natural light pleasant, but it also makes any space feel more open.

The other reason windows are great is they provide a pleasant view from the kitchen. Some kitchen tasks aren’t the most exciting to perform. But when you are able to enjoy a nice view, they become a more pleasant experience.

The only complaint some homeowners have about kitchen windows is they cut down on cabinet space. The great news is this problem can definitely have a solution without removing the windows. Custom shelving units can be added in front of windows. This allows you to gain more storage space while still benefiting from what kitchen windows have to offer.

If you want to update your kitchen but don’t want to have to completely destroy it in the process, you’ll be happy to know that adding new cabinets to your kitchen won’t require extensive demolition. Go to Edmonton Cabinets or Kitchen Cabinets Edmonton to find out more about working with Huntwood Industries during the process of adding new cabinets to your kitchen.

Great Tips For Bathroom Makeovers, Energy Savings And Garage Storage

July 27th, 2011

The Easiest Way to Liven Up Your Bathroom

Adding new cabinetry to your bathroom can change its appearance and make it more useful. While this upgrade can be done at a reasonable price, it does still require some time and money.

If you’re not currently in the right position to add new cabinetry to your bathroom, you can still add to it’s character with an even simpler change. Adding art to your bathroom is very simple and affordable. It’s also a very flexible change.

You may want to add four smaller pieces in a square shape. Another option is to accent an entire wall with a single piece that’s larger.

It’s very important to protect anything you display with a frame and a glass covering. Using plastic backing sealed with acid-free tape will protect your art from moisture.

Always remember that the art in the bathroom isn’t just about the pieces that you hang on the wall. You can also give your bathroom more character by choosing a shower curtain with a printed design.

Cut Your Energy Costs by Sealing Your Home’s Air Leaks

Sealing multiple air leaks usually costs less than $20. This tiny investment will continue to pay off with energy savings.

All it takes to identify a leak is an incense stick. Caulk, foam or a combination of the two can then seal the majority of the leaks.

Cabinet Options for Organizing Your Garage

Your garage is always susceptible to becoming overrun with stuff. It’s just too easy to fill your garage with items you don’t want to part with but aren’t worth keeping in your home.

Adding cabinets is an excellent way to organize your garage. You can choose premade cabinets or even build your own.

A boot and shoe cabinet can unpile all of your outdoor footwear. This cabinet features open cubbies for easy storage and access to your pairs of footwear.

A sports gear cabinet is designed to accommodate items of different sizes. It combines those long dividers for keep sticks with ledged shelves to make sure that the balls stays in one place.

An open cabinet with hooks is a great option for storing work clothes. This can even be used to dry and air out wet clothes.

Another useful option is a cabinet that combines closed and open storage. This allows you to store everything from extra soda bottles to car cleaners in one place.

Need More Storage? Just Look Up

Your ceiling can be an excellent location for adding storage. Ceiling storage can free up floor space and keep your belongings organized.

There’s no reason for your ladder to take up a whole side of your garage. It’s also not necessary to leave it outside to eventually rust. It’ll be very easy to add brackets to the ceiling of your garage where you can easily slide in your ladder.

Many homeowners can’t park both cars in their garage because it’s filled with so many plastic bins. This problem can be solved by adding storage shelves over your garage door.

Adding track storage to your ceiling is another option to make more space on your floor. This type of storage allows you to slide in the bins instead of setting them on shelves. You can also add this option to a spare room you want to use for storage.

For anyone in the market for new kitchen cabinets, one of the top priorities on their list is finding a company that is going to treat them fairly. When you choose to work with Huntwood Industries, you get to work with passionate people like Zach Hunt. For more about what Zach and Huntwood can offer you, visit Cabinets Spokane or Spokane Cabinets.

Guidelines When Updating Your Kitchen

July 24th, 2011

5 Measurements to Help You Choose the Perfect Kitchen Table

The table you choose needs to allow for at least 24 inches between each chair you plan to add.

30 inches is the perfect height for a kitchen table. If your table is going to be accented by a hanging light fixture, you also want to have at least 30 inches of clearance between the fixture and top of your table.

The table that you opt to look for should be 30 inches wide. This will provide a comfortable amount of space between the seats on either side of the table.

Allow for 42 inches between your table and any other pieces of furniture. This will give you room to walk without needing to squeeze through a gap. If space is tight, you can reduce the distance to 36 inches.

Kitchen Countertops 101

Granite is the most popular option. Homeowners love granite for it’s appearance and durability. This countertop usually increases the home’s value. The downside is it’s susceptible to stains. It can also be quite costly.

