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How You Know When You’re Ready To Talk To Interior Designers

February 21st, 2012

What are some of the things that you should be focusing on during 2012 as you strive to inject some “life” into your home? You might feel as if you have run out of inspiration. You may often feel like this as these days there is so much pressure at work or in school situations. Sometimes we believe that it’s easier just to accept the status quo and leave things the way that they are, rather than trying to spruce things up a little bit. When it comes to interior design there are a number of areas we can focus on to kick-start the inspiration and to push forward to greater things.

For example, the chances are that as you walk around your home you will find a number of things that may be broken or need attention and in their own little way will irritate you every time you see them. Don’t let this happen as it will automatically deflate some of the positive energy that you might otherwise be able to focus on. Rather than ignoring what needs to be done here, make a list of everything that needs to be repaired. If you do it yourself, set a date – maybe this Saturday – to do it all. If you’re unable to do it all yourself, be sure that you hire somebody to come in and do so. The house will look better and you’ll feel better too.

Are you making practical use of each and every room in your house, or certain areas of particular rooms? If not, see how you can re-purpose this space, as you can’t afford to be wasting any of those precious resources that you have invested in. A particular nook for example might be a great place to set up a little desk area for that new scrap booking project that you want to take on board.

If you want to repaint a particular room but are not sure where to start, or might be unsure about a particular colour palette, designers today suggest that you should trust in nature to help you decide your approach. It’s great to bring the outside world inside, so why not take a stroll around and get some inspiration from Mother Nature.

Go into the garage and spend some time looking through the boxes that you have stored in there. This can have a dual purpose. First of all, if you really find that there’s nothing inspirational in any of the boxes, then do you really need to keep all of that junk, in any case? If it doesn’t have any value as such and it certainly can’t have much sentimental appeal if it’s stuffed into some old box somewhere, then get rid of it. If you do find something inspiring take it out of the box and try and incorporate it into the decor of one of your rooms. Be imaginative and you’ll be surprised what you can come up with.

Now that you have got those inspirational juices flowing it’s time to start talking with interior designers having many professional organisations ready to take your new home design to the next level.

The Beauty of Handmade Wooden Kitchens

July 3rd, 2011

Have you always dreamed of having the perfect kitchen, one that will be perfect for all your needs and last for decades? If so, then you can’t go wrong with a stunning handmade wooden kitchen. Read on for eight great reasons you should definitely consider having one in your own home.

1. Choice of wood

Having a bespoke fitted kitchen means that you get to make some great decisions, including the type of wood you want to have. So, if you want to have a striking, bold kitchen, a dark wood would be ideal for you. If you would rather have a crisp, fresh looking handmade wooden kitchen, then you could choose a lighter coloured wood.

2. Bespoke design

One of the best reasons to get a bespoke wooden kitchen is that you also get a design to suit you. This means you can afford to think out of the box and go for what you’ve always wanted – no compromise is necessary when you are choosing kitchens with bespoke design. It gives you ultimate control over what you do and, as it’s your home, this is sure to be something you’ll appreciate.

3. Precise and exact

The fact that you can choose a bespoke design also means that your handmade wooden kitchen will suit the size and shape of your room to a tee. There’ll be no more wondering whether this will look quite right there, or if this or that might need to move – the whole thing is made for you, so it will definitely look amazing, no matter what.

4. Enduring

Handmade wooden kitchens are also really durable. Having one made out of solid wood is a good choice as it will last for decades and so you’ll never have to worry about getting your kitchen replaced again. As long as you want to stay living in your house, your bespoke kitchen will be there as well.

5. Cost effective

This means that solid, handmade wooden kitchens are very cost effective. You’ll definitely get more than your money’s worth in terms of quality, durability and choice, adding to the already full list of reasons to think about getting one of these brilliant kitchens for yourself.

6. Suit any taste

You can also design your bespoke kitchen to suit any taste, so you will have ample opportunity to put your own stamp on the room. Are you a fan of the minimalist look? Not a problem as this can be incorporated into your room. Do you like traditional kitchens? This can be taken care of in the design, too.

7. Stand out from the crowd

All of this means that your handmade wooden kitchen will definitely stand out from the crowd. Everyone has a kitchen but not everyone has an amazing room that will certainly be sparking conversations for years to come!

