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Color Tiles, Chakras, and Home Décor

January 5th, 2012

Many people believe color to be the manifestation of the mind-eye chakra. Colors affect the way people think, feel, and act. When considering new ceramic tiles for your kitchen and bathroom you should consider what color vibrations you are sensitive to.

Let’s start with the kitchen. If you want you and your family to eat healthier you should get light green or orange-yellow colored tiles. These colors reinforce positive eating habit energies through your eyes, directly to your brain and stomach. If you are unaffected by these colors on a spiritual level you should consider throwing some kitchen backsplash tiles into the mix. Specifically try to find ceramic backsplash tiles with fruits and vegetables on them. Then maybe on your next trip to the kitchen you will opt for carrot sticks and not the potato chips.

You should also remember you can buy blank ceramic tiles (or porcelain tiles) and paint them yourself. It is a labor intensive process but if you are the crafty type you will find it most rewarding. Paint pictures of fruits and vegetables on the tiles. This is a more direct reminder that you should be eating healthy. If your kitchen is the social space of your home you should decorate it with purple tiles. Purple tiles relax people and make them feel at ease. Lush shades of purple look much better in a kitchen than sterile whites and blues. Make sure to get tile flooring as well as wall tiles. Flooring is an often overlooked aspect of the kitchen.

Now that we have thoroughly explored the spiritual ramifications of kitchen tiles, let’s move onto the bathroom. The bathroom is a space of cleanliness, renewal, and rebirth. For the bathroom I would suggest a light pink or light blue color scheme. Light pink will make it feel like spring in your bathroom all year round, which is what you want. Every morning you go to the bathroom and transform from a caterpillar into a butterfly. Light pink ceramic tiles will aid in this transformation and conjure images of spring floors. A light blue ceramic tile can also be helpful in aiding you in your daily transformation. Light blues conjure images of water which we associate with “spring showers”. If you have kids, the light blue color will remind them to brush their teeth and clean behind their ears. Whatever colors you choose, remember you will be seeing them every day. These colors will be affecting your mood and actions so choose wisely.

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Bathroom Flooring: Making Choices in Flooring

June 21st, 2011

Picking out flooring for your home is always a bit tricky. There are so many different factors to take into consideration when looking into what is right for your home. It is also important to realize that each room needs to be considered separately when making flooring decisions. It is important that each factor be taken into consideration and ranked by importance then a determination can be made on what flooring is right for your home.

For instance, if you’re budget is the most important consideration than hardwood throughout your home is obviously not really a viable option. The same is true for safety. If you need assistance from a walker to move about your home it is not wise to think about flooring option have a large gradation between them. An example of this is linoleum to shag carpet the threshold would create a sizable difference making it hard to maneuver a walker. It is best if you have special issues to take them into consideration BEFORE the new flooring is in place.

Another thing I like to remind people is to gauge the amount of traffic that will be on any given floor. Bathroom floors and kitchen floors remain the most highly used areas within households. It is important to use materials that can withstand the wear and tear of your household traffic while maintaining the original look and feel. Laminate squares might be okay for a house without a lot of traffic but in a house that maintains a constant flow they the squares will begin to separate overtime.

Special conditions may also exist in certain rooms. For Instance, it is important that kitchen and bathroom flooring are moisture resistant. Getting out of the tub onto a carpeted floor is going to create mold and mildew underneath the carpet surface sooner rather than later. My parents have always had a carpeted kitchen and dining room. It is always in need of a cleaning especially with six grandkids and a grandmother that loves to make cookies with sprinkles.

It is important that the flooring type fit all of the conditions the room and home owners present. Remember that just because one floor works in a certain room for one homeowner it might not be the right product for you. Different households create different situations. It is important to look into your needs before spending money on flooring.

Flooring options are so wide and very in material, style, color, durability and cost. Determining the needs of your family before you install flooring materials will help save you money in the long run. Really looking at your needs might make you realize that it is worthwhile to save up for a more durable, but more expensive option like hardwood. Or it might make you realize that you really need to create unity throughout your home and are ready to do that using a different variety of materials within the same color family. Flooring is one area that can really make or break a home’s feel so make sure you choose something that is consistent with your homes look and feel.