Slate is great because it’s resistant to stains. It is not resistant to chips and scratches. Minor scratches can usually be removed with sandpaper.

Limestone can make a kitchen look timeless. It’s also an organic choice that’s very versatile. The main problem with this is it’s not scratch resistant, or stain proof. It also falls on the higher end of the price spectrum.

White marble is a great and a really classic choice. Like many classics, it comes with a price. This option is prone to discoloration and scratches.

Wood is perfect for the kitchen where there are plenty of foods that are being prepared. This countertop can be put to hard work. Rejuvenating a wood countertop is as simple as sanding it. You do have to be conscious of not sitting hot cookware on it. The same goes for promptly cleaning up any vinegar that gets on the countertop. It’s also important to apply mineral oil to the surface on a regular basis.

Soapstone is a less common but really great option. This countertop is resistant to heat and stains. You do need to regularly apply mineral oil to soapstone. The reason soapstone is not seen in tons of homes is it’s the most expensive option on this list.

Ideas for Making Your Kitchen Eco-Friendly

Coat any new additions to your kitchen with BluWood. This will protect new wood against mold without releasing any harmful chemicals into your home.

Open up your kitchen with natural lighting. Opting for energy-efficient options will cut down on how much electricity your home uses. It will also keep more money in your pocket.

Brighten up your kitchen by bringing in fresh flowers on a regular basis.

Stop doing your own dishes. Many people don’t realize that putting their dishes directly in the dishwasher and then running it when it’s full uses less water and energy than washing them by hand. What’s great about this change is it also saves you time.

Consider using bamboo for your kitchen cabinets. Cork is another eco-friendly material you can use in your kitchen.

Now that you’ve decided that you are going to upgrade your kitchen with new cabinets, you are probably interested in finding some expert advice on making this process as easy as possible. To get started on the right track, find out more about what you can learn from Zach Hunt at Huntwood Industries by going to Spokane Remodeling and Cabinets Spokane.

Using Cabinet Hardware As Finishing Touches

July 17th, 2011

After all those countless options, you have finally decided the kind of cabinets you’d like to add to your home. Not only have you finalized the style of cabinets that you want to put on your kitchen, bedroom or other room, but you’ve also decided on the kind of wood is gonna look best for your home. You may think that the process is finally over, but there is actually more to do before you’re truly done. The final step that you need to do to complete what kind of hardware for the cabinet you’ll be using. Though it may seem like it’s a minor detail that doesn’t need time spending on, this ais actually one of the most important decision. The hardware that you will be choosing can make your new cabinets look better than you have expected, the wrong hardware can ruin the overall look you’re trying to have for your new cabinets.

There are two main types of cabinet hardware which are knobs and pulls. The right option for your new cabinets will mainly depend on the look that you want to have. Of the two choices, pulls are generally considered the more modern choice. This is because their length can give cabinets a very slick and polished appearance. However, this doesn’t mean that knobs can’t work in a modern setting. In some cases, you want a modern option that is nothing more than a subtle accent. This kind of scenario is exactly when knobs work very well. For example, the new cabinets that has a polished silver knobs looks sleeker than the cabinets of the same type but with pulls.

Even if you’re quite decided to take the pulls, it’s still worth taking a look at the knobs that are available. The reason this can be useful is because it will allow you to see all of what’s available instead of feeling like you need to limit yourself to a smaller selection. As you’re looking at knobs, one of the things that you want to keep in mind is that less is definitely more. You notice that there are few “busy” options that is available. In fact, many of these options cross all the way to being quite gaudy. The reason that you want to avoid these options is because they are exactly the types of choices that can sabotage the great look of your new cabinets. While you may think this doesn’t apply to you if you aren’t trying to create a really modern look, there’s simply no reason to go with this type of hardware. To avoid regretting your hardware decision, your best option is to stick with simplicity.

Before making your last decision for the hardware, you need to check the last factor for your hardware, of it’s proportionate to your cabinets. You might have selected a great style of knobs or pulls, but if they tend to be too small or too large for you cabinets, it won’t look attractive at all. By paying much attention to this detail, you can have a big chance to end up with the right type of hardware to complete the look of your new cabinets.

Adding new cabinets to your kitchen can give it a completely new look. If you’re getting started with this process and want some help, Zach Hunt from Huntwood Industries can provide you with the assistance you need to add the perfect new cabinets to your kitchen. To see just how easy this process can be, go look at Spokane Remodeling and Spokane Cabinets.

