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Patio Blinds-A Gorgeous Option For Your Home

April 29th, 2011

Being able to enjoy nature and fresh air all day long is a wonderful thing, especially if you have a veranda that you can sit on to relax. But what do you do if your veranda gets the sun at the times of day that your want to sit out there? The answer is simple, install some patio blinds. These gorgeous blinds come in a great range of colors as well as two different style options. They are a great way to shade the veranda and give you a place to sit and relax at any time of the day.

So what exactly are these blinds made of? Quality material such as powder coated steel brackets, quality sunscreen mesh or block out materials, then all seams and pockets are sewn with high quality Tenara thread. Online blinds professionals go to a lot of trouble to make the highest quality blinds for you.

You can have patio blinds custom made to your measurements and delivered to your door. With the easy to follow instructions, you will have no trouble installing these beautiful blinds yourself.

These blinds come with gearbox crank control in white or black coloring as well as face mount, reveal or ceiling mount. With a 12 month warranty, satisfaction is guaranteed. Mounting brackets are also provided.

These sensational patio blinds come in two options of straight drop or ziptrak. With the ziptrak option, you have the ability to create another room or enclose a deck. With no gaps on the side it is a fantastic way to keep the weather out. With a spring assisted system, it makes the ziptrak easier for opening and closing. It stops where you stop. There are no zips, ropes or pulleys, just easy to operate patio blinds. Both sets of blinds come in a great range of colors.

Patio blinds are a great option for any home, whether you have a ground level or a second level veranda, or you just want to enclose an area for entertaining, you can’t go wrong with patio blinds. They add value as well as elegance to your home.

So if you need to enclose an area or you just need sanctuary from the sun, then patio blinds are the way to go. With this fantastic shaded area, you will be able to relax and time of the day, so install some patio blinds today.

Patio blinds are a great way to keep the sun off the veranda. Image Blinds Direct http://www.imageblindsdirect.com.au/ have a range of online blinds including straight drop or ziptrak in the patio blinds selection.

Create A Cool Spot With Outdoor Patio Blinds

March 30th, 2011

The summer is already heating up and is only going to get hotter. Veranda’s are a great place to catch the breeze and cool off. But if the sun shines on that part of the home then it is hard to find a cool spot. So what can you do to protect the veranda from the sun and give you a nice spot to cool off? The answer to that is to install outdoor patio blinds. The will give you the desired shade, cut out the glare and the heat as well as still allowing the breeze to flow through.

With Online Blinds, you have a choice of fantastic colors which will match any outdoor decor. These gorgeous blinds will accentuate the beauty of any home. The following colors are available: –

=> Mesh – Blackstone

=> Mesh – Eclipse

=> Mesh – Almond

=> Block Out – Pepper

=> Block Out – Brown Tweed

=> Block Out – Fawn –

With patio blinds you can sit on the veranda without being blinded by the glare. The features available with these blinds are: –

=> Quality straight drop sun blind which can be tensioned in two positions

=> Custom made in Queensland to you measurements

=> Strong, robust sun blind made to withstand the harsh Australian climate

=> Gearbox with crank control, comes in white or black

=> Powder coated brackets (white brackets, white crank handles)

=> Seams and pockets sewn with quality tenara thread

=> Quality sunscreen mesh or Acrylic Block Out Material

=> Ceiling Mount, Reveal or Face Mount

=> 12 Month Warranty -Satisfaction Guaranteed

=> Mounting brackets and instructions included.

=> No installation screws provided –

Adding value and style to your home with these gorgeous blinds has never been easier. These gorgeous blinds accentuate the beauty of the old Queenslander homes, enhancing the elegant and ageless classical look. Adding these gorgeous blinds to your veranda will make you the envy of the neighborhood.

You can order colors samples online for patio blinds, which will give you an idea of which color will best match your homes decor. You can also have these blinds custom made and install them yourself. Easy to follow instructions are provided.

Installing patio blinds will help to lower the heat and give you a nice cool area to catch the breeze. Your home will look fantastic, so do yourself a favor today and have Outdoor Patio Blinds installed. You will be glad you did.

Sun beating down? Take a look at Image Blinds Direct http://www.imageblindsdirect.com.au/ online blinds catalogue. They have a gorgeous range of patio blinds as well as many other styles.

Patio Blinds For Your Home

March 1st, 2011

Blinds are being extensively used as window and door coverings in homes. These are very versatile, look attractive and provide a multitude of functions. Applying the blinds to patio door windows can be a challenge because there a number of options available and many considerations are to be made regarding the dimensions, privacy and light control. Patio blinds are to be chosen keeping in mind the ambience you want to create in this exterior part of the house. Online blinds shopping has made it easier to look at and analyze all options available.

When shopping for blinds a traditional approach is to take a trip to the local blinds store and make a choice. Interaction with the salesperson makes it easier to take the decision. However, shopping for patio blinds has been made easier with websites available featuring all products and designs that they offer. Online shopping has a number of benefits over the traditional buying.

