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Ideas For Decorating En-Suite Bathrooms

January 19th, 2012

En-suite bathrooms can add value to the home in terms of buying and selling, but they can also add value to your home’s functionality. Personal en-suite bathrooms are a great personal hygiene facility that doesn’t have to be shared with the rest of the family. This means you don’t ever have to wait for the bathroom, and you can relax in your bath, knowing no one’s bladder’s reaching bursting point due to you occupying the bathroom.

When decorating an en-suite bathroom, you’ll want it to be the perfect place for relaxation with personal touches, so it really feels like your own space. However, space is often limited in en-suites, so you’ll need to ensure your décor creates space and co-ordinates with the adjoining bedroom.

Accent colour When picking an accent colour for your en-suite, you can use your bedroom décor to influence your choice. Take a look at the different colours and shades in your bed linen and choose one of these as an accent colour for your bathroom accessories. The colour scheme in your en-suite is entirely up to you, but remember that lighter, neutral colours create the illusion of more space, and darker colours counteract this.

Flooring Choosing flooring for your en-suite requires some serious consideration. It can be tempting to use the same flooring as the bedroom to create the feeling of continuity and flow within your home, but this, however, may not be practical as the flooring may not be durable enough for bathroom use. Carpets can be plush and comforting, and although they feel great to step on after bathing, they can be incredibly hard to maintain. The constant saturation of the carpet can cause it harbour smells of damp, and it is much harder to clean than tiles or vinyl flooring. If you really want that flow between the two rooms, pick out specific bathroom flooring in the same shade or colour as your bedroom flooring.

Using Light to Create Space Creating the illusion of space within en-suite bathrooms can be the difference between a cramped-feel and a luxurious feel (you’ll obviously want the latter). Mirrors and natural light are the key to creating space, and work rather well in conjunction with each other. White bathroom suites and chrome taps are the key to creating more space in your bathroom. Large bathroom mirrors really help to reflect the light in your bathroom too, as well as being used for vanity purposes.

Halogen down-lighters are the best way to get strong artificial light, and you should only need a few if your en-suite is rather small. Some halogen down-lighters can be fitted with an extractor fan too which is convenient for ventilation purposes as moisture can ruin the appearance of the bathroom.

When decorating your en-suite bathroom, consider how the room can add value to both your home and lifestyle. Co-ordinate it with the bedroom, but ensure that it has individuality and works as a stand-alone room.

Written by Daniel Travis – Brown on behalf of Bathshop321 bathroom suites and Untrained Housewife who are the original source of Ideas for Decorating En-Suite Bathrooms

Discover More About The Diverse Types Of Window Blinds And Shades

July 22nd, 2011

When it concerns decorating or redecorating a room or perhaps the whole house, window blinds have a leading role in achieving the look you really want to create. People today are shelling out significantly more on their houses, making that welcoming cozy safe getaway whereby they can easily rest and ignore the worries of present day’s way of life. There’re lots of distinctive forms of shades out there that could help to create that unique sanctuary which you’ve been dreaming about.

Window shades have plenty of benefits which could greatly enhance your own personal home decoration. They’re not merely practical but also contribute lots of style to that cozy, secure retreat which you deserve in your own house. Regardless of whether you’re setting up a completely new home, renovating or perhaps just looking for a brand new look and feel, you will find numerous types of blinds and shades out there to assist you to do that. Window blinds and shades are readily available in various colors, styles, as well as materials. In addition to that, should you like a truly special look, there are actually almost limitless custom made measurements and also styles for you to choose from. Blinds and shades may be found in varying price points, and so there is certainly something for virtually every spending budget. Irrespective of whether you’ve got a substantial budget or maybe a small amount of money to spend; you are certain to come across the perfect window shades which could match the needs you have and also the budget.

There’re many diverse sorts of window shades and blinds available in the market for you to consider. One can pick and choose from vertical blinds, horizontal blinds and shades, wooden blinds and shades, mini blinds, and so on. With such wide choices you can choose from you will be able to achieve the design and style you are looking for, regardless of whether it is contemporary look or maybe a rustic style and design. You’ll find a large number of outstanding producers which make terrific shades and blinds. Examples of the very popular options that many people consider include brand names like Hunter Douglas, Graber, Bali, and many more.