How To Easily Choose The Best Flooring For Your Specific Home

May 26th, 2011

Have you been having a difficult time choosing the correct flooring for your house? There are a few different things that you need to do if you really want to decide on the correct flooring easily.

Here are the tasks that you have to complete that will make it simple for you to locate and choose the right flooring for your house.

One: Know your options – There are a variety of types of flooring you can get for any room in your house. You need to know what you options are, but the most preferred type if hardwood flooring.

This flooring can add a unique look and feel for any room in your house and is easy to maintain. Plus, with the right company, you can be sure that the hardwood or other type of flooring you choose is quality.

Two: Make sure only quality flooring is being used – You have to make sure the flooring you decide on is good quality because if it is not, then you will end up replacing the flooring in a very short time frame. Not all companies use quality flooring, but if you talk to them and ask to see pictures or videos, then you can make sure that quality is being used by a particular company before choosing to hire them.

Three: Ask questions and talk to the company you choose – Asking questions is imperative to deciding on the good quality flooring and a good company to install it. Don’t choose flooring or a company with unanswered questions because this can lead to you being unhappy with the end results.

Also, talking to a person at the company is going to allow you to be confident that they are a quality company that provides quality flooring so you will know that you are going to be happy with the floors when they are completed.

Four: Really look at the room you will be adding flooring to – In order to decide on the correct flooring for any room in your home, you have to really take a look at the room you want to put flooring in so you can choose the look and feel you want for every room.

No one, but you can choose the look you want for a specific room in your home. So doing this task ahead of time is going to help you find the perfect flooring a lot easier.

If you do these tasks, then locating the right flooring is not going to be hard to do. You just need to be sure you take your time deciding on the flooring you want in your home and always make sure you choose quality so you are happy with the floors you get in your house.

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How to Use Area Rugs With Hardwood Floors

February 11th, 2011

Deciding how to use area rugs with hard wood floors can be a pleasure. There are so many sizes, shapes and styles to choose from, you can be as creative as you’d like. There are a few tips that you should keep in mind in choosing an area rug. Hardwood floors are beautiful and add so much to the warmth of a home. You want to choose areas rugs that accent your home’s décor not detract from it. But in accenting you don’t want to use such bright or dark colors that they take all the attention from the rest of the room. Start by taking a look at your room and deciding what feel or atmosphere you want to create. If your home is decorated in desert shades or if you plan to redecorate using desert colors then picture a sunset in perhaps the Sonora desert. Learn from books and photos. Pick out the desert color scheme that you want and then choose an area rug in those colors. For example; select one that works with a current or planned decor, like a mountain color scheme. Picture the beauty of the high sierras in an area like Mammoth Lakes. Clear blue water, melting into soft blue sky. Snow capped mountains in shades of blues, grays and purples and old forests in hues of sage and moss green. All these are inspiration for choosing the colors of an area rug for a hardwood floor.

Knowing how to use area rugs with hardwood floors also involves deciding if you want a design and choosing one, if you do. Picture those natural scenes: the Sonora desert and the mountain views of Mammoth Lakes. Choose a design that would be at home there. Remember large patterns make a room look smaller and a small pattern makes a room look larger.

Keep in mind that hardwood floors need to breathe, while deciding on the aesthetics of how to use the area rugs with hardwood floors. Next in order to understand how to use rugs with hardwood floors you must start to look at rug pads. Some rug pads can cause discoloration of wood floors, so it is extremely important that you look until you find one that won’t. The pad being used underneath the area rug is in direct contact with the wood’s finish, you’ll want to make sure it won’t discolor the wood. Some pads will leave patterns on the floor, that have to be sanded off. This is usually the type that is also used to line drawers. Wool or cotton makes good floor pads and won’t stain the floor. Pads should not be stiff, but soft when you walk on the area rug. With time and creativity the use of area rugs on hardwood floors will come together.