Armchair shopping.-

Online buying is an ideal option for those who have a busy lifestyle and are unable to dedicate enough time to visit the physical stores. Websites are generally very user friendly and online catalogs are available to choose the right product sitting at the office or at the convenience of your home. It is a quick method of shopping as all you need to do is make a few clicks and the order is placed.

Lower costs.-

Websites are generally offering attractive deals to their customers. Even without offers, online purchases can be cheaper as online businesses have lower overheads and operating expenses as compared to the physical stores. Fuel is another cost that is saved by shopping online.

More choice.-

You can browse through a huge number of websites and search through their products before making a choice. Making a purchase from a physical store limits your options. This adds to the choice and online browsing is a much quicker method than driving around the stores.

Convenient shopping.-

Websites provide clear contact information on their websites. There are a number of ways you can use to contact them, such as over the phone or through an email. There are also contact forms that can be filled out specifying your particular requirements.

With the online option, it has become much easier to shop for patio blinds. You can look through all options regarding varieties, styles and designs before taking a final decision. Since online prices are generally lower than those at the stores, there can be many cost savings if you make an online purchase.

Blinds Direct http://www.imageblindsdirect.com.au/
offers a range of options for window online blinds especially
designed and crafted according the customer requirements. Place you order for
patio blinds online.

Boost Your Homes Attitude With Aluminum Venetian Blinds

February 19th, 2011

When we come home from a hard days work, our home should be welcoming and warm. Coming home to a house that is otherwise can sometimes add to our stress levels, especially a house that needs a boost in decoration. Adding aluminum venetian blinds to our home is a great way to start lifting your homes style and attitude. They come in a fantastic colors, making it nice and easy for you to choose a color that will aid you in giving your home a welcoming warmth as well as adding value.

Venetian blinds come with child safe tassels, color matched ladders and head boxes, mounting brackets and simple instructions. They are also made with 25mm slats with same side controls. With the many wonderful colors available, it will be easy to choose a color to match your furnishings. Adding color to your home will boost the way you view your home. For most of us, our home is our fortress. When you come home from work at the end of the day, all you want to do is unwind. Decorating our homes with venetian blinds can go a long way towards helping us to unwind and become unstressed.

Having these gorgeous blinds installed in your home will allow you the privacy, as well as being able to control the light and air flow. With the many styles and colors available, you can choose something that will suit your home and increase the beauty and value. The feng shui in our homes can boost the way we see things and increase good moods and attitudes.

Decorating your home with venetian blinds really will boost the visual effect of your home. If you are looking for a way to beautify your home, then this is the way to do it. Best of all, if you are a home handyman, then this is the easiest of projects to take on. Even someone with little experience can install these gorgeous venetian blinds. Measuring up your windows and ordering them online is so easy.

Ordering online blinds is so easy, just type in online blinds and it will search out those keywords.It will take you to a list of wonderful companies that have everything you need to dress up your windows and beautify your home. With the gorgeous range of colors you are sure to find something that will please even the fussiest eyes. Do yourself a favor and decorate your home with aluminum venetian blinds.

A great way to decorate your home is to add aluminum
venetian blinds from Image Blinds Direct http://www.imageblindsdirect.com.au/.
These online blinds make a great addition to any home. Not only are venetian
blinds gorgeous but they are also practical.

The Versatility And Style Of Venetian Blinds Options

January 23rd, 2011

Saving money is a big goal for most households. With the right window coverings you can reduce electricity bills by controlling the temperature in your home without use of excessive heating or cooling. Window coverings offer lighting control, reduced heat in summer and warmer rooms in winter. Privacy is another important factor when choosing window coverings and vertical blinds can cover all of these needs. You will also find that furniture has a longer life as it is protected from the damaging sun. If you want to add vertical blinds to your home, you need to know what is available.

Naturally beautiful timber.

Quite a popular choice, and a good insulator, timber venetian blinds display enduring beauty, adding style and sophistication to your home. Blinds are a fantastic addition to match the style of your home or office, whether the look is casual or formal. The addition of versatile timber venetian blinds means your home value will increase and you won’t have to spend hours in cleaning and maintaining them. Western Red Cedar is the premium blind available, this comes in dark, medium or light cedar. A robust wood alloy composite, Woodwind Blinds, available in colors such as Cedar or Oboe, have UV protection to prevent cracking, fading or yellowing. If your budget is a tight one, the ideal blind for you is the New York Blind. The slats are made from polystyrene and pelmet and is available in Alabaster Smooth, Winter White or White Soothe.

Modern aluminum.

Choosing to add aluminum blinds to your home will certainly make a statement about your style. A traditional choice for many years these blinds are sleek, modern and lightweight. Aluminum blinds are the best look for people who don’t like the look of timber venetians. They also come with a greater range of color options. The famed Uniline Aluminum Venetians come with color matched head box and ladders are simple to install. Colors such as Raw Silk, Bright Steel, Slate, White Gloss and White Snow are just a few of the beautiful looks to select from. Such is the versatility of these blinds; they are perfect for controlling light, weather and privacy from unwanted passers by.