There are certainly numerous benefits of using window shades and blinds in your house. First and foremost, they offer protection to the things which you have inside your home. This is accomplished by shielding the pieces of furniture as well as f1ooring away from the undesirable effects of direct sunlight. Regardless of whether you’ve got very expensive antique collection or just standard furnishings it is actually quite expensive to have the item replaced. At the same time window shades offer you the personal privacy so that you’re able to chill out in peace. You can actually unwind inside your room or living area without worrying about prying eyes of your inquisitive next door neighbors or simply people looking into your house.

Window shades give you lots of overall flexibility, enabling you to manage the amount of sunshine inside a room in accordance with exactly what you fancy. The panels may be lifted or simply set at an angle to allow the preferred amount of sunshine in. The device for raising as well as shutting shades and blinds is truly very easy to control and can vary right from very simple cords to electronic kits by remote control. Window blinds are obtainable with either top-down or even bottom-up mode of operation which allows you set up your preferred level of personal privacy as well as sunlight control you really want. Depending upon the material utilized, they’re readily available in types which can let soft light to enter the room or maybe complete light-blocking kinds, for instance blackout shades and blinds.

With mounting power expenditures currently, window blinds may very well play a major role in lowering your own energy expense. As an illustration, the cold winter months heat loss in your room via the windows could contribute to a large portion of the whole heating charge. Window shades and blinds will be able to further control the heat loss through windows as well as greatly enhance the level of comfort of your residence the whole year round by additionally blocking the uncomfortable heat during the summer time. The insulation capability of window shades and blinds may additionally minimize environmental noise coming from external sources. An additional excellent benefit of using window shades and blinds, for example faux wood blinds, is that they’re so easy to maintain and clean.

How To Get Stylish Home Interior Decor Without Breaking The Bank

July 17th, 2011

Our homes are places where we live, we raise our families, entertain friends and family and is essentially a place we call our own. Since we want our homes to be a reflection of who we are, we want our home interior décor to echo that reflection in every room. Even though we use home décor to reflect our preference and our style, you really don’t want to spend a fortune on all of the accessories for our home that creates a place we want to be in. Finding home décor on a budget means careful shopping and making sure we’re actually buying things we want.

As one enters our homes, one of the first things they’ll become aware of is whatever we have hanging on our walls. The artwork we have hanging up is one of the main aspects of what defines who we are and what our preferences are. Regardless of whether we’ve got pictures of the flag, birds, a picture of the Hollywood sign or even flowers, we’ve created an environment we enjoy being in. Having artwork we like for home interior décor doesn’t have to be expensive either. Inexpensive prints can be had for twenty to a hundred dollars that look totally awesome but don’t break the bank.

Organizational ideas for other rooms in our home make for great décor as well. There are lots of great choices like roll top desk organizers for the home office, and counter organizers for the kitchen counter that offer lots of benefits and style with these great home interior décor ideas. Not only do these look great but it gives us a place to put everything we need to have handy and enables us to find things quickly. To help organize the laundry rooms there are great looking and very inexpensive shelves that fit behind the washer and dryer to keep supplies in a handy location. While not necessarily a stylistic point, everyone enjoys being in an environment where everything is neat and clean.

There are lots of decorating ideas for your home that are definitely not expensive. Many great ideas like mats and runners are $20 or less, floral arrangements, pillows for chairs and couches and even wreathes as wall hangings are all similarly priced and really takes our home accents to the next level. Visitors will appreciate all the thought and effort you put into your home interior décor but the people who will appreciate it the most will be you and your family.

Native American Pottery In The Southwest

May 9th, 2011

The beauty of Native American pottery is undeniable. Completely different from European or Oriental styles, Indian pottery is unique and fascinating. It is all the more remarkable because authentic Native American pottery is made without the use of a potter’s wheel. This pottery is made using the coil method. Long, thin ropes of clay are rolled out by hand then used to build a pot from the base, upward. It is a time consuming, exacting method that leaves the pot nearly as perfect as if it was formed on a wheel.