8. Top quality

Ultimately, handmade wooden kitchens are brilliant because they are of top quality. This is important in your kitchen as it is a room you use multiple times a day, so you don’t want to scrimp on anything. A bespoke kitchen will look great and serve its practical purpose, as well as suiting you right down to the ground. So, what are you waiting for?

Natural wood kitchens can look truly stunning and beautiful. Like many Graham Baylis appreciates high quality furniture and has dealt with Conquest Fitted Furniture for a number of years now. Besides kitchens, Conquest also supplies solid wood bedroom furniture. See their website for details

The Beauty of Handmade Wooden Kitchens

May 14th, 2011

Having a handmade wooden kitchen is a really great thing. There is a lot to be said for designing a bespoke kitchen that’s just for you and you’re sure to really love the end product. This article looks at five of the best reasons for having your very own handmade solid wooden kitchen.


When you get furniture handmade, it tends to be of much better quality than if you bought a mass-produced version. This is because someone focuses exclusively on what they are making, so you can be assured of the very highest quality. This means that your handmade fitted kitchen will be much sturdier than it otherwise would be, and so will last much longer. So, even if you find you initially have to spend more to get a beautiful, bespoke kitchen, you will definitely get your money’s worth in the long term.

Designed for your needs

Also, getting a handmade wooden kitchen means that it will be designed exclusively for your needs so you can have exactly what you want rather than conforming to pre-selected options in a shop. This means that your fitted furniture will be a perfect match to the size of your room and you can have whatever you want. So, if you need disability access to your kitchen, this can be built in much more easily if your design is bespoke. If you need to cater for lots of children, this can be done with ease as well.

Choose your own style

Of course, one of the main benefits of a handmade wooden kitchen is that it can conform to your style. For instance, if you like light and airy rooms, then you can choose lighter woods in order to do this. If, however, you’d prefer to create a striking and modern kitchen, then you might want to choose a darker wood. Whatever your style, you’ll be able to achieve your vision with a bespoke kitchen. This is great as it means you can start from scratch, rather than having to fit in with existing room designs.

Indulge in quality

A handmade kitchen is also an indulgence and it will definitely be more than worth it. You can bring elegance and opulence into your home by choosing quality woods that are not only durable but will look sensational. Often, if you go for a mass-produced kitchen design, you will find that the ‘wood’ they use is MDF rather than proper wood. If you have a handmade wooden kitchen, however, you can be assured that you will get real wood in all styles, shapes and colours.

Create a family room

A handmade room is also a chance for you to realise your vision for what you really want your home to be. Most people say that they really want their kitchen to be a family room where everyone can gather round, meals can be made and company can be enjoyed. Having a bespoke kitchen means that you can accommodate these wishes much more easily without losing any of the practicalities you expect from a modern kitchen.

Natural wood kitchens can look truly stunning and beautiful. Like many Graham Baylis appreciates high quality furniture and has dealt with Conquest Fitted Furniture for a number of years now. Besides kitchens, Conquest also supplies solid wood bedroom furniture. See their website for details

Choosing a Kitchen Designer? Making the Right Choice

April 17th, 2011

It is no small task to refurbish your kitchen and choosing the right kitchen designer will make the difference between getting the kitchen you want and settling for less.

When it comes to high end kitchens, the stakes are even greater. The finished result can and should look fabulous, but high end kitchens represent a bigger investment in terms of budget and time. You want perfection and your kitchen designer holds the key, so it is crucial to get this choice right.

Some common sense to start with: if you dislike modern contemporary styles, steer clear of interior design companies who specialize in this. And if modern is what you are after, rule out kitchen designers who specialize in more traditional and rustic styles. Make their experience work for you.

Be sure to check out their portfolios. They may dazzle you with rhetoric but at the end of the day, the proof is in the pudding. Ask them to show you the high end kitchens they have designed. Often, more established interior design companies have showrooms with examples of high end kitchens. These are great too for getting those ideas flowing!

Your kitchen designer will breathe life into your ideas, so it is vital that they take the time to listen to you and to understand your brief. They should visit you in your home very early on and be keen to grasp what you need and want from your new high end kitchen. Remember, the most stunning luxury designs are worthless if they are impractical for your home and lifestyle.