Selection made easy.

Purchasing online blinds is easy. If you want to get an idea of what your possible blind color will look like in your home, samples can be ordered online. Measuring is also easy when you follow the instructions provided and then just point and click to order, then simply wait for your blinds to arrive ready to be installed.

If you’re
looking at venetian blinds options or buying online blinds, look no further than
Image Blinds Direct http://www.imageblindsdirect.com.au/.
They offer a great range of colors for timber and aluminum venetian

Timber Venetian Blinds: Beauty And Affordability Unite

January 5th, 2011

This article is a must read if you don’t yet realize what you stand to gain from choosing to add timber venetian blinds to your home. There are many benefits to adding timber Venetians to your home, the more obvious being excellent light control and added privacy. Various materials are made to use venetian blinds however the most popular by far are the timber Venetians and as they are available in a variety of styles and colors they are sure to add beauty and style to any home leaving the buyer more than happy with their choice.

Your style, your choice. –

You can select the following styles in Venetian blinds; Western Red Cedar is a premium timber blind and is hand made to suit your size. You can choose from Light Cedar, Medium Cedar or Dark Cedar and all come in color coordinated blades. Woodwind Blinds are a durable, innovative wood alloy composite that has an antistatic polymer coating, which gives the blinds a smooth silky finish. They are UV protected so won’t warp, crack, fade or yellow and are available in a variety of colors. If you’re on a tighter budget or would like your blinds in a lighter shade, then New York Blinds may be the blinds for you, made from polystyrene slats and pelmet they are available in Winter White, Alabaster Smooth or White Smooth.

Benefits to choosing Timber Venetians. –

Not only do timber venetian blinds offer full coverage of your windows, they provide ease of use that no other timber blinds offer, and if cared for properly, their life span can continue for many years as they are very durable compared to vinyl and metal blinds. Timber blinds don’t entail a lot of maintenance and care, giving them a dust to ensure they stay clean and an occasional clean and oil depending on manufacturer’s advice should keep them in ship shape. In our summer climate, cooling your home is no doubt a requirement on your list and the good news is that wood is a natural insulator. This means that during the hotter months, your home will be kept cooler. Likewise, in winter, your home will be kept warmer. Insulation also means blinds can assist in blocking noise coming from outside your home.

It makes sense to use budget friendly timber venetian blinds in your home as they don’t require much maintenance and provide beauty and aesthetic appeal along with protection from prying eyes outside. To purchase online blinds, timber venetian blinds are a great option.

Care and maintenance are a breeze with Timber Venetian Blinds. Purchasing online blinds is made simple and affordable with Image Blinds Direct http://www.imageblindsdirect.com.au/, market leaders in offering outstanding window covering solutions.

Venetian Blinds-Great For Home Or Office Use

January 1st, 2011

The original patent of venetian blinds was held by Edward and Frederick Bopp, although the concept of venetian blinds goes back to Persia. Traders from Venice then introduced this concept into the homes of Venice and Paris. Since then venetian blinds have come a long way in style and the colors available. The make a fantastic window dressing and can be used to create a shaded outdoor area as well. They are a versatile blind that can be used for just about any setting as well as adding value to your home.

There are various types of venetian blinds available. Timber venetian blinds come in shades of light cedar, medium cedar or dark cedar; they come in a 46mm slat size. These come with a color match decorative pelmet. You also have a choice of Woodwind Venetians which come in a 50mm slat size in colors of Oboe-7000, Cornetta-7005, Ocarina-7020 or Cedar-4025. The choice of New York blinds is also available in a 50mm slat. The colors available are Winter White, Alabaster Smooth and White Smooth. Aluminium Venetians come in a 25 mm slat size and come in a range of colors such as White Gloss, Cotton, Alabaster, Fawn, Slate, Black, White Snow, Raw Silk, Magnolia, Bright Steel, Bright Grey.

The large choice of colors and styles will make it easy to find a design that will suit your style of decoration. These also come with color matched ladders and head box. Both timber and venetian blinds come with child safe breakaway tassels, mounting brackets and simple instructions. Venetian blinds are fantastic for beautifying windows and outdoor areas that need protection from the sun’s harsh rays. As the years go by the climate grows harsher, making it imperative to protect our homes. Venetian blinds are the way to do this.

If you are a handy sort of person, then installing venetian blinds in your home should be simple. Finding online blinds is easy using an online search engine. If you are a handy sort of person, then you can install them yourself. Just measure the windows, get the company to custom make them and wait a short time for delivery.

You can also order color samples online so that you can see the colors for yourself first before you order them. Then you just need to install them. Venetian blinds can add style and beauty as well as adding value to your home. They also help the environment by lowering the need for an air conditioner as they help to keep the house cool.

Venetian blinds have come a long way from the concept started in Persia. These days they come in many different colors and styles. Searching for online blinds will help you to find a great company like Image Blinds Direct http://www.imageblindsdirect.com.au/ that can custom make venetian blinds and deliver them to your door.


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