Choosing Carpet for a Ski Area Home

February 10th, 2011

Be aware of some things when selecting carpet for your Mammoth Lakes ski area home. For instance, it is important to choose the right carpet for the right area. For example, there is a very good chance that the carpet in a ski area home will see more snow, perhaps mud and certainly more boots than a carpet in another area will. In a ski area home the whole carpet should be treated as a high traffic area. This means that a high-grade carpet, while possibly more expensive initially, will give you added years of service; making the cost well worthwhile. The importance of this selection will be shown in those high traffic areas, such as living rooms and hallways. If you will have young children playing on the floor a high-grade cut pile carpet with its soft feel works well.

When considering carpet for Mammoth Lakes, take time to consider the color of the carpet for the ski area home. This is where it gets fun. Consider carpeting that echoes nature itself. Think of a beautiful ski area, for example, in the eastern sierras in California, the Mammoth Lakes area has incredible natural beauty. Bring carpeting into you ski area home in colors that give the feel of the Mammoth Lakes area with its soft blue skies, clear lakes, and blue-gray snow capped mountains that are accented with a touch of grayish purple. The colors are never dark or harsh but help create the atmosphere of the natural world. Consider the beautiful green forests at an area like Mammoth Lakes in California; it is not dark and not one shade of green but dozens. Which makes it an excellent idea design idea for carpet in a ski area home.

Next, you want to choose carpet fibers that are right for your ski area home. There are many types of flooring for mammoth to consider. One of the most popular is wool because it cleans well and is naturally flame retardant. How much time, effort and money are you going to put into cleaning the carpet? Know exactly what the cleaning requirements are before you purchase.

One additional feature for a ski area home carpet is whether to have a design. If you have children or pets and spills or stains may be an issue then a design can help. Designs will normally make a stain less noticeable than it would be on a solid carpet. Remember large designs can make a room look smaller and small designs can make a room look larger. Small designs work better for cozy ski area homes. Consider geometric designs that are reminiscent of trees and mountains. Keep that mental picture of an area like Mammoth Lakes in mind as you pick a carpet design.

One last note about carpet care, it is important, to choose a carpet for you ski area home that you will have time to care for. Be realistic when reading the care instructions and considering the time and money involved.

What Costs More, Hardwood Floors Or Carpeting?

February 9th, 2011

When considering a floor project you will probably start wondering—-Hardwood flooring vs. Carpeting – Which is more expensive? Choosing flooring is an important aspect of any home building or improvement project. When you decide which flooring to go with it encompasses a number of decisions that must be made. Both hardwood and carpeting can be beautiful and will enhance the look of a home. Whether it is a seaside house in Cape Cod, a desert home in New Mexico or a high sierra mountain cabin in Mammoth Lakes; the finishing touch can be a beautiful floor that accents the character of the home.

Priority number one when looking at Hardwood floors or carpeting is which cost more. There is more to it then two types of flooring and their associated cost. To get a true feel for the cost of each you have to look at installation, the grade of flooring used, what the cost of maintenance be, and how durable it is. If you are concerned about the environment you may also want to know which one is more eco-friendly. Each set of questions can have different answers as they’ll change from case to case. But we can look at some of the variables to give you a good feel for the basics when making your decision.

High grade carpeting maybe more expensive then the lowest-grade of hardwood flooring. But, the reverse is also true. A high grade hardwood might cost more then the lowest-grade carpet. So, when it come to initial purchase price there are several variable to consider. Among them are; “Was it on sale?” and “Is it esthetically pleasing?” If both types of floorings are basically the same grade, then normally hardwood flooring will be more expensive than carpet. Installation of hardwood floor is generally also more expensive than carpet installation. Maintenance is the next concern. In a busy household the carpet could need to be vacuumed weekly to daily. It is also relatively easy to stain and should be shampooed for steam cleaned once a year. Sweeping and quick mopping is usually all Hardwood floors need. However, nothing beats the warmth of a carpet. Going back to our Mammoth Lakes, mountain cabin example, a warm carpet in a bedroom could be exactly what you want on a cold winter morning. Purchasing eco-friendly carpet or hardwood flooring may raise the price of both, depending on the manufacturer. Hardwood flooring will cost more to replace then carpeting. However, a hardwood floor may last for a lifetime, but a carpet will not. Ultimately the cost of one over the other is dependent on so many variables that you will need to consider the different aspects before deciding for yourself.