The Little Things You Can Do To Increase The Value Of Your House

July 14th, 2011

Increasing the value of your house doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to buy thousands worth of equipments and materials. Sometimes, you can increase it simply by doing a few changes. People often get tempted to spend so much equipment on every fancy bit of equipment, that’s why they find themselves struggling to find a make a return on their investment because it wasn’t planned properly. Spending money is something that you have to plan very, very wisely and if you are not careful enough, you could find yourself come to the end of your house remodeling. In this article, we shall look at ways to increase the value of your house without spending too much money.

The first place you can start is your kitchen. Take a look around and see how much space you have first. If there isn’t much space in your kitchen, and you can see that it’s very messy, then you need to want to make some room. You may want to remove a few kitchen cabinets so that things will seem more practical in the kitchen. Nobody is going to want to buy a house that has a cramped kitchen. Lets face it, the kitchen is one of the most important places in the house, seeing as that is where your food is being made – and if people think they cant work in the kitchen efficiently, they wont be interested. So make as much space as possible without moving too much important elements.

The next thing you can do it to think about all the little things that might need changing. Upgrading little parts of your house, such as door knobs, can add up and have a big effect on the overall value of your home. You may want to purchase new door knobs, have clean windows, refurbish your cabinets, change the curtains and so on. When buyers come to your house, the will notice every single detail in it – and if your house looks like it has been well looked after in all departments, they will be much more likely to buy it from you.

Next is your garden. Keeping your garden in great condition is a sure-fire way to increase its value. It’s really not too hard either. Take a thorough look on your garden and check the condition its in at the moment. If its an overgrown jungle out there, then you are going to need to get some lawn mowing done. Always make sure that you trim your grass with a sharp razor blade and maintain its beauty with regular fertilization. Buyers will go crazy at the site of a well looked after garden.

these are the basic things that you can do in order to increase the value of your home. They are thousands of other little ways that you can do up your house without having to pay much money. You should be able to do most of the jobs without having to hire someone in to do them – this way, you will be saving a lot of money. Make use of these tips as a guideline to remodel your house – and with the use of your brain, you’ll be able to figure out ways to make your house look more beautiful without spending too much money or make much effort.

Because you’re a homeowner and not a professional decorator, you may feel intimidated about upgrading your kitchen with new cabinets. However, be assured that when you work with a company like Huntwood Industries, you have absolutely no reason to feel intimidated. Just visit Edmonton Kitchen Cabinets or Cabinets to find out more about what we can offer you.

Jazzing Your Bathroom Up Without Having To Spend Too Much

July 13th, 2011

Having a nice looking bathroom is hard to achieve when you don’t have enough money coming in. The reality is, a lot of homeowners can’t afford to make their houses beautiful, especially when they have bills and mortgages to pay. It also goes the same for people who are trying to sell it in the future, it’s just really hard to raise the extra fund just to redecorate the bathroom. However, there are few ways that you can still make your bathroom nicer without spending too much. Giving your bathroom a whole new look is a great way to make your house look like more of a home and even help get its value increased. So in this article, we shall look at some options to jazz up your bathroom without making you bankrupt.

When doing up your bathroom, you don’t have to be pulling out your sink and bath-tub and replacing them with fancy new ones. If you take a look around your bathroom, you will notice that you are probably lacking in the accessories department. Getting nice looking accessories for your bathroom is also a great way to make it look fresh and modern without spending a fortune. A lot of companies are now producing great looking soaps, dispenser, toothbrush holders, bins and even towel racks. Adding a few of these with matching themes to your bathroom will make it look a whole lot better in no time, and without having to spend too much money either. Try not to buy too much of the same thing, or mix around with color schemes too much as this will make your bathroom look a bit unattractive.

An affordable way to make your bathroom look a hundred times more classy, is to add glass where possible. By this, we mean that you might be able to replace your shower door with something with a glass like texture. Glass instantly creates a wealthy look and will almost definitely increase the value of your home. You may want to look at having some inexpensive glass cabinets installed into your bathroom too. The quality won’t be great, but it will still look better than those tacky wooden ones you have up at the moment. Always try and be as cost efficient as you can when doing up your bathroom, and always prioritise. If you are thinking about making some big changes and don’t have the money, just pick on one of two things you can afford and do what you can with the rest. This may include changing the sink you currently have, or replacing it for a nicer one. Whatever you do, just make sure you have a very strict budget that you can stick to and plan everything before you make any changes.

