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Different Types Of Window Drapery

June 13th, 2011

Window drapery is actually quite an old fashioned feature of home decor. Interest in it became popular around the period that the textile industry started to take off. Households would make their drapes as ornate as possible to show other people how wealthy they were, especially those in the middle and upper classes.

Pleats and folds are common styles of drapery. If they are not folded they can be left to hang straight down to the floor for a dramatic effect. Regardless of what was done to them the material used to make them was always world class. Materials like velvet, silk and chiffon were popular favorites. Their primary reasons for being used include to provide privacy, to shade a room from receiving too much light and to dress a space up.

Four different kinds of drapes are available, casement, tieback, draw and pleats. A transverse rod is used to hang draw draperies up on and you use a cord to make them work. They can be opened or closed depending on the instruction passed through the cord. They are used to stop light from entering a room and are made from heavy and dark fabric.

A more lightweight alternative is casement drapes, which hang straight and fall close to the glass. Sheer material is usually the fabric of choice for this application. Inverted or Parisian drapes are hung from a curtain rod, the bottom part hangs straight but the top is pleated and more decorative.

Decorative ties can jazz up the appearance of tieback curtains. The fabric is hung on either side, making a join in the middle. The sides are then pulled and held by the tie. Another way of ensuring privacy without using drapery is to install blinds which can be adjusted for privacy levels. They can look great in the kitchen or the bathroom.

Expert advice should be consulted when you are in the market for these products. They will be able to give you feedback on the type of material to use for the room, if you are after a look or style. Make sure you have your sizes ready so that you do not buy less than what you need for the application. You will also need a visual picture of what it will look like once done and measurements will assist with this.

Customized drapery is a bit of an indulgence but worth the expense if you can afford it. It will ensure that all fabric used in the room matches any softs you have as well as your existing furniture. It will draw on inspiration from the strongest features and make a striking focal point in the room if done professionally. Ensure you get a quote on the work to be done and that the consultant takes the correct measurements.

Households have made use of window drapery for many years, since fabrics came into fashion and mass production. They make a room loom more attractive and can provide a level of comfort and privacy. They will add to the use of colour and texture in a room and make a feature according to your specification.

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Windows and Blinds or Windows with Curtains: What Will You Decide?

May 13th, 2011

What is one of the first things you think of when buying your own home? Furnishing it of course! Picking out the colors on the walls, the furniture for the rooms, the patio set it is all a lot of work but fun all at the same time. One thing that often gets thought of last is the window treatments. People assume that the house comes with these items but what is forgotten is the fact that the previous homeowners style of window treatment won’t often mesh with what you have going on with your home furnishings.

Picking out window treatments might be one of the harder tasks in home ownership. You will need to decide if you like windows and blinds, windows with curtains or windows with both. Each option has advantages to it. It is your decision as the homeowner to figure out what density of light the room should have, what the purpose of the window treatments is, what look you are attempting to create. These are each important in determining what window treatment each room in your home will have.

Windows and blinds are the most common choice in spaces such as bathrooms. Blinds are easy to use when it comes to manipulating the amount of light and privacy you need. For instance if you are about to shower you would pull the shades and eliminate the open window. Depending on if you like dim light or bright light you can tilt the actual blind to conform to your desire. Blinds are incredibly durable. You can purchase blinds that are plastic or faux wood and they will survive the moisture that accumulates in this type of space. Then when you are done you can let the light into your room by opening the blind.

Windows and curtains are a good choice in kitchens, dining rooms, and living room spaces. You can change the thickness of the fabric you use for your curtains and this will let you play with the amount of light you have in your space. I personally love light in a kitchen so I use only a window valance which leaves ¾ of the window open for light to flow in. In my living room I use a shear inner curtain with a heavier fabric curtain on the outside. This lets the light in through the sheer curtain but when I am ready for total serenity I close the thicker curtains for the ultimate privacy. The dining room is one area where I use a sheer curtain so that the light from the outside can come in but privacy is also regarded. Who wants to be eating a meal with their family only to have people driving by gaze in or cars passing by distracting the conversation?

