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Cool Lights Give A Hot Look To Any Room

July 24th, 2011

Whenever we have a music room, or even a corner of our living space, that houses a wonderful music instrument, we really need a host of other accoutrement too so that playing becomes a pleasure. For example, those that practice several times per week, or perhaps every day, must have the proper illumination so that they are not straining to see the sheet music in front of them. This is where a wonderfully designed piano light will fit the purpose perfectly. Indeed, piano lights are probably one of the ‘must have’ accessories that every player needs wherever he happens to be playing.

These lamps come in many different forms too. Some look very modern while others will suit instruments that are quite aged. Indeed, for those who like the really fancy look, there are those that will fit this criterion too. It could be that the lamp is going to be matched to the room or the instrument itself, so some careful choosing is necessary here. These lamps also come with a variety of different bulbs as well and this choice is entirely down to the individual. If they want to save on energy, the LED bulbs tend to use less energy and this is good for those who like to stay ‘green’ too. There are some bulbs that will give a soft yellowish glow, while others will give a very bright look to the place too. Either of these is fine and it is really the choice of each individual which brightness they would prefer.

The lamps themselves are cleverly designed with a swan like neck so that they can stand out over the edge of the instrument and point the bulb back at the sheet music. This also means that the player will not have any glare in his eyes and he will be able to see everything he needs to on the sheet. Some will also be designed with a counter balance so that the arm can be put in closer to the sheet music without toppling over. All of this is meant to make life more comfortable for the player of course, so take some time before choosing which one will suit the purpose.

For those who do not want an instrument top lamp, there are floor standing ones which will throw illumination over the shoulder so that they user can have the best of both worlds. There will be nothing in his eye line to distract him, but he will have all the illumination he needs to get the job done properly.

These lamps are also used for purely decorative purposes even if the householder does not have an instrument. They can be used on desk tops, for people to do close up work without disturbing the rest of the household while watching TV, or they can be used to throw illumination in a corner of the room to give a lovely ambient glow to the place. Either way, there are so many designs on the market that every household should have at least one to brighten up the home.

Stewart Wrighter has purchased a piano light online at a discount for his church. His wife ordered a couple piano lights online to use in her music room at the local college.

Adding Art To Your Home In Unexpected Ways

March 4th, 2011

Bringing art into your home is a great way to add style to your space and enrich your home life. Different people are going to have different taste in art, but many are looking for creative ways to include art in their homes. Anyone can choose a painting and hang it on the wall. There is nothing wrong with this method of displaying art, but you may want to get even more creative with the works in your home. There are artists working in a variety of manners and producing art of all shapes and sizes. Sometimes, art is even functional. For instance, there are a number of lamps, piano lights and lanterns that double as art pieces. If an artist makes a piano light, you can use it to illuminate your space, while still offering a lighting display for everyone in your home to enjoy.

If you have decided to include lighting of this method in your home, you are likely looking at instruments too. The instruments can be viewed as art. Instruments played by famous musicians are also put on display and instead of being used, are viewed as art pieces. Even if you have a run of the mill instrument, you can still display it as art. For instance, if your child played the violin when they were small, consider framing this piece and displaying it as art. Just as you would share family photos and awards, you can display your child’s first foray into the arts.

Sculpture is another great option for art in the home. You can choose just about any piece for sculpture art. Shop for pieces specifically intended to be displayed as art or choose items that are utilitarian and unique. For instance, a decorative bowl is great for a kitchen display of produce. You can also incorporate art pieces into your furnishings. Consider buying a marble inlaid coffee or end table or a sink that has features a handcrafted bowl.

Stained glass is a favorite art piece of many and can create an entirely different look in a room. Stained glass is designed to hang in windows and while it can be lovely hanging on a wall or displayed elsewhere, it is at its most beautiful when the sun’s rays are streaming through the colorful panes of glass. You can replace traditional window panes with stained glass or you can double hang a window by having your usual weather tight windows and installing a sheet of stained glass on the interior hanging in front of the window. This is a great piece of art that provides art beauty indoors and out.

Finally, tapestries are a wonderful way to display fiber arts in your home. If you prefer a warm home with a feeling of soft coziness, consider a tapestry for your room’s artwork. Because this is fiber art, it provides a warm display and is not as harsh as some sculpture and glass art. Tapestries are intricate and lovely and are a great way to display art.

Stewart Wrighter has purchased apiano light online at a discount for his church. He ordered a couplepiano lights online to use in his music room.

Accenting The Special Pieces In Your Home

January 17th, 2011

While your home may be filled with a variety of items that are useful or meaningful, there may be a few things that you really treasure and want to highlight. This may be a memento from the past, something you inherited from a family member or a piece of art that you invested in and plan to pass along to your relatives. If you have something you want to stand out and be treasured in your home, there are decorating tips you can use to accent the piece and enable it to really get noticed. Not only will visitors in your home notice it, you will be able to focus on it and really enjoy your investment. Lighting is a great way to accent a piece and using a grand piano lamp or piano light is a great way to bring attention to something. The lighting is often subtle, but is just enough to draw the eye in and help you focus on something that is special.

Using color to accent a piece is a great way to draw attention to something. Different colors give off different feelings, so if you want to highlight something and create a sense of calm or serenity, choose colors that are cool and relaxing. If you want to bring a feeling of excitement to a piece, choose warm, bright colors like red or purple. Remember colors reflect lighting in different ways and the accent colors you choose should contrast with the item to really make it stand out. Choose an accent color that is directly across from the color of your special piece on the color wheel to really make the piece stand out.