Repainting your bathroom walls is another cheap way to make it look nicer. You don’t always have to buy expensive tiling and wallpaper in order to make your bathroom look beautiful. sometimes all you need need is a fresh layer of paint and its done. You will probably want to buy some paint that matches your color theme or you might find yourself with an over contrasting bathroom, which is never pleasant. Applying white paint always make bathrooms clean and fresh, just add a few layers to give it a glossy look afterwards.

These are the basics to jazzing your bathroom up without spending much money. Use these tips wisely and you will soon create the bathroom of your dreams without breaking the bank.

If you want to change the look of your home without extensive renovations, new kitchen cabinets are one of the best options. If you’re ready to get started, Zach Hunt of Huntwood Industries will be more than happy to guide you. As you can see at Spokane Remodeling and Cabinets, getting started with this process is actually quite easy to do.

Things To Consider For A Great Kitchen

July 11th, 2011

Wood Countertops

The first reason wood is an excellent option for kitchen countertops is because it’s attractive. All of the same features that make wood such a desirable material for cabinets and floors also apply to countertops. You can choose from a wide range of colors and shades to find the perfect fit for the new look you want to give your kitchen.

Another reason wood is great for countertops is because it’s a very functional choice. There are some countertops that may be very prone to scratches. This isn’t something you’ll have to deal with if you choose wood countertops. You can work directly on this surface without any worries. What’s great about wood is it can show marks from chopping or cutting. But instead of looking like flaws, these marks will make your wood surface even more interesting.

If you prefer to have countertops that are free from any additional marks, it’s very easy to sand wood countertops.

Some homeowners like the functionality offered by wood countertops, but aren’t completely sure they want to use it for their entire kitchen. If you’re also interested in a countertop material like granite or tile, there’s a way to get the best of both worlds.

The option that can mix wood with any countertop material is still using wood on a dedicated section in the counter. This is most commonly done with butcher block. The reason is not only does it provide a functional cutting space, but the contrast between butcher block and another countertop material creates an interesting visual addition.

Stainless Steel Underneath Sink

You’ll find wood countertops are very easy to clean. What can make these countertops even easier to clean is opting for an underneath mounted sink.

Most homeowners usually have drop in sinks. This type of sink is put in a counter by setting it into place. While there’s nothing wrong with this type of sink mounting, there is a reason it’s not the best option available. The reason is putting in the counter usually mean that the edges that is around the sink are raised. Although this doesn’t necessarily look bad, it does make it more difficult to clean this area. If you’re sweeping something into the sink, it will most likely get caught around the edges.

While a sink that is mounted underneath doesn’t show this kind of problem. You can sweep anything off the counter into the sink without leaving any residue behind. The reason this is possible is because this type of mounting does not create any raised edges. The sink is supposed to be placed below the surface of the counter. An added benefit of this mounting is it gives counters a very sleek and clean appearance.

White Cabinets

You simply can’t go wrong with white cabinets. This kind of cabinet works in any kitchen style. The basis why white cabinets looks good with any kitchen styles because it’s very subtle without it being boring.

The details of white cabinets will vary based on the look you’re trying to achieve. White cabinets with more ornate accents are a good fit for kitchens with a traditional style. Simply flat white cabinets that has silver knobs or pulls are nice choice if you want to have a modern kitchen style.

Before you decide what cabinets to order for your home, you want to talk with a cabinet expert. To talk to someone who’s going to listen to what you want and then provide you with the best recommendations, get in touch with Zach Hunt from Huntwood Industries. To find out more about working with Huntwood, head over to Kitchen Cabinets Spokane or Cabinets.

Mistakes That You Need To Avoid When Remodeling Your House

June 22nd, 2011

Remodeling your house is a great way to make your house more practical, more importantly, it’s a great way to increase the value of your house. Increasing its value is vital when you you’re planning to sell your house in the future. On the other hand, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind to avoid the mistakes that people always make when they start to remodel, that’s why you should be very cautious because if you don’t, they’ll mess up your project.

From a personal point if view, when you are remodeling your house, it’s very tempting to remodel your home the way you see the latest fads and designs. A lot of TV shows have been showing different house decors, some of it is overly colored and has been meant to be for celebrities or ‘artsy’ people. However, you have go to realise that you are going to be stuck with this ‘design’ for the next 20 years of so – and you need to ask yourself if you’re really going to want to be living with that. The same could be said for installing the likes of pools and hot tubs – they won’t add any value to your house, and will be an absolute pain to maintain. Of course, the choice is always yours, but you need to take these points into consideration when you are remodeling to help you in increasing the value of your house.