Choosing Hardwood Floor Finishes On Prefinished Flooring Options

December 17th, 2010

The finishes for hardwood flooring which are possible in factory flooring are considered by many to be not only attractive but practical as well. Hardwood from the factory is stained and then sealed with a protective finish. This flooring is then delivered in a state that is ready to be laid down. Conversely installations at a job site involve laying the flooring first and then finishing it later.

Using prefinished wood flooring has both advantages and disadvantages over unfinished materials that are laid down and later finished. On-site finishing can create a ultra modern, seamless look, can be customized by inlays and borders, and can be more forgiving of sub floor irregularities. It is generally a more time consuming and expensive option.

Manufactured flooring goes down quickly, since it is laid in sections, and is suitable for covering concrete as well as plywood subflooring. All coats are applied at the factory, so neither sanding or varnishing is needed in your home. This makes the job simple enough for it to be done in one day. Once you choose the flooring you want, it is delivered ready to use.

Using factory flooring eliminates all need for sanding, waiting for the coating to dry, and constant attention to dusting and stirring during the application process. It also means that no fumes will be released in the house, making it ready for occupation as soon as the floor is laid.

Professional grades of finish can be applied at the manufacturing plant, chemicals which are too hazardous or are unavailable for home application. Although there are types of urethane suitable for doing a floor yourself as long as the cautions are followed, the results are not as durable or scratch resistant as the finishes the factory can apply.

The factories use urethanes as well, but have the option of using acid-based ones, which are more durable but have strong fumes. They also can use cure the wood and the finish with ultra violet light, inject the wood with acrylic monomers that make it resistant to abrasion, or add aluminum or ceramic particles to the urethane finish for the same reason. The final ‘wear layer’ is often polyurethane, for added toughness.

Using these improved synthetic resins means that manufactured flooring can come with a warranty of ten or more years. Although damaged flooring must be replaced in section units, and cannot be re-coated unless the original finish is sanded off first, the durability of the original, factory finish will usually make these floors take normal wear without a problem.

You will not get a completely custom look with prefinished hardwood, but there is such variety in woods, in colors, and in finishes – high gloss, semi gloss, and satin – that your floor can still be quite unique. You will be amazed at the woods used today, and the effects the manufacturers can achieve, from formal to country, from perfect to distressed.

Hardwood floor finishes from the factory are both beautiful and practical for today’s living, and you will probably find these durable floors are hard to resist.

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What Are Reasons Why Many Homeowners Opt For Hardwood Flooring?

December 10th, 2010

Coming across homeowners who do not have an appreciation for a hardwood floor in their house can be quite challenging. The reason is that most people really like this kind of material. This i strue even though there are numerous types of flooring available these days that are probably more affordable. Quite simply, it is hard to resist the beauty of cherry, oak, walnut, beech, mahogany, maple and the other types of wood. Those people presently searching for a good flooring material for their home will be happy to find out about all the advantages to getting a hardwood floor.

There’s no denying the unique charm and coziness sold wood got. No two strips or planks installed are alike, as each one of them got special grain patterns on it. In addition, the way it looks is versatile enough no matter the type of home it graces. Whether you wish to go for a classic or contemporary look, you can never go wrong with a hardwood floor type.

Easy cleaning is another advantage of using this type of flooring for your home. All it takes is some simple sweeping and mopping. That’s nothing like cleaning a carpet. Even when liquids are spilled on it, a simple wiping of a cloth will do the trick. Compare that to the hard work carpets require from you. Sometimes even thorough spraying, scrubbing and vacuuming aren’t just enough.