Another way to accent furniture is to remove color from the space surrounding it. Instead of choosing a color that will make your item stand out, accent it with a complete lack of color. A plain space will allow the attention in the room to focus on the special item you want to highlight. The eye is drawn to the item in the room that has color and pattern when the surrounding area is white and void of color and pattern.

If your special item is of value, consider roping it off. This may seem extreme for a private residence, but if your item is worth money and it draws the attention of family members and visitors, you need to create a safe way to keep people from damaging the special piece. Tastefully roping off the area in which the item is kept allows you to admire it from a distance, protecting the item and allowing it to retain its value.

Finally, if your item will not lose value if it is used, be sure to enjoy it as much as possible! One of the biggest mistakes people make is ignoring items that are special. Make owning nice pieces worth your while by putting them to use and incorporating them into your everyday life. Making memories with your special items add meaning and help you feel better about heirloom items.

Stewart Wrighter has purchased a grand piano lamp online at a discount for his church. His wife ordered a Piano light for her music room at the local high school.

Highlighting The Treasured Pieces In Your Home

January 3rd, 2011

While your home may be filled with utilitarian items, kid’s toys and the usual things we need for living, you may also have a few special items. These are the things you put on display or share with others because you have an emotional attachment to the item. You want these things to stand out and even if you never have people visit your home, you want to enjoy the items on the daily basis. Just looking at them may bring you joy, so it is important to accent them and help them catch your attention when you enter a room. Whether these are family photos, mementos from vacations or items that have been passed down through your family does not matter. The important thing is to find stylish ways to display them in your home so you can enjoy them. Start by displaying them with illumination. Piano lights are a great way to draw attention to an item and a piano light does not take up that much space or cost that much money.

Another way to highlight an item is with color. If you have a neutral room filled with shades of brown and tan and you want something special to really pop, sit it on a table covered with a colorful cloth. You can also, paint behind it in a bright color or put it in a brightly colored frame. The important thing to remember when using this technique with color is that you want the accent color to complement the item. If you are displaying an Asian vase in shades of red and black, do not put it up against a purple and orange paisley cloth. Sometimes white is the simplest way to make a colorful heirloom or photo pop.

Next, be sure the space around the item is clean. If you display something on a table filled with junk mail, kid’s toys and other paraphernalia, it is not going to stand out at all. Most people will see it and just assume it is part of the junk. Worst of all, you will not feel good when looking at it because you will only notice the mess around it. Make sure the area around your item is tidy and organized.

While you are at it, you can make the entire room sparse. If you really want to make something stand out, put it in a room with little else. Art galleries do this all the time with special pieces. Walk around an art gallery and you will quickly notice the art jumps out, whether painting or sculpture, because art is the only thing in the space. While clearing a room as much as an art gallery room would be clear is impractical, you can apply the same idea and work on keeping the display room clear of unnecessary clutter so the focus is on your treasured item.

Finally, make sure the space is secure. While this does little to highlight the item, it will protect it. The last thing you want is to hang a treasured photo or painting on the wall only to have it fall down. You also do not want to sit valuable items on tables that can crash to the floor when weight is applied to it.

Stewart Wrighter has purchased a piano light online at a discount for his church.

His wife ordered a couple piano lights online to use in her music room at the local college.

Finding The Right Light Was Never Any Easier

November 10th, 2010

Whenever we want a room to look wonderful, starting with the illumination could be the answer to many problems. The way in which a room is lit often dictates what mood is present there and this is where piano lights come to the fore for sure. A piano light, named for the job that it was made for, throws a lovely pool of illumination just where it is needed but without flooding the room completely. This means then that those watching TV or just relaxing will not be distracted in any way.

For someone who wants to work at a desk or table, having a lamp that gives illumination below eye level is a must. This stops any eye strain and the individual can really concentrate on what they are doing. Those that have a neck which bends are even better since they are directional and will be handy for other jobs too.

Some of these lamps can be affixed to the desk top itself for extra stability. Although even the counter weighted lamps are very sturdy, they can sometimes be tipped or knocked over by mistake. Although this is a problem where kids are concerned, by affixing to one spot there is no problem of them burning themselves on the lamp or such like.

Online stores are great places to see the vast array of finishes there are available in these lamps. Sleek and modern, in brushed metals of all colors, or traditional and aged metal looks are all acceptable depending on what decor there is around the place. Even picture lamps which clip onto the frame of that lovely piece of artwork is great which does the job perfectly.

Online stores often guarantee their goods too so it may be a good idea to buy from this source. Although some suppliers look cheaper than others, very often it is because they are importing third world country pieces which do not really comply to the standards in first world countries. Indeed, although some of them come with the mark for quality, as suggested by in country guidelines, some of these are faked just so that the customer will buy them.

These lamps are somewhat dangerous since they will often not be wired correctly or will overheat with prolonged use. This is particularly true of those models with bendable necks and children tend to hold them in this region. It is better to buy from bona-fide suppliers who can ensure that the goods are top quality, even if they cost a few dollars more.

Also, look out for special deals with online stores. Sometimes they will have a sale on while other times they will offer discounts for many purchases. Even free shipping can be thrown in too and this all saves money in the end. If they are having new stock or designs coming in, they often have to make way for the new influx so they will be anxious to move what they already have in the warehouse. We all love to save money and this is an ideal opportunity.

Stewart Wrighter has purchased a piano light online at a discount for his church. His wife ordered a couple piano lights online to use in her music room at the local college.


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