While every Native American tribe produced coil pottery, the most famous is that produced by the Southwest Indians. Some of the most easily recognized pottery pieces may be from the Navajo, Acoma and Hopi tribes. To help account for the distinctive look this pottery offers, geometric or stylized designs are used. A most important fact about Native America pottery is that it is traditionally made without using a kiln. The pots will be placed in a pit and then a thick layer of sticks and brush are placed over the pit. After the fire is ignited, the pottery will harden just as if it had been fired in a kiln. After firing, the burnished pottery is often polished with a smooth river stone.

Native American pottery can be decorated with bold and beautiful designs. With a variety of hand tools, some of the designs are etched right into the wet clay. The patterns can vary from geometric patterns to patterns of animals and birds. Eagles, turtles, and cattle can all be represented on Indian pottery. On some pieces of pottery, floral patterns are found as well.

Horsehair is a very unique and interesting form of Indian pottery. By placing horsehair, feathers, seeds, grass stems, and other natural items on the pottery when it is still hot, this unique style is produced. Almost abstract designs are formed in this way, and pots where red clay has been used are especially attractive. Legend has it that the long hair of a native potter brushed by accident against a hot piece of pottery. The resultant design was so pleasing that it became a style on its own.

In almost any home, Native American pottery can make an artistic and decorating statement. The earthy color tones will offer a unique touch and theme. A home decorated in the Southwest style is the perfect spot for this type of pottery. Indian pottery will also go well in a ranch house or cabin, or any rustic setting. Just by adding a unique piece of this pottery to your decor, it will add a bit of Native American culture to your home.

Author, Craig Chambers, offers more about Native American Pottery on his website. You can also get his monthly newsletter, online discounts and download his popular free ebook from http://www.missiondelrey.com.

Wall Mural Painting Ideas

May 5th, 2011

Painting a wall mural at home, can be done by most anyone who desires to, with some instruction and tips to feel more comfortable with it, before starting the project. It can be a fun, and creative outlet in which the ideas are endless, giving way to express some of your own style to a room.

With some planning stategies, patience, and practice, there are various aids on the market to assist, painting a wall mural is dp-able for most people.

Whatever you enjoy seeing can become a mural! Decorating suggestions with fine art photography can be a catlyst for inspiring ideas and interest. Landscapes are a big hit option for many folks that can cover large areas of a wall. Think about an enchanted forest, a gentle flowing stream, a snow covered mountain, anything that evokes a sense of peace for any room.

Wall murals can also be pictures painted onto a wall that does the same thing as a framed picture. Accent designs that bring out your décor or architecture details are another idea. Tuscan themes, bearing lush, hanging grapes in vineyard rows, gives an attractive finishing touch to a room, and evoke dreams of an Italian getaway. Flowers always look elegant and natural. An abstract design mural can add interest and flare to a contemporary designed room.

For offices, schools and other businesses, appropriate murals can dimish a sterile, impersonal institutional look, adding color and warmth and personality .

You’ll need to properly prep the wall before starting. It needs to be clean and grease-free. Fill holes, cracks, and crevices with putty. Depending on the effect you’re after a rough surface might be best, or if you need to smooth it slightly, sand lightly. Then apply a good quality primer.

Water-based acrylic paints are a good option for interior wall murals. You might need oil paint for exteriors. Try to get hard-wearing, waterproof paints with a built-in ‘sunscreen’ to prevent fading on exterior wall murals.

You’ll first want to apply your background color. If you are painting a landscape, you will begin by painting wall with the chosen background color and build up your picture in layers. Your last layer will be the fine detail. Once you have a background paint on (be mindful if you need 2 or 3 coats for that base color), and let it dry thoroughly.

You are ready to sketch your design. Few can do this freehand. Using a picture you want to paint, and you can enlarge it, sketching the outer lines to your wall. There are computer software applications to help you do this. Another idea is to use stencils, which are a perfect solution. A final option is consider hiring an artist to do the rough sketch onto the wall, allowing you to finish the project.