Although the kitchen designer is the leading creative force in kitchen refurbishments, the success of their designs wholly depends on the team working with them. After all, stunning designs can be thwarted by poor craftsmanship, budgets and schedules can overrun without good project management and houses can descend into chaos without a competent site manager! The interior design team behind your kitchen designer, therefore, is just as important to the end result.

When considering kitchen designers then, be sure to look at the bigger picture. What services does their interior design company provide? High end kitchens are labours of love and involve a good many professionals. Companies which have all the skilled personnel you need in-house, or are partnered with trusted contractors, are your best bet. They will all be on the same page and it will save you the headache of trying to outsource and co-ordinate different trades people.

Also ask about aftercare. Less professional interior design companies are happy to take your money and run, but a company which takes pride in its work and cares about you should be happy to offer you product support and quality guarantees, after installation.

Designer Kitchens for Family Homes

April 6th, 2011

Kitchens have long been undisputed as the heart of the family home and are often the most hardworking room of a house. Beyond cooking – and meal times for eat-in kitchens – family kitchens are host to all manner of activities and rank as the homestead’s social hotspot.

When planning a new kitchen for your home, designer kitchens are your best bet. Not just the prerogative of business entrepreneurs and socialites, designer kitchens offer a luxury, durability and style every bit as relevant for family homes as for urban pads, if not more so.

For family-friendly designer kitchens, practicality and functionality take precedence, so prioritise these with your interior designer. Your love for your stylish new kitchen will soon be tested if your work triangle has you travelling miles to make a simple supper for your brood. How your kitchen looks and feels comes in at a close second. The heart of your family home should be just that and reflect your personal style. Satisfying both of these concerns is the job of your interior designer.

When is comes to planning designer kitchens, your interior designer needs to know how your family operates on an average day and how you use your kitchen. From this, your interior designer can mould their designs around your needs. For example, if you have younger ones, consider designer kitchens with finger pull draws and cupboards — no handles to bump small heads! Breakfast bars are great not just for the morning repast, but also for homework and school art projects. If you bake for your family, designer kitchens with island units give more countertop space and allow you to segregate tasks.

It is particularly useful for your interior designer, to list all frustrations with your current set-up. Perhaps pans fall out of the cupboard every time you open it, or your spice jars collect dust and look unsightly. Specially designed draws and cupboards for spices, glasses, pans, chopping boards etc. allow you to tailor your storage perfectly. A good interior designer will have solutions for all of your problems.

Meanwhile, glass splashbacks are easy-to-keep clean and a great way to introduce colour for funkier kitchens. Twin sinks, double ovens and American style double-door fridges equip kitchens to cater for those big family meals and celebrations. Also talk to your interior designer about durability. The average family kitchen sees a lot of wear and tear so choose materials which can stand up to a beating and still look good.

With the aid of a specialist interior design company, you’ll soon achieve that holy grail — a beautiful yet hard-working kitchen, which facilitates precious ‘family time.’

Implementing Feng Shui Into Kitchens

January 6th, 2011

More and more people nowadays are trying to implement feng shui into their homes in accordance with the Chinese style of arranging things in order to create harmony. Of course, the creation of harmony and peace within the home is not the only reason people are taking to this, as feng shui is also a great way to simply create beautifully arranged, practical and quite often much more affordable kitchens. The main reason feng shui is thought to be so popular with those looking to remodel their kitchens is due to the fact that the kitchen is the most active room of the house. A lot of family and friends gather in their kitchens and therefore, feel that it should be tastefully decorated and always at its best.

Many people believe that the art of feng shui simply means to add more items to their kitchens such as plants and other similar things. However, according to many resources on this ancient Chinese tradition simply increasing the quality of what is already there is by far enough to create peace and harmony in the home. Apparently, one of the best ways in which to initially implement feng shui into the home is to ensure that all worktops are clear of any clutter and easily accessible. The only items on the worktop in kitchens should be the ones that are used very regularly and do not get in the way at all. The above is classed as the organisational side to feng shui and is great as it is so cheap and easy to do!