The combination of both windows and blinds with curtains is ideal for bedroom areas. It is ideal for creating a very dark nighttime setting that also blocks the noises form outside. Blinds serve the purpose of controlling the light and help in creating another barrier in between the elements that can keep us awake whether it is light or noise pollution. Curtains help to add that extra warm, comfortable feel we are looking for in a setting such as a bedroom. I love feeling tired in my room at night when I draw the blinds and curtains but energized when I retract the blinds and curtains in the morning to let the light shine in.

There are many things to think about in window treatments. Window treatments are one area that you have full freedom. You might even consider replacing the windows in your new home with the windows that have blinds between the glass. This option is new to replacement windows and eliminates the need to consider curtains or blinds.

Choose The Right Windows!

January 27th, 2011

Let’s face it, windows, doors; they receive the most punishment from nature’s wrath during severe weather, because of this they are suspect to deterioration. To simply repair a window is for the most part out of the question for when a window has lost its edge it only makes sense to replace that window and start fresh. Replacing a window will ultimately save you more money as you don’t need to pay to keep your old dinky windows maintained when you can simply buy new ones and not have to do much else for many years. Because of this there are a variety of different styles of windows for a home owner to choose from.

When looking for a new window replacement you need to check out what type of window it is and the material used in making those said windows. You’ll have these kinds of choices when shopping out: single-hung, double-hung, gliding/horizontal, awning, hopper, jalousie, fixed, bay or bow, and garden windows. If you’re sticking to the specifics you can place a special order.

Keep these factors in mind when picking out new windows: choose the type of material you would prefer to have, your choices range from vinyl, metal, wood + vinyl or metal clad exteriors. Wood windows are an ideal choice to make if you wish your new window to match your pre-existing windows, thus adding more of an appeal to your home that vinyl sometimes lacks. Aluminum windows are excellent in keeping your home safe from burglary and reducing the effects of an outdoor drought reaching the inside of your home, it also doesn’t hurt that they are the least expensive of the bunch. Of course if you’re looking for the pretty look, vinyl is your choice since you don’t need to pay as much money to keep them maintained as they are built to last longer than most enacting high energy efficiency and durability. There are also fiber glass windows which can be painted on and do not need to be maintained like so many others out there, they will not erode as badly as other windows and will work well in chemically induced environments.

One other thing you need to consider during your window replacement decision is the glass package. This shows the amount of panes and coating you want. These panes add an abundance of insulated strength to your windows and you want to choose one with the best panes available to you for a longer lasting “product”, this will also reduce the possibility of windows breaking when a collision is detected from the outside. Keeping these factors and ideas in mind should help you make or break your thought processes when you start thinking about replacing your existing windows. Just make sure you still have your window frame intact!

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The Pros And Cons of Different Types of Windows

December 10th, 2010

Are you replacing the windows in your home? There are many types of windows available today. The new windows are energy and cost efficient. They may be more expensive to purchase but will save you money in the long run. Using new energy efficient windows can save on your power and heat bill as well as add value to your home.

There are many different styles of windows to choose from: the new modern windows will swing open for easy cleaning. The new double-hung window is when both panels will slide up and down.

Double hung windows are very common, they are known as timber sash windows which consist of glass panels in a wood frame. The older models use a rope pulley and the new models use a spring balance. Double hung means that both windows will slide up and down.

Tilt Windows will swing open for easy cleaning. They are the same as the double hung windows except for them swing open or tilt.

Sliding windows are timber sash windows also. Instead of sliding up and down this window slides from side to side. One or sometimes both windows can slide. The tracks actually are perforated so water will not stand in them.

Bay and Bow windows are windows that stick out from the house; there are usually two smaller side windows that open and a large window in the middle that does not open.

A casement window. This type of window cranks open and has a screen on the inside. The hinges are along the side of the window.

Awning window is also opened by a crank. This window has a hinge along the top and the bottom of the window tilts out.

“Jalousie” window looks like a venetian blind and is operated by a crank. The windows are very narrow and open outward.

There is a new style known as a sash window. This window will add value to your home. The window can open either vertically or horizontally. The sash window is a very durable strong window that will last a lifetime. This window can withhold in any type of weather.

When you are replacing your windows, check the window frame for mold, mildew and rotting wood. It might be a good idea to replace the window frame with a new modern frame as well. But if your frame is in good shape there will be no need to change it.

Find a window installer to install your new windows to make sure they are level and in tight to prevent any gaps in the frame. With the new model windows you will save money instead of throwing it out the window.