Then apply the paint, carefully and slowly, similar to a paint by numbers kit. When your paint has dried thoroughly, applying good quality clear sealant completes the job.

Indoor Wall Painting Techniques

May 3rd, 2011

Do your wall structures seem boring and uninviting? Do you long for a cozy, appealing space? Think about ornamental wall painting methods, for example sponging, ragging, stenciling or stamping. Even if you don’t have prior experience, you can improve the dullest space swiftly and inexpensively by using these straightforward decorative wall painting strategies. You can also learn how to paint over old wood paneling, to bring a updated look to a dark, out of style room.

Prior to painting any room, choose a color scheme for your walls. When you chose your paint, do not forget that many painting tactics use two tones of one color. If you use one of the approaches that uses two shades of color, you may pick a darker color than you typically would chose for your base color; due to the lighter color making the final result lighter.

To sponge or rag paint a wall, apply paint of your base color and let it dry completely. Dip carefully your sponge or rag to the lighter paint color and apply the sponge or drag the lighter color on to the base coat until you are delighted by the effects. If you are unhappy with your final result, you can repaint any areas that you don’t like with the base coat.

When the repainted area is thoroughly dry, repeat the faux painting process. If you intend on using a decorative painting technique such as stenciling or stamping, you may only want to do a wallpaper type effect by stamping or stenciling a simple pattern over your base coat. Consider going a step further by using stencils or stamps to create a faux brick or stone wall. You don’t have to be an artist to produce one of these faux coatings. Just follow these simple steps.

Initially, paint the walls with the color you’re considering for the mortar between your bricks or stones. As soon as the base coat is dry, stamp or stencil your bricks or stones on to the base coat. Once the brick or stonework is dry, spatter some of the darker color over your faux art, so it can gain depth and make it appear more realistic.

Developing faux results makes your walls look like they might be made from plaster or suede, can also really make your room be stand out. It is simple to figure out how to produce these seemingly tough finishes at the local paint store. Paint bases that immediately offer a suede or textured result for the walls are a quick way that even artists use to produce enjoyable coatings.

Decorating with fine art photography can be the icing on the cake for a completely, remodeled effect to your newly painted room. Focus on the areas you would like the attention of your eye drawn to, and the impact you want the overall look to have. Do you desire your fine art photos to ‘pop out’ from your walls? Sometimes stenciling a theme on the wall around where you plan to hang a special picture is a cool effect. Or perhaps you would like the total to blend harmoniously together. An example is an image of beautiful flowers, with the wall painted in a brick or cobblestone pattern.

Lastly, no matter what decorative wall painting process you choose, remember that it’s only a few layers of paint. You can redo the walls as you find out as you learn more of the art of cosmetic painting, or if you do not like the desired result. Paint is fairly inexpensive, have fun and experiment to find your personalized touch!

Decorating Your House Using Family Photographs

April 12th, 2011

An individual can recall fond family memories by displaying your precious family photographs in your home. A lovely photograph which is thoughtfully framed within just the correct picture frame, creatively and properly hung, and viewed in the right light is definitely a welcoming and decorative addition to your house. Your life’s story can be told and you’ll always be reminded of what you are about when you have photographs of you and your family hanging on your walls.

Guests will feel welcome as soon as they view your beautifully displayed photos that demonstrate good memories and a lot of love. Because we are in a visual society, take your treasured memories and display them on the walls instead of photo albums or scrapbooks. Your family can gain daily enjoyment from them as they make your home more warm and delightful.

In this article, you will find some ideas on ways to decorate with family photographs, be it classical, traditional, or eclectic styles… You can make one of your family’s favorite photographs the focus for the room. Choose a photograph and enlarge it to somewhere in the 40″x30″ range, then find an attractive large picture frame and set somewhere prominent, like over the fireplace mantle. As you or your guests enter the room, all eyes immediately are drawn to the photograph, just as if it were an item of art.