For the types of people that really want to go all out with their kitchens and feng shui implementation, it is, according to the Chinese people, always best to take into consideration the type of cabinetry in the kitchen. The majority of new fitted kitchens will have metal or other synthetic materials in use, all feng shui kitchens should use more natural materials that have been around for years, and preferably rounded edges. There are also many other suggestions as to how exactly a person should lay out their kitchen. For example, there are certain places running water should go and even ideas as to where doors should be built when starting from scratch.

Whether it is all out feng shui to create peace and harmony or simply organisational feng shui to remove the clutter and start afresh, many companies will cater for this when installing fitted kitchens and a lot of people can even do this themselves.

Solid Wood Kitchens: 5 Reasons To Choose Real Wood Units

December 21st, 2010

There’s something special about solid wooden kitchen furniture, a beauty, versatility and connection with the environment that ‘off the peg’ laminate furniture can’t equal. Here are five areas where custom-made fitted solid wood furniture scores for beautiful kitchens and bedroom furniture:

1. Appearance – nothing’s quite like solid wood kitchen cabinets
2. Product quality, installation and service
3. Suitability for many different finishes
4. Durability and reparability
5. Perceived value

1. Appearance Whatever the finish, real wooden kitchen furniture has a unique beauty, character and ambiance that other materials struggle to match. Maybe it’s the variety of available woods and finishes, the involvement of a traditional craft, or simply the way wood reflects light so beautifully? Whatever the reason, investing in custom-made, fitted furniture can be key to a perfect atmosphere in your kitchen, bedrooms and other rooms. And because each custom-made kitchen or bedroom is designed and installed to fit your room and requirements, you can be sure it will be perfect for your needs and lifestyle.

2. Product quality, installation and service custom made wooden units may cost you more, but, when quality matters, it’s worth paying for enhanced beauty and quality for the years to come. What’s more, you can expect good suppliers and installers to provide a quality of service and after-sales care that you are unlikely to find with cheaper furniture.

3. Solid wood kitchen cabinets are perfect for different finishes Wood offers lots of ways to express your taste and style. Unlike laminated furniture, it lends itself to staining, painting and varnishing; and of course, the unique character of a beautifully bespoke painted wooden cabinet simply can’t be duplicated with other cheaper materials.

4. Durability Cabinets from carefully chosen woods also withstand chipping and every day wear and tear better than laminates. Whether for kitchens, or wooden bedroom furniture, it’s an important consideration in heavily-used rooms. What’s more, wood’s character grows with time and use – whereas laminate just becomes tired and shabby. And when the passing years decree change, solid wood is so much easier to refinish than many other materials.

5. Perceived value As well as the universal appeal of beautiful handmade kitchens, there’s also the attraction of a natural material that can be stripped down, sanded and refinished to suit a new owner’s preferences – and spare them the cost of a new kitchen. Both factors can add appeal to a property when it’s time to sell, as well as boosting prospective purchasers’ vital first impressions.

It’s the same for solid wood bedroom furniture too, and elsewhere in any stylish property. Wood’s appeal extends throughout the home in the form of bespoke kitchens, stunning fitted bedroom furniture and versatile fitted storage in other rooms. – anywhere, in fact, that you want to enjoy its natural beauty, practicality and durability.

There can be few ways to add such character to your home than with the beauty and natural qualities of fitted wooden furniture. From solid wood kitchen cabinets to beautiful bedrooms, rest assured that wherever you make this investment, the timeless elegance and enduring appeal of wood is sure to give you years of pleasure.

Natural wood kitchens can look truly stunning and beautiful to touch. Like many Graham Baylis appreciates high quality furniture and has dealt with Conquest Fitted Furniture for a number of years now. Besides kitchens, Conquest also fits solid wood bedroom furniture. See their website for details

Ways To Improve Kitchens

December 9th, 2010

A lot of us dream of having a large kitchen that we have plenty of room to move around in and cook and entertain our house guests in. However, the sad truth is that not a lot of people nowadays have this sort of luxury and simply have to make do with whatever they have. Although, there are many ways in which you can make small kitchens seem extremely spacious and large and ways in which you can make possibly quite drab kitchens seem incredibly contemporary and modern. Also, these few tips will not cost you the earth either as so many things like this often seem to do. You can follow these few hints and tips without having to delve too deep into your pockets and still end up with the type of kitchen that you have always wanted.