Tough stains can be dealt with using those handy cleaners designed for wooden floors. If you’re worried about the finish fading over time, fret not. Hardwood floors can undergo sanding and refinishing over and over again. However, there are some homeowners who like such floors to age naturally. Fading and a few scratches only add to the character of such elegant flooring.

Solid wood floors definitely can outlive most other flooring materials available out there. Carpets, vinyl, laminates and the likes are worn out easily. On the other hand, hardwood can live up to a hundred years. Or even more, depending on how much care it gets. That’s why a lot of homeowners, from then till now, trust in hardwood’s durability. Also, it gets prettier and prettier as it ages.

If you or anyone in your family has any form of environmental allergy, installing hardwood floors can be very beneficial. It’s nothing like carpet. Mold, mildew, mites, dust and others cannot breed on solid wood type of floors. Even if you vacuum or steam clean carpets thoroughly, getting them totally free of what triggers environmental allergies can be difficult. There’s no denying that using solid wood is a good choice for everyone’s health.

What flooring your install in your home today will have a say on its market value should you decide to sell it some time. Hardwood floor types are costly, tasteful and timeless. No matter how old the house gets, its worth will always soar up. In addition, studies revealed that houses using solid wood floors are sold much quicker than those using other flooring.

Having all these advantages, it’s not really surprising why a lot of homeowners go for hardwood flooring. Although it’s costlier than most other flooring materials, its plus points all make up for it. Cleaning is a breeze, it lasts for a long time, and it makes your home cozy and welcoming.

If you are serious about getting the best hardwood flooring for your situation click on Toronto hardwood floor in order to find out about the advantages and disadvantages of the main types of wood flooring.

Some Choices Of Hardwood Floor Installation

December 6th, 2010

A hardwood flooring installation is completed with one of four approaches typically. Often, the firm who sold the floor has a professional installer put it down for an additional fee. Installation could be included in the total price though. Others hire professionals. Sometimes, an experienced renovator will do the job themselves. The goal is to have a floor that feels solid that looks good when the job is done.

Generally, the four usual methods of attaching the hardwood to the sub flooring are nailing, stapling, gluing or floating. They require different skill levels and produce somewhat different results. Knowing your own limitations, understanding what each method involves and considering your priorities can help you make the choice that is best for you.

Nailing planks to the sub floor is the most traditional way to install your floor. One nail is hammered in ever six to eight inches or so. This takes a strong back, as well as strong arms. A pneumatic nail gun can be used for the harder species of wood planks. Typically, nailing hardwoods is a big job and a choice best left to professional installers.

A pneumatic stapler is used for the second method, stapling hardwoods. One of the most important qualities for success with this method is making sure that the sub flooring is in great condition. If not, the staples may loosen over time. Some people have noticed that the staples can create a floor that is too tightly bound to the sub floor, leading to a squeaky floor. Making sure the boards are straight so that the room is even when you are finished is very important if you try to staple a floor in yourself.

The third method is gluing. Generally, hardwoods are glued on concrete flooring when the building does not have a basement. This is the messiest type of installation and the most prone to failure. Reasons that gluing may not take include improper adhesive choice, incorrect amount of adhesive or insufficient preparation of the floor. For these reasons, it might be a good idea to leave gluing hardwood flooring to professional installers. Though when done correctly, glued down hardwoods will feel solid, quite like genuine plank flooring.

Floating is the easiest method of installing hardwoods. They do not attach to the sub flooring in any way, but are attached to each other instead and laid across the space. Some planks are designed to snapped together. Other types of boards require adhesive. A mat will often be laid over the sub flooring before the floated floor to add insulation and reduce noise.

One possible complaint about floating the hardwood floor is that homeowner does not get a solid feeling beneath their feet when walking on it. This is reduced when floors are glued down. Great nailing or stapling jobs create a very solid feeling underfoot. Gluing typically has the highest level of satisfaction.

The more elaborate the pattern of the flooring, such as herringbone or parquet, the more skill involved in the installation. Also, narrow boards are typically more labor intensive than wider planks, for obvious reasons. If you double the number of boards, you will double the amount of installation required. It is a good idea to think about what is involved when considering hardwood floor installation.

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