Your photograph doesn’t need to be of loved ones to be placed on display; you most likely have a wide range of wonderful memories captured during travels or daily outings. These photographs may be enlarged, dramatically framed and hung in the dining room.

Additionally you can take some framed photos which you cherish and show them off in any creative or unique manner that draws a person’s eye, like using a plate rack that is hung on the wall.

Hallways are generally a conventional location to hang family photographs. This is a great place for one to display generations of photographs. Use non-traditional matting, for example having a square opening and off-center. Each picture can say a unique story if you decide on a simple picture frame. Adding dramatic lighting gives intensity to the subject matter.

It’s easy to forget that pictures may be hung anywhere as opposed to just on a wall. For example, in case you have a peg rack inside your entryway, pegged wainscoting, a coat rack, or perhaps a closet door you can utilize chain, string, or some pretty ribbon to hang a picture frame.

Displaying family photographs is an talent in and of itself, but it’s quite a bit less difficult as it might seem. Try taking several different photographs and framing them differently, then hang one or two of these on the wall and set the others on a shelf. You can actually overlap the photographs that are on the shelf, and then add some mementos to create an artistic and attractive grouping.

Your kitchen always ends up being the gathering place when guests are in your home, right? Why don’t you use it to display loved family photographs? Find some nooks and crannies and place in them some pictures of fond times which you want to reflect upon, so this “heart of the home” can become a more inviting and beloved spot.

If you try these ideas, you will end up filling your home with warm memories for your family, loved ones, and guests to treasure and enjoy.

If you’re looking for beautiful round picture frames or any other special frame size, give us a call at 1-800-780-0699. Here at Your Picture Frames, we’ll be sure to help you find the perfect picture frames.

Interior Design Says It All!

December 10th, 2010

When you buy a new home, you want everything to be perfect. After all, everyone dreams of a flawless home decor. But what happens? Is your life still filled with Kansas bed bugs? Or are you still bothered by wood-sucking parasites? Discard away not your furniture but all such worries as you can get rid of the problem once and for all with a Central Kansas termite treatment. Now cheer up! And focus how you will be designing your interiors.

With the mention of interior designing, there is a lot more than simply adding and subtracting furniture. For interior design, some rules have to be specified. Obviously, you do not want the same old look for your house. To start in a new place you want change, and a really impressive one. Get a bit more practical and pick fixtures sensibly.

Everyone desires a luxurious lifestyle so why not you. Allow your home to say the same. It is common knowledge that homes are entities that describes the people living in them. Therefore, you should be geared to decorate and redecorate your home according to the latest standards.

It is not all about flashy colors and vintage furniture. Besides all that your home has to be picture perfect. The idea appears simple. Refurbish your home with all luxury inside in a way that it does not look over occupied with furniture. Do remember elegance is important so choose interior color scheme that goes along the flow.

Bright colors go well in some places like bedroom or perhaps bathrooms. As for other rooms, they have to be neat and elegant. Your living room, for instance is a place where your guests relax and have a chat. So for this room, you have to be a little practical while selecting the right materials. In case your home is small, make it look bigger with correct furnishing. Use colors that can enhance the appeal and make it look spacious.

Moreover, you should exactly know the purpose of each room. Like in your kitchen, placing bright color couches just would not do. To some, it may appear funky but not for long. This is why it is strictly against professional interior designing laws. Search for factual details and do a little bit research if you are affirmative that you can give a professional look. You will know when you are ready to go.

In case, you find yourself clueless; do not hesitate to seek professional help. They will tell you a list of things to improve your home’s interiors. However, if a tight budget is keeping you away from this task, then plan it in bits. Meanwhile start piling up ideas and also any trendy item that you come across. Eventually, you will great results with your home. Display your sense of style boldly

After all, interior design of your house says it all about your lifestyle. At times, it is as simple as picking up a can but usually it is as big as renovating a fully grown house. Just make your choices wisely and you will be able to bring a whole new style and elegance.

Stewart Wrighter has often called on the expertise of a Central Kansas termite treatment company to treat his large office facility. He hired a Kansas bed bugs company to treat his apartment building.


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