I am a DIY freelance writer and I cover the construction industry. I specialize in writing about construction companies that stand out in quality workmanship and taking care of the customer in today’s market. Whether it begins with a Naperville siding or a Naperville roofing project I know firsthand that a great construction experience must begin with a great independent contractor.

When to Inspect Your Home

November 2nd, 2010

Home inspection can be done for a variety of reasons. Either you might do it as a form of preventive maintenance to preserve your house in a good condition. Or you might want to locate some of the areas that need repairs in your house. Or else, you might want to inspect the house if you are planning to sell it to a good buyer. You can do the inspection yourself if you know what to look for. Otherwise, you can find and hire a qualified home inspector to do a thorough job for you.

When you wish to put up your house for sale, you need to remember that the any defects or damages in the structure can considerably lower the value of the house. You therefore need to inspect the house thoroughly and find every small detail that requires maintenance and correct the problems immediately. This will help you get a much better price for the house.

Some of the areas that need to be inspected would include:the foundation of the building; the structural stability of the house; the house plumbing; the electrical systems and wiring; the heating and cooling systems; the roof and gutter system; the basement and the attic; the roof and wall insulation; the walls, floors, and ceilings; the porch, patio or deck; the plumbing in the bathroom and kitchen; the water heaters; the lights and sockets in the different rooms; the windows and doors in the house.

All houses have most or all of the different systems mentioned above. It is extremely essential to check carefully every single system in the house. Overlooking any fault could cost you a lot in repairs at a later date. A defective building would also lower the purchase cost considerably.

Inspecting the house is only the first part of the work. All the areas that need repairs should be marked and qualified professionals should do the repairs. You need to get contractors who can guarantee the quality of their work. If there are any regions that need a total overhaul, you can tear down a portion of the structure and remodel it completely.

You need to spend some time to locate an inspector who have a good reputation and is accredited. His/her help might be expensive, but the quality of their work will help you to save a lot of time and money in the long run.

I am a DIY freelance writer and I cover the construction industry. I specialize in writing about construction companies that stand out in quality workmanship and taking care of the customer in today’s market. Whether it begins with a Naperville siding or a Chicago gutter project I know firsthand that a great construction experience must begin with a great independent contractor.

The Importance of Preventive Maintenance

November 1st, 2010

If you own real estate property, then home maintenance is a vital part of its upkeep. Taking care of your home can have a number of benefits. Safety is one of the most important issues that you need to address at the very outset. Especially when you buy a house or construct one, you need to ensure that there is no faulty wiring, which can lead to a fire or electric shock. You can get a qualified electrician to check the wiring and to repair them if there is any fault in them. Likewise, you need to ensure that all the other fixtures used in the house are safe and in perfect working order.

Whenever you notice anything that requires repairs, you need to get it serviced as soon as possible. Doing the repairs immediately would prevent the damage from getting worse and costing you more in the long run. You would also save a lot of time and effort by addressing a problem as soon as it arises. You need to have all the systems in perfect working order to save costs as faulty systems can consume more energy. Leaky taps and pipes can waste a lot of precious water if not sealed immediately. A leaking tank in a water closet can also be a source of water wastage. Sealing all these points can help you save this very precious resource.

You do not have to wait for a system to get faulty to repair it either. You can often do preventive maintenance to keep all the systems in good working order. You need to inspect regularly all the devices and systems to ensure that they working well.

The exteriors of the house should also be inspected regularly for faults and damages. The roof should be cleared of leaves and debris regularly to prevent damage to the surface of the roof. You should also ensure that branches of nearby trees do not touch or scrap against the surface of the roof. If they do, you need to trim or cut down some of the branches. You would also need to clear the gutter system of any blockage from debris to allow water to drain freely.

You need to check the walls and other structures for any cracks or crevices that might have developed over time, and seal them immediately. If the paint is wearing off any surface, it needs to be repainted to protect the surface.

When you do routine inspections and maintenance on a regular basis, you would have a safe and efficient home, which does not need extensive and drastic repairs in the long run.

I am a DIY freelance writer and I cover all areas of the construction industry. I specialize in writing about construction companies that stand out in quality workmanship. Whether it begins with a Chicago gutter or a Naperville window replacement project I know firsthand that a great construction experience must begin with a great independent contractor. Visit http://www.wsrconstruction.com for more information.


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