First of all, the colour that you paint your kitchen can be styled in such a way that suits you and yet creates a sense of space in the kitchen that you have been looking for. Using more natural colours such as a light beige or cream/ivory will make the walls seem as though they are further away than they actually are, therefore creating a sense of space in the kitchen area. Another way to create space is to store any utensils etc. in different places. Rather than investing in fancy and quite often large worktop storage areas, simply put your things in drawers or cupboards. There is no better way to make a room seem larger than to remove all clutter from the worktops in the kitchen too.

You can also make a room seem quite large by getting light coloured and glossy floors and appliances. The light will reflect from these surfaces and make the room seem much bigger. If you are looking to use wallpaper on your walls as opposed to painting them you are best to use wallpaper with thin vertical stripes so as to make the ceiling seem higher. If you are worried that your kitchen will not look contemporary or modern then you are best to use some deep or bright colours on your furniture or accessories such as the knife stand and cupboard handles. This can make things look very modern without the need for things to go overboard and make the room seem small and dingy as nobody wants that!

Fitted Kitchens on a Tight Budget

December 7th, 2010

Many people out there at the moment are in need of a new kitchen only to find that fitted kitchens are an extremely expensive element of any home with most companies when they are on a tight budget. However, there are certain companies that will offer a complete design service where you, the client, can have all the input that you require in order to make the kitchen of your dreams at a fraction of the cost! These companies can work totally within your budget and help you every step of the way.

Working with the design team means that you can then see first-hand what you can have fitted into your budget and spending plan and what you cannot. Rather than buying a lot of extra appliances for your fitted kitchens, you should look at installing them within. For instance, a built in microwave and oven rather than buying these things separately can seriously reduce your costs for this project. Another great benefit to this is the fact that this can quite often save you a lot of space too and save your kitchen from looking too cluttered and over done. Clutter can easily change a room from contemporary to untidy in just a few steps, so avoid this at all costs!

Appliances also come in many different materials and therefore various different prices. You should check on the cheapest options for you and then work within your budget and style guide too this way. Your worktops and cupboard space is another thing that should be carefully considered before making any rush decisions. If space is something that your kitchen has always lacked then making your cupboards rather deep is a great idea. This means simply that you have more room to store your things without needing to cram cupboards everywhere in the room that they will fit!

Everyone needs worktops for preparing food etc. and you need to ensure that you have the correct amount in any fitted kitchens before you go ahead and purchase one. Think about what you actually use these counter tops for and how many of them you actually need. Also, don’t forget to take into account that some of your worktop areas will be covered up by the appliances in the kitchen so remember to exclude these areas when doing your calculations! Check out a selection of different companies first before agreeing on a service from any particular one of them and always ensure that you are happy each and every step of the way. If not – talk to them!

Kitchens at Affordable Prices!

December 5th, 2010

Kitchens are quite often the most used part of the home in any household. Because of this, the kitchen is frequently the first part of the house that people choose to have renovated. However, whilst choosing and paying for a fitted kitchen may seem like an incredibly simple task, there can be a lot more to it than most people think. For instance, when designing a fitted kitchen, a person tends to think of appliance types, themes and colours. However, the main thing you need to discuss with your planning and design team is the amount of space that you require in the room.

The space that you have in your kitchen will determine exactly what you can do in there. Of course, if you have a large family you will need more space for cooking and walking through the room whereas a smaller family of only two or three people may not need so much.

Another important thing to take into consideration when looking at kitchens to have installed into your home is the purpose for which it will be mainly used. If the kitchen is there to cook meals only, you know the appliances you will need and the amount of space you will need may be rather minimal. However, if you also do your washing, drying and dining in the kitchen you will obviously need a lot more space.

The amount of space you have in your kitchen really is the foundation for everything. Not only does the space in the room dictate the amount and size of any appliances you wish to install but also, the colours that you choose should be picked out to complement the style and size of the room too.

One of the main rules here in interior design is not to use dark colours in a room with a limited space. Reds or browns and other dark colours will only serve to make the room appear even smaller than it actually is. Therefore, using the process of elimination and filtering out the colours that won’t work, you have a simple palette to choose from with all of the colours that will work in your kitchen.

It is vitally important that you check with the company you are working with about what will work and what will not as this way you can be assured that you have sought professional advice all the way through the design stages.

Kitchens at affordable prices from Kitchen Finesse!

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