The next major mistake that people tend to make is hiring people when they don’ t need to, and then not hiring anybody when they really need to. Any home owner should be encouraged to try and do a lot of the remodelling itself, however, you don’t want to get too carried away and try and do everything, because chances are that you won’t be able to. If you try to do everything, you risk of making lots of mistakes, which will just be a waste of time and money. When it comes down to the jobs that you can do yourself, you need to think small and simple. Let’s taking painting for example: you should be able to do pretty much all of the painting in your house yourself. There may be instances that you might need to hire someone to do some decorating, but in general, you’ll be able to do them yourself.

Another quick tip for when you do decide to hire some in to do your work, is to not always hire the cheapest person. In life, you will generally get what you pay for – and when you hire a cheap contractor, the chances are that you won’t get particularly high quality work. You run the risk of having a poor job done, and you may even have to hire someone else afterwards to make up for the mistakes your cheap contractor had made. When you’re gonna hire people, its best to ask for advice from friends and neighbors who they have worked with and consider using the same person.

The last and most important piece of advice we can give to you, is to always have a very strict budget. So many times people think they can remodel their homes without a budget, only to find themselves paying out a small fortune, and one that they cant afford. You must carefully plan everything before starting, like what exactly are you gonna do, the materials to use and buy and who you need to hire – that way, nothing can go wrong.

Before you decide what cabinets to order for your home, you want to talk with a cabinet expert. To talk to someone who’s going to listen to what you want and then provide you with the best recommendations, get in touch with Zach Hunt from Huntwood Industries. To find out more about working with Huntwood, head over to Cabinets or Custom Cabinets.

3 Basic Things To Know To Give Your Kitchen A New Look

June 22nd, 2011

Cabinets – Face Frames vs. Frameless

Your kitchen’s cabinetry has a significant impact on its appearance. Cabinets are one of the most visible elements in your kitchen. Their style and structure can also serve as a guide for other elements in your kitchen.

Updating your kitchen’s cabinets is arguably the single most effective way to modernize its appearance. There are plenty of different modern kitchen cabinet styles. You will be able to choose the options you feel are the best fit for the look you want to achieve. It is useful to follow some basic guidelines to ensure you’re giving your kitchen an updated look.

Cabinets with face frames are a more modern choice than frameless cabinets. The reason is the frames reduce the amount of space between the individual cabinets. This makes the cabinets a whole lot sleeker and has a more consistent appearance. While cabinets that are traditional features a lot of ornate details, modern designed cabinet are more subtle and features clean lines.

Light or dark woods are both good options for modern cabinets. Lighter cabinets contrasted with darker appliances and countertops can create a pleasing effect.

Simple metal hardware is also an excellent modern choice. With the use of silver knobs and pulls, it will provide great accents without making a visual clutter.

Sinks – Which Mount is Best?

Sinks can be installed in numerous ways. Many kitchens feature a drop in sink. The reason this option isn’t ideal is because it creates a raised lip around the perimeter of the sink. Not only is this lip less visually pleasing, but it can become a hotspot for grime buildup.

Another option is an integral sink. The sink is built directly into a countertop. While this option is considered a modern choice, there is a downside to it. This type of sink doesn’t create a visual contrast. Instead of a dark counter accented by a stainless steel sink, the same material used for the counter continues into the sink.

An underneath mounted sink is the best option. Not only is it modern, but it’s also very functional. An underneath sink may not look much different than a drop in sink to an untrained eye. The difference is the underneath mount does not create a lip around the sink’s edges. The reason this is a functional choice is crumbs or anything else around the sink can be swept in without creating grimy buildup.

Use an Interesting Material to Give Your Counters a Makeover

Like cabinets, kitchen counters are a very visible component. You want your countertops to look great and be very functional.

Tile countertops can look very nice. You can opt for ceramic or porcelain tiles. The only problem with this modern option is the grout in between the tiles can turn into a nightmare to clean.

A better option that’s very modern is concrete. Using concrete for a countertop may sound quite strange at first. However, this material looks and works great. One of the best things about concrete countertops is you can achieve virtually any style or shape you want. Different additives can be combined with this form of concrete to create an option that’s perfect for your kitchen space.

Although you like the idea of adding new cabinets to your kitchen, you may be concerned that the process is going to turn into a hassle. Fortunately, when you work with Huntwood Industries, this isn’t a concern. Visit Cabinets Calgary and Cabinets today to see just how easy it can be to update the look of your kitchen with high quality cabinets.

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